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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 229: Realm Of Darkness 2 Bahasa Indonesia

A hushed silence spread across the wh2ole place.

None of the people present out there uttered a single word as if they were afraid of the speaker.

They even bowed their heads to show their respect for the voice.

The voice which interrupted the fight belongs to none other than the person with the highest authority in the realm.

The person who sat in the 1St position of the 12 who controlled the whole Darkness realm.

His words were the law and anyone defying him wouldn’t be alive to see the next day.

“Rockerz, you have defeated Nex. From now henceforth, the title of 12th Position has been placed on you. You are now the new ruler of the 12th Position.”

“I hope you don’t let down the Darkness Realm and the will of God of Darkness.”

“May we achieve our dream and destroy the cowardly Gods and Goddess.”

“The ceremony and the rite of succession shall begin now.”

Rockerz nodded with a playful smile. He couldn’t believe that the day for him to ascend had finally arrived.

After thousand years of bitter struggle, he could finally prove himself worthy and a seat on the throne.

He was a mere servant of the previous 12th Position and strives hard to climb up. All of this had been possible by his contribution to the mortal plane.

He used all his merits to challenge the previous position holder and ask him for a match.

He was about to laugh when his eyeball contorted as he felt a slight distortion around the stage.

He along with everyone was quickly alerted.


A chain of explosions occurred and the entire stage crashed and plunged while waves of flames spread all around burning the audience and the guards.


A sharpened sound rang and the space before them was torn and from it, a human walked out.

He had brown hair along with a beard of blue eyes which were filled with hatred.

He pulled out his sword which brimmed with brilliance clearing away the darkness of the space as if a sun had been born.

“You have wreaked havoc, killed my family, and slaughtered many. It is finally time for you to accept the punishment.” He roared with tearful eyes.

“You dare to enter the Darkness realm in my presence?” A loud voice erupted which crashed onto him like a tsunami shaking the whole place.

Even the space seems to tremble, as the voice crackles carrying enough strength to destroy the place with the voice alone.

Smokes of darkness erupted which shot toward the man who emerged.

A huge spike appeared, rendering its form and shooting toward the unwanted man.


The spike as if it met an invisible wall was unable to move forward and soon dispersed into nothingness.

The man who sat on the seat of 1st Position stood up with widened eyes.

“Martial Saint!”

A figure appeared wearing white robes. His face glistened and with each breathes he took, the space seemed to tremble before him

“Heron! Long time no see!”

“This junior of mine has come here to seek justice for all the crimes you people have committed in recent years.”

“Nick! Finish the job quickly.” He shouted.

Nick heard his voice and dashed forward towards Rockerz who was too shocked at the moment.

He hadn’t imagined in his wildest dream that this many would directly enter here just to take revenge.

Sensing his thoughts, Nick roared furiously”Did you think that only scums like you go to the mortal world and do what you want while we just cooped up in our place.”

“Today, I will kill you,” Nick shouted and burnt his life force and the sword in his hand glowed brightly as he slashed at Rockerz who screamed in horror feeling the intense threat.

The entire place seemed to light up and its attack on Nick seemed to carry a light attribute which was their nemesis.

Heron along with other seats stood up to stop the blow but strong waves of energy erupted behind the Martial Saint and a series of figures emerged.

“Let’s do what we can to delay them and cause as much damage as possible.”

“Kill as much as you can. An opportunity like this will never appear in your lifetime.”

Following the call, a heaven-defying battle erupted shaking the balance of the realm.

A battle between the strongest individuals of their respective world.




After an unknown amount of time.

Somewhere in Everton, a portal appeared and a group of figures walked out of it riddled with scars and injury.

On a harsh rocky terrain, a group of people supported their bruised bodies.

They were a squad of fifty but they had been reduced in number and now only a few countable ones were alive.

“We somehow achieved a part of our goal.” One of them murmured with a shocked expression filled with disbelief.

His hollow eyes glanced around the vast rocky and barren place devoid of any lives.

Sighing in remorse, he stared at the dark skies.

“Soon, the reign of darkness will be upon us but at least we were able to delay their march and I have finally taken my revenge. Now, I can at least die peacefully” He muttered, closing his eyes.




Everyone yelled when they saw the man-dried figure who lay on the ground while closing his eyes and taking his last breath.

A Supreme rank powerhouse died before their eyes who had the talent to achieve Overlord rank but the unquenchable hatred made him unable to step into that rank until he untied the knot in his heart.

Silence prevailed in the atmosphere as the man finally closed his eyes.

“Don’t cry. He had killed Rockerz and delayed their plans.”

“The Darkness realm known cannot use the grand net to cover the world in Darkness for a few years until they can gather the sacrifices and offerings.”

Everyone stared at the man with a solemn expression.

All of them were the elites of the world who stood at the apex of power.

The seal of the mortal realm was wearing allowing the people of the Darkness realm to enter the plane and lay out the plans.

Nick, a saint of the current generation, was unable to overcome his hatred for the guy who took away everything from it.

Since he decided to make the trip, all of them decided to take part in it, giving devastating blows and the one leading them was a Martial saint.

Martial Saint is one of the strongest elite in the world from the human side.

“Sir, will it make a difference?”

The Martial saint looked at the 29 people who were able to come out alive and sighed.

“If the other races would have accepted the proposal and lent us strength. Not only would we have suffered fewer casualties but we might have caused irreversible damage that couldn’t be recovered for centuries.”

“We just pushed back their plans for a few years. At least, there shouldn’t be any mass scale invasion during these 3-5 years.” He muttered with a solemn expression.

“We were able to get rid of the 12th and 9th positions of the council. But I don’t think it would affect them a lot as they can be filled easily. Unlike the people of our world, everyone can fight from their side contributing to the war.” A man spoke with a solemn expression.

If we could take out one of those top five seats, we might have had an upper hand.”Martial spoke.

The top five held the real authority whereas the other seats were nothing but cannon fodder.

The Martial Saint stared at the sky and muttered”I did what I could do now everything lay in the hands of the future generation.

“If your plans didn’t bloom and the hope you have for others is shattered. We humans might be doomed along with other races.”He muttered.

In truth, he was a bit reluctant about this but he only carried on because of his persuasion.

‘I hope, I don’t regret agreeing with your suggestion, otherwise, the loss we suffered is not something that can be filled up easily.’

He raised his hand and waved it.

A strong storm blew and the entire scenery changed.

All the people disappeared into thin air as if they never existed and everything returned to silence.


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