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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 231: How Dare You Block My Way? Bahasa Indonesia

Flying over the place, Alex reached Lock’s City within two hours.

Alex hovered before the city, almost closing his eyes after seeing it. The City seemed to be sparkling with riches.

Alex was sure that if he could see through one’s fortune and luck like Yvonne, he would be blinded looking down from here.

Everyone seemed to be quite rich. Even a random passerby may turn out to be the owner of a thousand gold coins.

“Now, whom shall I choose first?” Alex wondered.

“Let’s look for Athena,” Alex muttered.

Between Lock City and Holy City lies the City of Chesla.

Along with Zenith, all four cities were the pillar supporting Kinley.

Chesla is the place where many military academies were present and with Holy City closed by, the Priest could provide immediate support to the wounded.

From the information he has Athena seems to be in charge of a small broken down church which she also used as an orphanage to keep the orphans while teaching them how to study and write.


“My poor Athena…” Alex’s heart almost teared up thinking about it.

Each empire had its saintess and when they grew older, they would fight for the Head Saintess position who would be claimed as the direct spokesperson of Goddess Rebecca throughout the whole world.

But his dear wife, let go of the position to stay in a slum behind the city.

When he whacked his brain found that there had been faint memories of Athena.

Alex knew Athena from way back. Alex used to visit the church along with Riya which was a compulsory routine for a prince.

Athena helped him to pray and used to play with him after the prayer.

Alex who descended in front of the gate subconsciously touched his cheek feeling a bad omen.

“Whatever!” Alex muttered and walked through the city gates.

Each guard of the city was at Epic rank and they were led by a Transcendent rank captain.

Alex after a small verification, Alex passed through the place easily and headed inside.

Alex didn’t mess around in Lock City and directly headed over to Chesla City.

After meeting Athena, he planned to visit the Holy City and make an appearance before Goddess Rebecca so that he can use a healing spell in public.

He needed the Church’s approval to use all his power and needed Rebecca to proclaim his merit to others by giving him blessings otherwise no one would believe that this guy had such strong power without visiting the Church.

‘Who knows, they also may give me an important position.’Alex thought inwardly and after travelling for some time, he finally arrived at Chesla.

He asked for direction and moved towards the slum. He wore a small cloak to hide his sparkling hair.

Most of the Royal family had sparkling golden hair which was quite different from de hair and easily stood out in public.

It may not be a big thing elsewhere but here he could be identified with his hair itself so until he met Athena, he decided to lay low.

Alex entered the alleyway and was surprised to see the cleanliness and sanity of the slum.

Although the people’s conditions weren’t that good still people seemed to have been taken care of properly.

It didn’t look like a slum but rather a place of commoner people who in no way looked poor.

‘Maybe this place had undergone a significant transformation recently.’Alex rubbed his chin.

His brows furrowed as he saw a large crowd gathering in front of him.

Alex could see a Church behind it from afar along with the orphanage at the side.

“Isn’t that the Church Athena is staying in? “Alex muttered with a sense of palpitations.

“Did something happen here?” Alex hurried his way while wondering whether this would be turned into one of the cases of Damsel in distress.

As he got closer, he saw a young man wearing wealthy clothes shouting angrily followed by a group of men.

“Lady Athena, I am warning you again. You are testing my patience.”

“We don’t mean any harm nor do we have any enmity. We just need that boy whom you have taken under your wing.” He shouted.

“As long as I am here, I will see what you can do Mr Eler.” A loud crisp voice echoed throughout the place.

“Ezekiel is one of the god’s children. A human-like you doing vicious deeds to a small child is unacceptable. The Goddess will not forgive you. Even hell cannot wash away your atrocities.”

“My wife is quite daring,” Alex muttered after hearing Athena’s loud voice from afar.

As both sides engaged in a verbal fight, Alex asked the people to gather some information.

Elmer was the only son of the Flick household and should have been the heir but recently it came news that his father had another illegitimate son whom he had taken under the house.

Elmer, fearing that his position was in danger, wanted to get rid of the thorn in the path and tried to abuse Ezekiel and even went as far as to kill him.

Elmer used a poison that would kill him slowly and steadily.

Ezekiel didn’t know about it and he ran away from the house after being abused, fearing that he might be killed if stayed anymore.

It was good for Elmer but he later came to know that the boy had found Athena who had healed him and taken him in.

He blocked the news from reaching his father with the help of his mother and now he is here to persuade Athena to give up on Ezekiel and hand him over.

“I pity Saintess Athena. God is surely cruel for casting aside such a precious daughter.”

“First, she was forced to marry the black sheep of the Royal family after which she had faced misfortunes one after another.”

Alex heard people’s words and wanted to say something but the people slandered him nonstop.

“Poor child, the Goddess even took her eyesight. Such a noble kind soul, I wish Goddess would take my eyesight and give it to her.”

“What did you say?” Alex screamed as he heard their words.

His heartbeat hastened and his vision became blurry.

“Ohh! Young Man, you must be new here so you might not know about Saintess Athena’s recent news.”

“She had gone to Nevan for some reason but when she returned she had become blind. We tried to find out the reason but she didn’t say anything.”

Alex stared at them with a mortified look while clenching his fist tightly to the point blood started to drip from it.


‘Why didn’t I know about it? Did others know about it and didn’t tell me?’

Alex was frozen like a statue and felt his brain had been overloaded.

At the same time Elmer after arguing and being unable to win turned back to leave.

He cursed Athena to his heart’s content while walking away.

The people dispersed and left the way hurriedly but he frowned to see a man standing in front of him.

Seeing him standing in front of him and blocking his way, he shouted”How dare you block my way?”


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