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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 228: Realm Of Darkness Bahasa Indonesia

Every world has its own stories of Myths and Legends that are passed down from times of old.

Sagas of mysteries that have yet to be discovered, yet to be heard. Legends of people that defy imagination which exist beyond the common sense of people, which may not be known but have always existed.

Some of the stories were circulated all over the world whereas some had been ceased and stored as forbidden knowledge which when spread across could create chaos all around.

The biggest tale of legend that had been circulated in the world of Everton was none other than the fight between First Emperor Kinley and the man chosen by God to represent them.

But in truth, there was a myth more fearsome and more heaven-defying than that.

A war which transformed the whole world into what it was now.

The Era of Cosmic War.

In a world filled with magic and countless fantasy, supernatural beings were bound to exist whom people revered as God and their antithesis known as Demons.

Where there is light, there is bound to be darkness lurking around and under the existence of the good, there are bound to be some nurtured by darkness who are considered the creatures of evil.

Gods were believed to be creatures of light whereas Demon was said to be creatures of darkness and descendants of the Devil.

But only people who have dived deep into the history of the World, searching for links and giving their all to unearth the truth know about the existence of an unknown whom the entire had forgotten about until they made their appearance.

A heaven-defying truth came out from the depths of history that had stayed hidden for countless aeons which had been overshadowed by the war of Kinley thousand years.

A theory which made the world know that Demons weren’t the only creature born from darkness but rather a separate entity had been present in the world. which was the embodiment of darkness in itself.

The Goddess and God were born with the attribute of light while the Devil was born from darkness but in this process, another entity came into existence whose presence was in threat itself.

The entity was known as the God of Darkness

The God Of Darkness wanted to plunge the world into darkness engulfing the whole world and unifying it into his power until nothing but the reign of darkness remains.

It was said that During the period of The Comic War.

The Goddess and Gods were on the losing side and the darkness was so overpowered that they were able to engulf and corrupt the army of Heaven turning them into entities of shadows.

Losing battles one after another, The Goddess fell into deep thoughts and wanted to overturn the situation and decided to create puppets.

The living puppets were created for their sustainment and to follow their orders which later became living creatures walking over the world.

The Goddess created humans while Goddess Nature nature created the species of Elves and created Dwarfs.

The Devil gave birth to demons with darkness who can be corrupted as they have the same origin as creatures of Darkness.

Along with them, many other creatures were born and transformed in the process.

The four major races along with others were united under one banner to lead the conjoined army under the leadership of Gods to fight against the army of Darkness.

After years of war, they finally defeated them.

But the God of Darkness wasn’t easy to get rid of and before his death, he created a realm independent of the three realms where the creatures of darkness resided while he promised to return once again to overturn the world.

After the war, Goddess along with others created a place for all creatures and the world which was named Everton was created.

Every species took their place in the world residing in their territory.

But as the God and Goddess retreated, they also started to fight against each other for their greed which had shaped the world to today what we see after millions of years.

And now Inside The Realm Of Darkness.

The place where the world’s vilest creature with the most depraved nature stayed.

A huge stage was set, the spectators were present and high seats were erected.

There was only one thing the denizens wanted.

A Bout!

It was very important to fight, which holds great importance for their future and prosperity.

Two creatures lunged forward at each other. Like shadows piercings through the darkness of night, their obscure bodies exchanged blows, moving fluidly in the battle clashing against each other.

The frenzied dance lasted for a long time along with the rhythmic song of the fist colliding against each other yet none of them was able to overcome the other.


They kept on attacking and going over each other’s throats using all the manoeuvres to the best of their abilities.

But the fight was still in a stalemate.


The hands of one of the fighters moulded into a sword while charging onto the other in a desperate attempt to win.

However, the other man stood as if he was dazed by the opponent but before the opponent could deal deadly damage, his hands moved like lightning turning into a scythe whose speed was quite faster than the obscure figure that lunged forward.

The obscure figure tried to dodge the fatal strike but he wasn’t able to as the scythe passed through him splitting him into two halves the figure vanished into thin air leaving dark fumes covering the vision.

The obscure figure who held the scythe was suddenly alerted while trying to figure out the location of the target but he realised it too late.

A large sword big enough to tear anything into pieces, with a sharp tip to pierce even the toughest material appeared from behind.


It pierced the other figure from the back coming out of the chest and he raised the figure in the air with the sword while the wounded figure struggled and squirmed.

But before he could scream, the sword moved and soon his whole body was torn into pieces.

Blackish liquid split all around and fell on the stage.

The audience cheered seeing the figure’s victory.

It was a do-or-die match which held utmost importance for them. There would be no loser in the match and only one winner.

The audience clapped and fell onto their knees to offer their salute.

“You lose. I win. If only you would have yielded you would be still alive. “

“I have been serving you for 600 hundred years. I finally defeated you and took over your position worthy of my status.”

“Don’t worry, I will take over your people.”

“Hahahahah!” The figure laughed and looked at the judge with expectations.

The judge stared at the high seats erected over there and noticed their signal.

He declared the winner and waited for the response of the other side.

A deep voice echoes throughout the place which fills everyone with fear and reverence.

“The result of the battle had been decided. The owner of the 12th position of Council has been decided.”


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