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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 174: Proving His Innocence Bahasa Indonesia

Barry frowned and was horrified seeing the man walking toward him with a dazzling light.

His jaw dropped wide open and he was unable to close his lips for a moment.

“I heard you have been running propaganda by trying to prove me as a heretic who knew all types of black magic and had sold my soul to the Devil.”

Alex’s loud voice reverberated everywhere which suddenly ignited the flame of hope in the people’s hearts.

The girl who previously tried to defend Alex was scared by a deadly attack and her face was still pale but her crystal-like big eyes shone brightly and clearly.

Alex noticed the girl and gave a gentle smile while patting her head.

“Thanks for supporting me.” Alex just gave a simple pat and went past him while giving a gentle pat over Bassie’s shoulder.

“You have worked hard. Leave everything else to me.”

Bassie nodded on hearing Alex’s confidence.

Alex climbed the small stairs of a wooden platform and stood before Barry.

“Your Majesty!”

Everyone yelled in surprise as they looked at their King appearing at the critical moment.

Alex stood before Barry and spoke with an indifferent expression”Release my people and step back.”

His tone sounded arrogant which made Barry mad but even after that he couldn’t retort the man’s words and felt that the young man before him was very dangerous which even gave him chills while his perception told him to step back as soon as possible or the consequence would be very dire.

As if everyone was hypnotised by Alex’s words they let go of their chains and those who were dragging away the people suddenly stopped.

The people who were released trembled and ran away.

Alex stood before them but he didn’t say anything and just glanced around with a calm expression on his face.

Alex’s simple glance felt like a death stare and wherever he looked no matter the paladins or knights who were bullying the weak was suddenly terrified and shook in fear.

Even the three Epic ranks standing behind Barry trembled in fear and felt as if a sharp sword was placed beside their neck as soon as Alex’s eyes fell on them.

Alex nodded in satisfaction after seeing their reaction and his gaze finally landed on Barry who felt as if his soul had been pierced by a sharp knife.

“Father, let’s talk.”

Barry bit his tongue trying to muster his courage and spoke”You…The King of Heretics.”

Alex raised his brows and his lips curled upwards.

“So Father Barry, let me ask you a thing?”

“Did I just hear you accusing me by calling me a heretic when my wife is the Saintess?”

“If I had done something like this, shouldn’t my wife have run after me with a knife?”

Barry sneered on hearing Alex’s words and said”King of Nevan, you are mistaking something.”

“Your wife used to be a saint but now she has been thrown out of that position and her current location is unknown.”

Alex put his hand on Barry’s shoulder and paused a little.

Barry was startled by the sudden move.

The paladins behind him thought of moving but Barry sent them a gaze to stay away.

“Are you sure that you are not mistaking the facts?”

“As far as I know it was my wife who gave away the position of the Saintess.”

“And if you have any doubt, you can go to that carriage for clarification,” Alex spoke while pouting his hand to that carriage.

“Huuhhh!” Barry’s expression turned ugly seeing the carriage on which there was the Royal Emblem of Kinley.

He felt as if something was stuck in his throat that refused to come out of it.

“Is that the Envoy?” Barry asked with a wary expression.

“Hahaha!No!”Alex laughed.

“It’s Princess Alice! She had come to visit me.”

“She would be really happy with the way you treated me, who is her very precious brother.”

Barry along with another priest who followed him felt as if the ground under them collapsed and they were struck with thunder on hearing Alex’s words.

Some even looked at the carriage with disbelief thinking that this might be a joke or Alex was pulling some tricks.

But seeing the flags and strong lineup guarding the carriage made their hearts palpitate.


“I think this all might be a misunderstanding.” Barry changed his tone to a gentle and friendly person.

After all Princess Alice was present here, he would be doomed beyond measure.

No matter how strong The Church’s authority was it cannot undermine the value of the Royal family.

“Father Barry!”

Barry heard coarse chilling bones that made all the hair on his body stand up in fear.

“Give me a reason,” Alex asked.

“Re…Reason.” Barry stuttered on hearing Alex’s words.

“If you still think of me as a heretic, use Judgement of Light on me,” Alex spoke with a solemn expression, shocking everyone presents out there.

The crowd and soldiers present in the street screamed on hearing Alex’s words.

They thought that the King was taking punishment while trying to prove his innocence.

Inside the carriage, everyone frowned upon hearing Alex’s statement.

“Big Brother.” Alice’s eyes turned cold.

“That lowly Priest dared to humiliate my Brother and accuse him.”

“I will not tolerate this.” Alice decided to show herself and teach them a lesson but she was stopped by Riya.

“Big Sis, what are you doing? Brother is in trouble.” Alice asked with a stunned expression.

“Don’t worry about him. Just trust your Brother.” Riya spoke.

“Riya, this is not the time to mess around. We are dealing with the church and we don’t have the authority to have a say before them. Alex rebutting them will make matters worse.” Catherine spoke with a worried expression.

“Catherine, you don’t know My Lord well. He already had a way to prove his innocence.” Riya spoke and giggled a little.

Catherine wanted to refute but she was cut off in the middle by Christina’s voice.

“He seems to enjoying this very much,” Christina smiled as he watched Alex through the veil.


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