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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 173: King Of Nevan ls A Heretic 2 Bahasa Indonesia

Barry, who was going back and leaving everything to his henchman, was stopped abruptly by a crisp sweet voice.

He was outraged by the words and he looked back to see a girl glaring at the priest.

“Girl, how dare you?” Barry shouted.

He was in a good mood as everything had been going according to his plans but his mood was ruined by the sweet voice of the small petite girl who seemed to be a small child of 13 years.

“Father, you are doing something unreasonable and forcing us to accept that you are right when you don’t have proof.”

“How can a devotee servant of the goddess act like this?” The little girl spoke with an innocent voice but the surrounding people around her already turned pale.

They tried to shut her up but she didn’t listen to them and now she had provoked the Priest.

Barry stared at the girl who looked quite kind and gentle.

“Hmmm!”He snorted.

“Your parents must be heretics and they even taught you the stuff from an early age.”

“Drag that girl and her parents.”

The paladins who were overseeing the things rushed toward the girl and her parents trying to catch her.

But before they could reach there, many armor guards appeared in front of them trying to block their way.

“Priest Barry, you are overstepping your boundaries.” Bassie appeared and shouted with an angry tone.

“Did you forget your promise? I only allowed you to investigate things peacefully but all I can see is that you are steering chaos all around.” Bassie spoke, gritting his teeth.

He had already sent a letter to the King explaining the current situation and that he might be on the way here.

Since Bassie can’t deal with them, he allowed them to spread their wings for now but these crooks are behaving more like bandits than Goddess devotees while twisting all the things using the Goddess’s name.

Only the King can deal with a shrewd person like him.

“Minister Bassie, you are stepping in our way.”

“You are stopping a Priest from doing his work which equals trying to interfere with Goddess Judgement.”

“You have no right to say in this matter, “Priest Barry shouted.

“Priest Barry, currently I am overseeing Nevan in the absence of King. If anything bad happens to his citizens the bill would be torn in my name.”Bassie spoke with a respectful tone.

“Moreover, you are treating the citizens of Nevan as if they are some sort of filth. Where is the benevolence that you all preach.”

Barry’s expression was distorted and he shouted angrily”Minister Bassie although I may look harsh I am already showing enough kindness.”

“If you stop me now then the next one to come for investigation will be inquisitor of the Church.”

Bassie along with everyone’s expression contorted after all only a fool might not know about the inquisitor of Church.

They are the swords of the Church who handle all the punishment and dirty work. Being caught in their hands was equal to getting a ticket for a trip to hell.

“Even after my repeated warnings, you are not going to fall back,” Barry spoke with a threatening tone.

“I don’t want to use this but you all have forced me.”

“I, a devotee servant of Goddess, will clear any obstacle that lay in the path of Goddess work.”

He raised his golden scepter towards Bassie and the soldiers who surrounded the insolent girl.

He poured mana into his scepter which glowed gleefully and a white beam of ravaging light shot towards them.

[Judgement Of Light]

Like a beam of laser, it headed toward their direction in a straight line.

The sudden attack startled everyone. It was quite a deadly attack as no one had imagined in the wildest dream that this man who claimed himself as a follower of the Goddess would abruptly go for a kill when both sides were still talking.

The soldiers stood in front of Bassie even though they knew that they had no chance against the attack but at least they could save the citizens and Minster behind them.

Bassie’s vision was whitened as the mass of white light appeared before him.

The soldiers screamed in danger as they felt the scorching heat coming from the attack.


A figure flashed before the soldiers who appeared out of nowhere and raised the huge greatsword covered with a bluish glow.

Holding the hilt of the sword tightly, he swung the huge sword towards the white light which was instantly cut apart.

The body of the sword shook slightly as it collided with a beam of light and a strong momentum rippled pushing everyone back and both the energies instantly disappeared.

People looked at the figure that appeared wearing shiny armor and felt that they had seen this guy somewhere.

“Sir, who are you? I feel as if I have seen you somewhere.” Bassie asked.

The armoured man turned back with a smile.

“Bassie, it’s been a long time since I saw you.”

“I am General Mordek,” Mordek said while raising his hand to caress his beard but later remembered that he had lost his beard.

The entire place descended into silence as heard the man’s words and thought whether it was a joke.

They remembered Mordek as an old uncle with a long beard and some greyish hair but this guy looked like a man in his thirties.

Bassie swallowed his saliva unable to comprehend what was going on but before he could open his lips, a scream echoed from the wooden platform.

“How dare you, ignorant human standing in the path of righteousness,” Barry screamed.

Mordek scanned Barry and spoke with a sneer”I don’t know what crimes my fellow innocent citizens had committed to be treated like these and even if there is a misunderstanding, does Priest have authority to arrest anyone as he desires?”

“Watch your words you damned heretic…”Barry shouted.

Mordek became anxious as he saw Barry trying to escalate the matter but before Barry could give any orders he saw white glowing light coming from afar.

“Father Barry, it’s nice to have you here. I have something that I wanted to talk about.”


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