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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 175: Proving His Innocence 2 Bahasa Indonesia

Judgement of Light was the attack which can only be used by the priest who was a follower of the Goddess Rebecca.

It inflicts heart-wrenching pain on those who have been corrupted or when punished.

But more than that it had another use which is to undermine superiority.

If two people were to fight with one another and they are asked to use the Judgement of Light then one who had higher faith and belief or is blessed by Goddess herself cannot be harmed by the one who had less belief.

In a way, Alex is resistant to any attack cast by the follower Goddess Rebecca because the attacks mostly relied on faith more than one’s mana.

But this case is only true for Goddess Rebecca, not for others. If you applied this logic in front of Goddess Of War followers you are just giving away your head and body to them freely, to be cut and shredded into pieces.

“Your Majesty, you are kidding right?” Barry asked with a smile but Alex’s expression didn’t change a lot.

“Father Barry, if you are not going to use Judgement of Light then allow me to use it.”

Barry’s hands trembled and he almost loosened the grip of the sceptre and looked at Alex to see whether it was a lie but he could see Alex’s irrefutable gaze.

”Your Majesty, how can you use the Judgement of Light?”

“Why do you think only priests can use it?”

“Come with me, I will show my faith in Goddess. Didn’t accuse me of being a heretic? Why don’t I prove my innocence by using the Judgment of Light?” Alex shouted while drawing out his sword.

The three Epic were alarmed by Alex’s sudden move and appeared in between him and Priest Barry.

A small glow covered their head and their body started to glow and grew out for a four, to the five-metre radius. Their manner was imposing and their strength was skyrocketing and in an instant, their might of Epic rank was fully exposed.

Their aura creates ripples in the air pushing everyone back.

They thought Alex was going to attack Barry and they shouted coldly”King of Nevan, Please don’t go too far. Before the church, everyone is equal whether it is a king or a commoner.”

“You want to show off your power of holiness in front of me. You are still a child.” Alex spoke with a cold snort.

Alex was blessed to the point that the Goddess was almost squeezed dry. He was the only one to be blessed by all Five Goddesses, and about faith and belief.

He was taught by the Goddess themselves and accepted them as their teacher and even the Queen Goddess treats him like his own child.

If not for his realm restricting him, there is no way he loses to even the Pope in terms of holy power.

Even without the use of the power of faith, he could go against the toe with the Goddess of War and the Devil. If he could just use the power of faith, wouldn’t he become a god himself and this guy dared to call him a heretic and harm his innocent citizens by arresting them in his absence?

The Devil must be pissed off by this man because it was due to these types of people, that he had been treated as an evil guy.

Alex didn’t say anything and walked toward the three of them step by step.

As he started to walk, an otherworldly phenomenon happened which astonished every one.

A golden ring appeared over Alex’s head which started to outshine brilliantly.

The ring condensed Alex’s head into a golden coronet and Alex’s body started to glow radiating a shine that started to expand outwardly covering the entire area.

For a moment, he looked like the sun that illuminated the lives of countless people who have been drowning in the darkness of despair. He twinkled brilliantly suggesting the arrival of a new day after a night.

The Priest and Paladin were horrified seeing the scene and sensing the holy power emanating from Alex filling their hearts with respect and reverence as if they were standing before an Almighty figure.

Anyone who looked at Alex now had an urge to bow down his head and pray to him. Some even thought that God materialised in Alex.

The Epic rank paladins were directly suppressed by Alex’s might and they weren’t able to move their bodies.

Alex smiled and raised his sword and stabbed it while pointing straight towards the sky.

“Judgement of Light!!”

A beam of light emerged from Alex and a thick column of light was shot towards the sky.

The entire sky started to shake and glowed for an instant and as the light dispersed everyone looked up to see the cloud that was hovering in the sky had a huge hole on it and from it rays of the sun fell on Alex’s body and bathed him in golden sunlight.

After displaying and showing off his strength, Alex raised his sword and pointed at Barry and their Epic ranks standing before them.

“Now, tell me, Father Barry!”

“If I complain to the Church about this and charge you that you are fabricating false evidence, what do you think will happen?”

Barry stepped back in fear as, if Alex complained about him, he would be in peril and seeing Alex’s holy power, The Church would surely give him a priority.

“Your Majesty please forgive me,” Barry shouted.

“You are apologising to the wrong person Father.”

“Apologise them,” Alex spoke and pointed to the group of people who have been frightened by Barry previously.

“Either you ask for an apology or get punished by me. The choice is yours.” Alex shrugged his shoulder

Barry gritted his teeth and bowed his head while asking sorry to everyone.

“Let’s leave,” Barry shouted. He was really in a bad mood today.

He was about to step down but he was stopped by Alex.

“Hey, where are you going?”

“Did I allow you to leave?”


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