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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 57: Ok, Scene Then Action!! Bahasa Indonesia

Eleanor was currently walking through the forest to a specific location, according to her investigations there is a secret historic wolrd hidden in the depths of this forest, it could maybe help her to break through the point she hit at her cultivation

the more deeper she walked the more dangerous the surroundings became, the mana in the surroundings too began to feel unstable, Eleanor began to meet more wild beasts the further she walked

after walking for half an hour she came upto the centre of the forest, the whole atmosphere was stifling, a huge boulder could be seen placed within the centre, going closer she placed her hands in the boulder

and just as she did the boulder started to shake, after a minute a huge hole appeared in the boulder, seeming as if to call you into the abyss, only darkness remained inside it

“looks like this is the place”

seeing the situation in front if her, Eleanor removed her cloak, unlike the previous times where she gave off a graceful aura

the Eleanor right now was dressed in typical adventurers outfit, with tight shorts that nicely accelerated her ass and a easily movable top, right now she off an impression of a charming and dangerous women

smiling Eleanor looked at her clothes, touching them memories off the past flowed through her mind

“haa, how i missed this”

shaking her head Eleanor entered through the portal, which closed after she had entered it, after what seems like a few seconds she opened her eyes

right now she was standing on a land filled with sand all around, the only difference was that the entire sand she stood on was blood red, the scent of death flowed through the place

it’s at this time a laughter was heard


hearing the laughter Eleanor frowned, her sense was feeling the threat of death in this area, while at the same time the laughing voice spoke in a rough voice

“who would have thought that i would get another chance to kill another human, that too such a beautiful one”

as soon as the voice faded away a figure materialized in the sky, the figure looked to be about 7 feet tall, he had red skin and three eyes, the third one being in his forehead, there was a tail peeking from his back

seeing the figure Eleanor’s frowned even harder

‘not good, a Zoliake demon, his level too seems to be higher than mine’

unlike what everyone thought not all historic world are an opportunity, sometimes you might find a historic world belonging to another species, if that person was not racist then no problem, good for you

but if the ruler of the historic world was a deep hatred rooted individual, then you would be in for a hell of a trail, designed just to kill you

seeing the situation was dire Eleanor did not panic, she calmly thought about her situation, if the ruler of the historic worlds power level was lesser than her in his prime she could easily escape

but it seems that this demons power level was at least imperial level 3 or above, using force might not yield much unless she burned her life force

“what you scared human, don’t worry i am sure to show you what despair really means, after all i can’t have you breaking so soon”

as he finished talking he snapped his figures pitch black chains rose from the ground to bind Eleanor, as soon as the chains arrived Eleanor tried to fight it

at first she was able to push it back, seeing that the demon began to apply more power into the chain, Eleanor was able to destroy 4 among the 6 chains but sadly the last 2 got her

as soon as the chains bonded her, her connection to mana got cut off, her realm went from imperial to nothing

“HaaHaaa…you see human you are nothing but an ant in front of me”

well his dialogue would have been more acceptable if his face wasn’t pale and his body wasn’t trembling

“don’t worry human i am a very fair person i would give you a chance to survive, how about this i would have you fight 2 different rounds, survive that and then you are free”

seeing the smug grin on the demons face and seeing that her power was blocked Eleanor didn’t panic, she was someone who faught her way into her position, she had been through even worse

looking at the demon she just gave a nod

“good don’t you regret it later”

as soon as he finished speaking the demon snapped his fingure, the sand before Eleanor started to shake and gather, soon several beasts figure started to form

hundreds…no thousands of beasts were formed in front of Eleanor all looking ferocious and dangerous, each one of them radiating a minimum range of origin level 5

in normal cases it was nothing to Eleanor but now even on one them was fatal to her, it was apparent that the demon had no wish to leave her alive

at the same time behind Eleanor was a person hidden checking his list

‘villian check’

‘heroine in danger check’

‘my hair flying in the wind check’

‘a charming smile check’

‘ok then, action!’


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