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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 56: Finally Free!! Bahasa Indonesia

3 and a half year later~~~~

within a forest a certain scene could be seen, an antelope could be seen laying on the ground, but unlike the normal one’s, this antelope was at least twice the size of a normal elephant

it was laying on the ground dead its mouth filled with sharp fang’s and it’s red eye’s was opened with disbelief, there was an arrow stuck to it’s heart

a boy sat above the now dead antelope, he looked to be about 17~18 year’s old, he had an extremely handsome face with silver hair and deep purple eyes, the boy had a lean figure and he had a tall frame too

The boy gave off an aura of innocence and maturity, which contradicts each other, further mystifying his presence, yup that’s Auatin alright, currently he was looking into space as if in daze but no he was waiting and it did pay off


[creation of “perfect body” completed]

[All restrictions are hearby lifted]


its been 7 year’s since it started and i am finally free from that god damn curse, now i am free to do about anything i want

seeing that everything was ready i stand up and gave out a whistle, at that same time the trees started shaking and many fell down

from afar a figure came in front of me, it was a huge black wolf, it’s dark blue eye’s shining with intelligence, its mouth held another huge antelope who was long since dead

after seeing me the wolf let go of the antelope and came to me, at the same time it’s size started decreasing, it turned from a ferocious wolf to a cute cub

“i guess you had fun hunting”

“yes!, i got to stretch my body”

surprisingly the wolf spoke in a feminine voice, after that she came upto me and jumped onto my shoulder, i just patted her head and she purred

“are you sure you are not a cat”

“humph, make fun of me all you want but just you wait once this lady fully awakens you would be at my knees begging to be close to me”

“ya, sure i will wait for that day”

chuckling i just patted her head again, a lot has changed in the last 3 years, after taking the wolf home i cared for it and due to my careful manipula-….cough cough i mean care it agreed to take me as it’s partner

after that before it could awaken it’s bloodline fully we made a pact and after that we started roaming around, fighting and adventuring

also due to some unknown reason, that i dont want to know about it choose to become a girl as it’s gender and asked me to name her, so i gave her the name Luna, comparing her to the moon, i guees she did like the name as she went about prancing for some time

as i was packing up ny stuff i heard Luna speak

“where are we going now?”

“we are going to a small village”


“because i am going to lose something important”

“lose something?”

Luna looked at me skeptical she couldn’t understand what i was going to lose, seeing that i chuckled, smirking i said

“i am just going to lose something to my teacher”

and with that i set out…..

few day’s later in the small village called Herfal, a women could be seen walking, nobody could see her face because she was covered with a cloak from top to bottom, she was walking throught the small village

all those who saw her would unconsciously make way for her, something made them feel themselves lesser than her

if one would look into the cloak one would see a beautiful black eyed and haired women, who gave off an elegant aura, she walked with her head straight as if looking for something

Eleanor had recently arrived in this village after she had read some reports about a historic world being hidden here, she had come here to look for more clues

‘sigh, i wonder how Austin’s doing?’

it had been a few years since she last saw her beloved disciple and it was taking a toll on her, the only good thing was that she knew that her disciple was well

sighing she continued to walk away from the village to the nearby forest at that same time after she left a figure appeared in the village

‘ohh looks like i didn’t miss her’

i had just arrived a few minutes ago, i had just used the bracelet on my arms to make myself disappear, at the same time i gave Luna some task and let her go free

as for why i am here, that was to stop a certain scenario from happening, looking around i saw a 15 year old with freckles and brown hair follwing behind Eleanor

in the original game it was this boy who had become her disciple, he had saved her life after she had escaped from a dangerous historic world

and i am here to stop it and if possible get this teacher of mine to fall in love with me, i know that she’s obsessed with me and loves me but that’s only as her disciple

she hadn’t seen me as a man, i just wanted to use this opportunity to stop that boy and earn myself a good fuck….i hope

stretching my body i came close to that boy who kept looking at Eleanor’s direction, i came close and tapped his shoulder

“she might be beautiful right?”


seeing a masked figure come close to him so suddenly Sam jumps away in suprise

“wow, dude calm down, i just came to you since you kept staring at that women for a long time”

“who are you and why do you care?”

being wary Sam moved away a bit, looking at that i could only shake my head, i raised my arms showing him that i was not his enemy

“don’t worry i just wanted to tell you that you have no chance at scoring that women”

“sco-scoring?, no i just felt that she looked spe-special”

hearing my words Sam blushed a bit and stammered, it looks like the boy’s just pure, i didn’t want to do this but well…

“are you curious about that women”

Sam hesitated a bit but in the end he nodded his head

“if you want i could tell you more about her”

“why?, who are you and what do you want?”

after hearing my words Sam again becomes wary

“why are you so scared, we are in a village and people are watching what can i do to you?”

though still suspicious, after thinking about it a bit Sam nodded his head

“whose she?”

saying that he came closer and before he could respond he fell unconscious, i caught his body and disappeared, the next moment i appeared in a small room in an inn

i took out a small pill and stuffed it into his mouth, with that he would be sleeping for the next 3 days, the only drawback would be that we would be very hungry when her wakes up

with that i tied him up for precaution and kept him in the room, there would be a routine checkup every 3 dsys so he should be fine, looking at the sleeping boy i could only shake me head

‘you better pray that next time you don’t meet a transmigrated person’

with that i left the room, heading towards the forest


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