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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 58: Fight Together Bahasa Indonesia

within the bloody lands Eleanor stood straight, the wind that blowed made her tied up hair flow, in front of her stood rows of beasts, each one more ferocious than the other

the line of beasts that gathered seemed to have no end, in front of such a situation Eleanor stood calm, her beautiful face displaying a valiant defiance against the current situation

seeing it the demon on the sky sneered

“let me see how much longer you can remain calm”

saying so he snapped his finger and a timer with 2 hours on it was displayed

“survive for 2 hours and you can go to the next round”

as soon as the demons words were heard the timer began, all the beasts roared and started running towards Eleanor with the intent to tear her apart

seeing it Eleanor drew her bow, right now her power was suppressed to origin level 1, there’s not much she could do

The bow Eleanor took was deep black in colour, it seemed to have it’s on life, she drew the bow and an arrow appeared, as soon as she fired the single arrow split into 10 accurately taking the lives of those beasts in the front

at the same time she started running from the beast tide, even as she ran her arms were steady and she continuously fired arrows, each arrow moved as if it had it’s on life reaping one life after another

but everyone has their own limits, soon within minutes Eleanor reached her limits her mana began to decrease and the speed of her arrows fell

the beasts tide behind her began to catch up, as soon as she fired the 10th arrow, several beasts had reached behind, seeing that a ruthless glint flashed in Eleanor’s eyes, she quickly started to pull her life force to break the chains binding her

but at that time a change happened, just as the beasts was about to harm her all of them were blasted back, at the same time a familiar voice that Eleanor missed was heard

“look’s like master in is quite the pickle”

just as the voice faded a young man appeared in front of Eleanor, his silver hair flowed in the wind and he had his back to Eleanor, his chubby face she remembered now being handsome


Eleanor asked with disbelief, her little disciple had grown up, seeing Eleanor call me i turned around and gave her a smile, at the same time i activated a barrier around us stopping the beasts for a few minutes, after that i turned towards Eleanor who was still in shock

“did you miss me master?”

as i asked that i walked towards her with a smile and hugged her, i could feel her body stiffen up, Eleanor’s hight was just a bit shorter than mine, so when i hugged her her head directly came to my chin

“i missed you a lot master”

as Eleanor heard my voice tinged with happiness, she relaxed and hugged me back too

“master missed you too”

the hugging scene would have been perfect if it weren’t for the massive tide of monster’s attacking the barrier and a 3 eyed demon flying above sky looking at us in disbelief

after hugging for a bit we let go, Eleanor then held my face and looked me up and down to see if i had any great injuries, seeing that i was okay she smiled

“looks like you have grown up great”

her usually calm voice had happiness and a tinge of pride, she looked as if she was the one who pushed all the monster away

“how did you come here?”

“i had been in the village before you came here, when i saw you i knew immediately it was you master, so i thought that i could surprise you, who would have thought something like this would happen”

saying so i gave her an “innocent” smile conveying my intentions and it seemed it worked too as i saw Eleanor shaking her head, after that she came close and started pinching my ears

“you idoit disciple, learning to stalk your own master huh?”

just as she was a out to scold me more, a cracking sound was heard, it seemed that the barrier won’t be able to hold on much longer

“Ha…Ha.Ha..kid i don’t know how you got in without me knowing about it but in the end you are gonna die here along with that women”

just at the same time that demon intervened, giving on his signature smug laugh as if everything was under his control

“master, get on i will carry you”

at the same time i bended down for Eleanor to get on my back but even after a few seconds i didn’t feel anything, so i turned around to see a confused Eleanor

“what are you doing?”

looking into her face i saw both confidence and pride, pride as one of the most strongest peoples in the world, it’s then it hit me

‘huh…..i become too arrogant’

all this while the girls i dealt with were young ones with problems and issues, they were weak and vulnerable but the women in front of me isn’t them

she’s someone who stood at the top of the world she’s someone who reached her position through her own power, someone with her own principles, she won’t follow what i say like some carbon copy, she knows what she should do

i closed my eyes for a second before opening them, standing up i apologized

“i am sorry master, it looks like i had gotten cocky, so what should we do?”

hearing my words Eleanor smiled, raising her hands she gave me a pat in the head

“looks like you have really grown up Austin”

after saying that she raised her bow

“listen to me carefully, thanks to your shield i was able to get back most of my mana, once the shield breaks would you be able to make a path for us to escape?”

“yes, i can”

i nodded to her words

“good than leave the rest to me, i might not have all my strength but i ain’t that weak”

as soon as she had finished i had my bow in my hand, taking out a normal arrow i placed it in it, at the same time i thought of the figure of a women, one with black hair and eyes

as i did it a small dark crimson like flame appeared in front of me, as soon as it appeared it was as if destruction descended, the mana in the area started to get disrupted, even the monsters from the now breaking shield moved a bit back

their instincts were screaming of one thing…..death, the demon above the sky shouted with surprise


Eleanor looked at the strange flame, even her instincts were screaming danger

“looks like you have gotten yourself quite the secrets over the years”

to Eleanor’s words i just gave a smile

“you ready?”

“i am”


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