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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 14: An Act Bahasa Indonesia

Eleanor Claus or more popularly know as the bow empress, one of the few rare female imperials in the world

before her, the uses of bow were only used in army in large scale wars, nobody took the bow as a individual weapon for combact due to its low battle efficiency.

Her story in itself is legend, coming from a nobel family of swordsman she as a descendant did not have a talent for it this was a huge blow to her

But no one knew that from a young age, Elenor had no intrest in swords, she had completely fallen in love with the bow

taking her bow she embarked on a journey as a adventurer, creating many legends along the way, she had created her path of the bow, completely changing peoples perception of it

‘umm, okay time to start the act !!’

like a child in love with bows i started examining each bow in the shop with total admiration

“wow, this bow is amzing”, i pointed at a random bow exclaming

“Mia, i am definently going to be a bowman in the future!, bows are amazing”

“i want to be just like the bow empress when i grow up”

after that i stated going around each bow touching it and using it as if i am totally obsessed with it while keeping a discreet eye on the bow empress

i could see that she had started paying attention to me ever since i said that i wanted to be like her not only that there was also notifications rising her above to

+10 affection

+12 affection

+10 affection

she was giving out small levels of affection at a time, after a few minutes she finally made her move

“do you think that the bow is strong?”

finally the bow empress spoke her voice was sweet and melodious, stopping my actions i looked towards her

” of course!!, bows are the best”, i said giving her an innocent smile

+20 affection

“why do you want to take the bow?”

“so that i can protect my family” i put on a determined expression when i said it

my answer must have suprised her, because she raised an eyebrow to my answer along with some points

+25 affection

“why the bow?”

“so that i can always have their back and if it ever comes to it, use myself to provide them protection”

i answered her, looking directly to her eyes for a few moment a silence lingered in the room, as the

adults took in the courageous words from an 8 year old child

After a few seconds Eleanor placed the book down from her hands, and looked deeply into me and when she did I could see that her cool expression was soon replaced with deep shock

her eyes widened and the aura around her started fluctuating here and there, as if she couldnt believe what she saw, at the time the gaurds around me started arranging themselves to protect me

‘what’s happening??, i know that she will be suprised but why this much?’

what Austin didn’t know is that while it is indeed rare to have foundation before 10 years age but his foundation wasn’t anything like that

not only was his foundation unnaturally strong he was a tier 3!!!

when a kid forms his foundation, the tier growth represents the final form of the foundation but the solution Austin took directly bought him to tier 3

the only reason Austin didn’t feel it was beacuse he doesn’t know the difference, so basically what Elenor was seeing was something impossible, you couldn’t balme her for reacting life that after seeing Austin

after some time she calmed down, in the end she was an imperial, she had seen many things others hasn’t so she was able to reel herself back quickly

taking a deep breath she looked at the boy in front of her, the boy looks to be about 8 years, having pruple eyes and silver hair, his cute face right now displaying confusion instead of fear

‘Looks like i found my choice’

she smirked thinking of how she is going to boast about her disciple to her friends who always rub it in her face’s about theirs

“boy do you want to learn how to use a bow?”

‘ohh, finally you asked me, i was scared that something went wrong’

“can you teach me to be as great as the bow enpress?” i asked “anticipatingly”

“i can teach you to be better than her”

“young master, don’t listen to this women, we don’t know who she is”

Mia stood in front of me and at the same time the other gaurds drew their blade ready for battle.

“ohhh are you perhaps the son of the duchess Grace??”

i nodded to her question

“Good then you may leave now, i will meet you later”

the gaurds were clearly angered by her remarks and just as when a battle was about to erupt i jumped in front of them and blocked it

“young master!!!”

“young master move away this women might be dangerous”

the guards tried to persuade me to move away as not to protect the women

‘you bunch of idiots, the one i am protecting is you!!, plus don’t you think i should use this opportunity to earn some point of affection’

“no need to fight, this big sister doesn’t seem like a bad person”

i replied intentionally buttering my now going go to be master, turing around i apologized to her

“I am sorry for causing the commotion”

after i said that she walked towards me and ruffled my hair

“don’t worry about it, this big sister is not mad”

i could feel a bit of happines and gloating when she said the words big sister

‘tsk, women’ , i inwardly rolled my eyes

after chatting with me a bit, me and my gaurds head out

“uyoung master, where do you want to go now?”


looking towards a certain area while smiling inwardly i replied

“To eat”


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