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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 15: A Cook Freak Bahasa Indonesia

Right now I was happily walking through the city humming, how could I not?, I just got myself a an imperial as a teacher, in the game it was some boy from a village that had got the chance to be the bow empress’s disciple

As for wether I have talent in the bow, I am not scared of it much because of what the bow empress once said in the game

<it’s a pity I didn’t find you earlier, your talent for the bow even surpasses mine>

So I have no worry of not having talent in the bow, plus there was deeper reason to why I choose the bow to, leaving all that aside now I am walking through the less popular area of the city, the city itself was very huge in size and now i was in a crowded area with lots of people moving around

“young master, if you are hungry we can go to a well reputed shop nearby”

Mia was anxiously trying to dissuade me from going to eat at a local place but i was adamant to follow my decision

“don’t worry Mia, i just want to have a taste of the commoners food”

saying so i followed the path to a certain shop, arriving at the location i gave the shop an inspecting look

‘umm, its just as in the game’

The shop i am standing in front of was just a small restaurant, with just one level with a board hanging on the top Richard’s restaurant

opening the door, i entered inside the first thing i saw was the gathering of many men’s inside eating their foods like thier life depended on it

All of them had one thing in common, the look of pure ecstasy while eating the food, walking inside i looked for a seat while staring into the Kitchen

right now there was an old man moving frantically in the kitchen wearing the chef’s uniform, while he looked old with white hair and wrinkles, the way his body moved with energy while handling the ingredients said other wise, i used the read function


Name: Richard Gale

Sex: male

Age: 105

Species; Human

Talent: 7/10

Power: Origin Level 10

Title: berserker of the battlefield, the food critic, the food traveller, chef of taste….etc

Love: 0%

Description: travelling the world spreading the taste of his food

>loves to eat different exotic food


‘so that’s him in real life huh’

Richard Gale a powerhouse focusing on close combat, more than that a vivid lover of food and cooking, he goes around the world spreading his cooking and tasting new foods

he is 103 years old and looks like an old man, while Eleanor being in her 145 and still looks like she is in her 20’s, that tells you the difference between the origin level and an imperial

The reason i came here was to make him teach me cooking,

To be a good cook??

Hell no!!

there is a hidden quest to be completed when you meet Ricahrds, once you learn cooking from him and if he is satisfied, he might give you somthing which might “coincidently” might turn out to be a tresure for you

I was simply using the information part of the shop to look into the current locations of the capture targets and coincidentally found that currently his shop was in my dukedom

after giving out our order we wait for the food to be delivered, Mia and the guards were visibly nervous after all we are currently in a normal shop without any proof of food with hygiene

after 10 mins our food was served, it was a simple food, with rise, bread and soups. taking the soup i scooped it a bit and put it in my mouth

boom!, my eyes widen a large amout of flavors explode in my mouth and i had to be careful not to sawllow my tounge

‘delicious, just delicious maybe i should learn his cooking more seriously!’

seeing their young master eating the food with pure happiness, the rest gathered thier courage and gave it a taste


“whats this?, how can it be so tasty!”

“this is better than the chefs at our mansion!”

the maid and the gaurds were soon conquered by the food, after the scrumptious lunch, i stood up and walked towards the kitchen

“Grandpa were you the one who made this food?”

i stood in front of Richard and beamed with admiring eyes, my action catching tha attention of few of the people

Richard turned towards me his questing eyes looking down at me

“yes, i was the one why do you want to know kid?”

his answer “excited” me and i “exclaimed”

” Then can you teach me how to cook??”

“young master, what are you doing, you can’t go around asking strangers to teach you”

Mia arrived beside me and wisphered

“Dont worry Mia, i just want him to teach me cooking, his food is better than the ones the chef makes back home”

while Mia nad i was discussing Richard spoke

“boy, why do you want to learn to cook”

“beacuse i want to make good food for my mother!”

“for your mother?”, Richard raised an eyebrow

nodding i continued

“mother is now always working hard and she is tired to, so i wanted to make tasty food for her”

i “innocently” explained my ambition

“young master you…” Mia teary eyed looked at me, as if i couldn’t get any cuter

my answer brought Richard to daze for a moment

“kid don’t you think that cooking and being a chef is not great?”

i shook my head

“no anything that can make my family happy and give them a smile is a great thing to me”

my answer stumped hime for a bit but after that he laughed out loud


“Good, good i like your answer kid, so sure i will teach you some cooking”

i happily smiled to that answer

“you better be here at 8 am every moring, if you wanna learn”

i nodded to his answer and happily started going home without any worries

not knowing that the wheels of fate started to change


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