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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 13: Finding A Teacher Bahasa Indonesia

i woke up after a few hours of sleep and i could instantly tell the difference, i could fell certain particles in the air floating

‘so this must be mana’

closing my eyes i tried to focus inside my body and in the area where a small structure was first seen now had a completed plate floating majestically

“so this is my plate?, it certainly looks strong”

plates are the base from which you build your power, its basically formed when you turn 10 years, the more you cultivate the more plates you keep above it creating a tower

that aside i could feel the power residing in my body, i was tempted to start cultivating but the first time your moving mana it should be done under supervision for safety

i got out of my bed had my lunch with my little sister earning some affection points, and went to see my mother to get permission to head outside the mansion

entering my mother’s office i saw her buried in her work, ever since my so called father died she had to deal with all the stress of the Dukedom

if it weren’t for her being a powerful warrior she would have long since fainted, speaking of which i started to remember the background of my mother

The only princess of the before emperor and the younger sister of the current emperor, she was said to have great talent in swordsmanship and she had joined the military creating her own brigade and achieving merits

it’s how my parents met, my father was a commander though not much in strength he was said to be a genius in leading the army

while i was going over my own background my mother lifted her head from the heap of documents

seeing her child, the only one within the household with purple eyes, she smiled sweetly inviting him to her lap to sit

seeing my mother call me, just like a young boy happy from her mother’s call i ran upto her sitting on her lap and using her breast as a pillow i sat

Grace looked towards her child who looked all the same but different, at first she was really worried about him, due to the incident with her husband her child had started to form an introverted personality

she was afraid that he would be unable to come out of that but thankfully he started to change recently for the better

she had recived reports of what had happened these weeks and to say she was surprised would be an understatement, she herself knew that her family was not the same after her husband’s death

but she just didn’t have any time to deal with it due to her work and she was deeply guilty about it too but her son had come up to the task and did it for her

she was deeply relieved when she heard that her children had started to play with each other again, looking at her son sitting on her lap so innocently she couldnt help pinch his cheek

‘sigh, i really need to spend more time with my kids’

being seated on my mothers lap i looked at her, she was looking at me with a myriad of emotions and thoughts, i am no psychic but i could still pretty much guess what she was thinking

so i turn towards my mother and switched on the caring-innocent-adult-child mode

“mom is something the problem you seem deep in your thought”

Grace was pulled out of her monologue by her child and saw his deeply worried look at her, feeling touched she reponded

“No i am fine Austy, it’s just that your mothers just feeling a bit sleepy thats all, no need to worry”

“mom you dont need to worry about us, we know that the reason you don’t have time for us is because you are busy and we don’t hate you for it”

“we love you no matter what”

saying so i gave her kiss on the cheek and began patting her head like an adult consoling a child

+1000 affection

my actions brought a small smile to her face and she ended up laughing and a tear rolled downed her cheek

“mom are you alright, why are you crying, did i do anything wrong?”

i responded in fright just like an innocent child would but to my suprise after that my mother had end up laughing loudly


along with it she ended up pulling me into her embrace and i got hit with the scent of roses again, after laughing for a while my mother recovered she looked at me with a playful smile

“so my little Austy is consoling his mother huh”

acting flustered “no,no mom i was just cheering you up because you looked so down”

“don’t worry mother is not mad at you”

after that me and my mother continued talking for some time and after a few minutes she asked the reason why i wanted to see her and i expressed to her my desire to go out to get fresh air to which she instantly agreed.

So after a few minutes i was outside the mansion with a few gaurds and my maid Mia accompanying me dressed as comman people, this time i decided that i wanted to go incognito.

This will the first time that i go outside and see the world, the streets filled with humans, elves, beastmens and a few demons here and there,it was when I saw the different races that I was once again reminded that I am not on Earth

as the head city of the dukedom our city was porch to say the least, the noble district which displayed elegance like no other

the buildings resembling modern times rather than old, the world of Ether ain’t that behind in technology, though no cars, phones, planes..etc, the world is indeed well developed

clean roads, cafes, amusment parks and many more exist here and not to say about the happy smiles on the people’s faces

covering my head with a hood, me along with my guard’s started strolling around and “accidentally” reached a shop crowded with many young men standing at the entrance, there were quite a few nobles scions there to.

they were like a pack of chickens standing there to take a look at their idol or something, playing my child persona

“Mia what’s happening there?, why are a lot of people gatherd there??”

“oh that, it’s just a bow shop that was currently set up”

“a bow shop, then why are there a lot of people outside?”

i asked like total ignorant child i am

“well, young master it is said that the owner is a very beautiful women, so many men’s come and visit here”

“why do they come if there is a beautiful women here?”, my innocent eyes directly looking into Mia’s

my question stumped her a bit, she didnt know how to repond

“its nothing much young master, you will know about it when you get bigger”

“oh, then lets go inside the shop, i really want to see what’s special about it”

leading my guards we push to enter the shop, getting inside it, i marvel at how the shop is much different inside than the outside, interior well decorated with different kinds of bow hanging on the walls

the shop was only one floor, but the area was wide giving out a welcoming wibe, and in the counter area sat a single women

she was wearinga one piece dress which covered her whole body, a veil that covered her face, her black hair fell down her back, she was sitting at the counter reading

despite covering her face, her Phoenix like eyes and her ethernal aura gives her a strange atmosphere, as if she dosen’t belong to this world, seeing her i use the read function


Name: Elenor Claus

Sex: Female

Age: 140

species: Human

Talent: 10/10

Power: Imperial rank 3

Title: The Bow Empress, cold beauty, The imperial…etc

Love : 0%

Description: currently in search for a succesor

>feeling a bit dispirited that she hasn’t found anyone till now

Difficulty: S+ (she is a women with powers you can’t imagine, courted by several men, if you wanna conquer her, you gotta work to the bone)


Seeing the data i smiled

‘i found you’


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