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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 136: Issue’s(2) Bahasa Indonesia

‘Sigh…what a pain’

After getting to know everything, my head throbbed with a headache, well I had to see this coming, after all in the game there’s no need to explain about the lives of the characters but still this was even beyond my plan

Well I did think that some might fall for Elda but I didn’t think that she would attract this much attention, plus none of these guys are willing to give up, they are adamant that they love her, I sighed inwardly as I looked at the beautiful creature in my arms

Elda was fidgeting in my embrace, seemingly afraid of my reaction, I didn’t keep her waiting as I held her soft body tighter in my embrace, one of my hands held her smooth lithe wait, while the there one slowly patted her back

Feeling my gentle touches the nervousness from Elda’s body slowly disappeared, her body melted with pleasure from my gentle touches as she laid her head on my chest, she timidly raised her head coming up on my gentle and loving smile, something Elda had dearly missed

“Big Brother I-“

“Shuush, no need to feel guilty or bad, you did what you had to, plus as your older brother, isn’t it my duty to protect you?, so don’t worry, if those guys really want you then they have to go through me”

As I said those words I gently patted her head, feeling my pat, Elda closed her eyes as she purred in happiness, her body lost strength as she lay peacefully in my embrace, relishing in my scent

“I knew it, big brother is the best”

I smiled happily as I heard Elda murmur within my embrace, it was when we were happily getting into our own world that Nora spoke

“You two really seemed to be happily slipping into your own world”

“Um?, is someone jealous?”

Hearing my retort, Nora just snorted with displeasure, I looked at her mischievously as I extended my hand towards her head, since Nora was sitting next to me I so was easily able to reach my hands towards the top of her head

Seeing my incoming hand, Nora wanted to dodge but her body seemed immobile, while her mind said no, her body was more forward, soon within seconds my hand reached her smooth golden hair, I gently patted the top of my elder sisters head

Feeling the pat and my gentle look a hint of blush filled Nora’s face, unknowingly she closed her eyes to enjoy it as a gentle smile accompanied her, I patted her head for a few seconds before I let go, feeling the loose of warmth in her head, a sense of disappointment filled Nora’s heart but it was soon washed away with my words

“Sister, even if it was you I would still fight for your happiness, don’t you already know it, both of you are one of the most important people in my life, I would do anything to protect you”

“Ye-Yeah I-I know”

Nora’s heartbeat fastened at an unnatural pace, she tried desperately to hold back the smile and satisfaction that was building deep within her, seeing that Nora was traveling to her own world I turned to Grace as I spoke

“Mother have you already joined?”

Hearing my question Grace smiled as she spoke back

“Indeed, I have already received my own office, I would personally start my first class after the Academy starts again”

“Um, that’s good, it seems that we would be able to spend more time together”

As I spoke there was a mischievous smile on my face, seeing it Grace smiled as hint of red filled her cheeks, it was pretty cute to say the least, afterwards both Grace and Nora continued to talk with me

We talked for about a few hours, at that same time Grace yelled at me for being reckless in my action, while Nora nodded to it, at the same time they congratulated me for my achievement’s while bombarding me with several questions, especially about my so called followers, This talk went on about for a long time as darkness descended

“Looks like it’s night already”

I spoke looking out the window and Nora seconded to it

“Um, it looks like we lost track of time”

“Sigh, how long as it being since we sat like this and talked”

There was a satisfied and contended smile on Grace’s face as she spoke those words, Nora nodded her head to it as she looked at me lovingly, at the same time I was patting the hair of Elda who at some time had fallen asleep, Elda’s smooth silver hair was extremely soft to touch

Elda slept contend on my chest with a big smile on her face, even when asleep her hands held onto me tightly, I smiled at her behavior as I have a small kiss to her forehead, she seemed to have felt it as she hugged me tighter

“It seems that Elda, doesn’t want to let you go”

Grace giggled seeing her youngest child’s behaviour

“Indeed it seems that she missed me very much”

My smile never left my face as I spoke

“It will be hard for her to sleep like this why don’t you take her to one of the rooms here, she will fell more comfortable”

‘I doubt that’

I retorted to Grace in my mind as I stood up carrying Elda in a princess carry, as I walked towards one of the bedrooms in the mansion, reaching the room I tried to pry Elda out of me but she held on tightly

“Um, noo~~”

“Elda?, Elldaaa”

I looked at Elda’s beautiful and charming face as she slept, her eyes was closed as her head was snuggled close to my chest, I treid whispering her name yet she didn’ budge from my embrace

“No~~, don’t gooo~~”

“Sigh what do I do with you?”

I was having an headache looking at my sister who was talking in her sleep, it took some time but I finally able to get her off as I gently laid her on the bed, covering her with a blanket I kissed her forehead

“Sweet dreams Elda”

With that I headed back to the room, entering inside I could see that Nora was heading out for some other things while Grace was about to head for some sleep as she was tired from the long journey, before that Nora looked at me as she spoke

“Olivia wants to meet you”

“Oh?, when?”

“Anytime tomorrow head to our factions head office”

With that Nora tried to walk away but before that she turned towards me as she spoke sternly

“I will give it my all”

Seeing such a side from her I replied with the same seriousness

“Me too”

After that Grace too headed out to sleep, as she had to deal with many things she was tired but before leaving she made sure to give me a secret kiss, since we were in the Lionheart owned mansion we couldn’t do anything romantic in public, with that I was left alone

“Looks like its time to meet her”

Smirking I too walked to a certain direction


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