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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 137: A New Catch Bahasa Indonesia

Darkness had descended in the whole of the world, the moon shined bright in the sky, small cold winds brushed aside my face as I walked through the street of the Babylon Academy, it’s being a few minutes since I had left the mansion and began walking

Instead of the teleportation circle I thought of walking for once, the darkness of the night was calming to my mind, I couldn’t help but think of the words Nora spoke, as luck would have it Nora had joined the faction of Olivia

If I really wanted I could have spoken to Nora and make her join mine but that would have many recuperations, most of all I know that Nora is powerful independent woman, she doesn’t need me to tell her what to do, though I couldn’t help but find her serious face a bit cute

I clearly know that Nora only has a tough exterior and a warm hurt, no matter what Nora will not be able to bring herself to harm me, that early expression of hers was she trying to confirm to herself, leaving that aside I couldn’t help but notice that the Academy size is huge

Babylon Academy spreads over a huge distance, almost the size of a city, the Academy itself has many shopping center’s, parks and many other areas, most of all the Academy itself is cut into three segments with each segments having it’s own buildings

The three teaching segments were for the Meth, Seth and Berth division, not only that there’s also different buildings for different activities, for example there’s a dedicated area that allows for ground battle with mounts, there’s also a one for Ariel combat too

There are several training towers that one can climb, the further you climb the more rewards and powers you get, in the academy there’s a tower for each main path, the mage’s, knight’s, witch’s and many more, climbing each tower represents the path you take in your occupation

Plus the Academy has training for other non combat area’s too, like there is a illusion room where you get to be a commander and lead an army, depending on the scenario you overcome, you could earn points

Points indeed, it’s one of the important currency of the Academy, you can use these points for all the things in the Academy, from renting a training room to renting or buying a mansion or a separate house in the Academy

Of course money too works here but again, it would cost a lot money if you want to use it in the Academy, plus for the most important things academy points are needed, the points can be earned in many way, it can be earned by completing any missions the Academy gives out or by earing a spot in any of the leader board

But creating factions is not allowed, only the ones that has one of the rings can do that but there are clubs, each one based one the occupation one chooses, they cannot fight for power but they can gather together and show that their path choose superior

In fact there is even a archer club but it’s at the bottom of the power pyramid, the archer as a single profession only rose up after Eleanor, so the number of people proficient in it is very small

‘But that’s going to change soon’

I hummed as I thought about my plans for the future, before I entered the Academy Eleanor contacted me, of course even after we last met, we still kept contacts, occasionally I would even send her flowers and loving gifts, after all you gotta let them know you are there

Anyway Eleanor only spoke a single sentences ‘show them the power of the bow’, it might be simple to hear but achieving it is very tough but I didn’t reject Eleanor, after all I still love her and most of all she had given me a lot, it’s time that I did something for this path

And soon in deep thoughts I reached the male dormitory, yup that’s right the dormitory, as I said before, if you are rich you can buy your own mansions and different places but for those poor nobles who couldn’t afford it the Academy provides it’s own services

So why am I hear even though I have a mansion?, well it’s simple, smirking to myself I walked towards the room allocated to me, reaching my door, I started opening it, entering inside could see that it was a huge room for two and in the hall I could see a cute boy

The boy had short green hair tied in a ponytail, while his eyes was bright hazelnut color, his stature was short only reaching my chest, as his face was more ambiguous cute rather than handsome, though he had small well developed physique, it’s sure that he trains his body very well, if I didn’t know better I would have thought that he was a trap, but I do know better


Name: Shira Hillclowd

Sex: Female

Age: 18

species: human

Talent: 9/10

Power: Origin level 3

Title: The hidden girl, The one who overcomes

Love: 0%

Description: a girl who had no choice but to dress up as a boy, due to the circumstance’s forced on upon her

>even though she had been through a lot of tough shit, she still believes in her own self

>Doesn’t care about anything other than bringing up her family

Difficulty: B(You gotta do, what you gotta do)


Yup it’s another capture target, here it’s the cliche scene of having a girl roommate who hides that she’s a girl, in truth this room should have belonged to Leonardo but when you have a doting aunt nothing’s impossible

After using the excuse of wanting to feel a normal Academy life, Mira gave me this room, though I picked it, anyhow the girl that stands in front of me is from a fallen Baron house, her family is really in the brink of destruction and the only way to save it was to find their family weapon, which is kept in the hidden world belonging to the Academy

In truth Shira’s family was a famous house hold that had done meritorious deeds in the past, in fact one of their ancestor is a hero but sadly the sands of time had swept it away, until Shira was born

She had inherited their family bloodline but she lacked their heirloom weapon to bring out her full power, moreover her father’s position was at jeopardy, it was only due to her that Shira’s father could keep his position

And for that Shira needed to act as a boy, there are many complicated reason for it but Shira doesn’t mind, this girl is a complete training maniac, she only cares about increasing her power and nothing more, hell I think she enjoys being about because she doesn’t have to deal with anything girly

Coming out of my thoughts I smiled at my roommate, it would surely be fun bringing this girl that only cares about getting stronger to scream in pleasure

‘Ahhh, I really do love going to school’


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