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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 135: Issue’s Bahasa Indonesia

“Brother welcome back”

Hearing Nora’s words as she held my face, I was surprised, I looked deeply into her eyes showing intense emotion’s, I was very familiar with those eyes of obsession, I have already seen those eyes in some of my women

‘Sigh….how did this happen?’

I mean, I had just held my sister and told her I miss her, is that enough for this development?, truthfully I don’t know and I am really starting not to care, I caused this, so I too have to live with it’s consequences, I shook off my thoughts as I too smiled as I spoke

“It’s good to be home with family”

Hearing my words, all the three women in the room smiled, Nora’s eyes glazed as she leaned in and kissed my forehead, I could feel her soft lips on my forehead, she kissed it for a second before she let go, I could see her eyes blaze in happiness after it

“Hehe..looks like big sister missed me a lot”

Hearing my teasing voice her face blushed for a moment before she snorted and let go of the hug, I could see Nora’s eyes dim for a moment when she let me go, I could only inwardly shake my head as I sat on the sofa opposite of Grace

As all this was happening Grace only looked at it all with a smile, to her this was just her children’s getting along nothing more, it was truly good that Grace right now couldn’t peer into her daughter’s thought’s, otherwise one would wonder if she would still be able to hold that gentle smile

As soon as I had sat in the sofa Elda jumped into my lap, I could feel her soft perky ass within my lap, at the same time she leaned back using my body as support, Elda’s fragrance filled my nose again, as her soft body lay in my embrace

I don’t know if it was on purpose or not but as she sat she made sure to nicely move her ass up and down my lap, this girl was really testing my patience, unlike the other girls, Elda’s beauty is something that sweeps into you the more you look at her, the more time you spend with her the more you would desire to protect her

“Hehe, as I expected big brother lap is the best”

Hearing Elda chuckling with happiness, I could only scream inwardly but I gotta say Elda sitting on my lap does indeed feel good, I chuckled as I held her lithe waist

“Elda you are already a big girl, should you be still sitting on my lap?”

“I don’t care I want to sit on big brother lap, could it be that big brother doesn’t like Elda anymore?”

As Elda said those words her eyes dropped as, she held her head done seemingly falling into despair, any man seeing this would beat up the guy that caused such a pain to such a fairy, looking at Elda’s acting I couldn’t help but think that the past shy Elda seemed far away

“How could I ever dislike my dear little sister, you are one of the most precious thing in this world to me”

As I said that I hugged her body and pulled her into my embrace, her soft body felt smooth, Elda smiled a she laid her head on my shoulder with a dreamy look, as soon as I held her, her tears disappeared and a smile took over it

“I have to say, you really have grown up my little Elda”

“I don’t know what you are talking about”

Elda replied back to me with her face still deep into my chest, I looked at both Grace and Nora who was looking at this with a pouty look, they both seemed to have a look of jealousy as they looked at Elda

‘Those to really are alike’

Like mother like daughter, is all I could think as I looked at the jealous look on these girls faces

“I wonder how you would feel when you get to know the problem Elda has caused for you”


Hearing Nora’s words I looked at her in doubt, not only that I could also feel Elda tremble in my embrace

“What did Elda do?”

“It’s nothing, she just declared to the whole Academy that she would only accept the boy that beat her big brother”


Hearing Nora’s words I was stunned for a moment, before I looked down at Elda, I raised her head I as looked at her face but Elda was trying to dodge my eyes

“Elda, tell me what’s the problem?”


“You don’t have to blame Elda, she did it to get those boy’s of her back”

“Boy’s?, could it be that she’s being pestered with love confessions?”

“Yes, it was quite the problem”

Nora didn’t hesitate before she started explaining the situation to me, after she finished speaking I couldn’t help but feel that nobility is really a pain, well the issue is not big, it’s just that there are several boy’s who fell in love with my sister

Elda’s appearance itself is stunning, her beauty is one in a million in even I was charmed by it for a moment, it’s not only that there’s also the fact that she has the fairy bloodline, due to it she also has the aura of a charming, gentle, poise and well mannered woman

Anybody will feel protective of her once they laid their eyes on her, adding to the fact that she would be completely devoted to you once you marry her, who could resist?, after Elda had started attending the Academy there’s no end to the amount of boy’s that confessed to her

In fact there were several noble families that extended a need for political marriage but my mother had pushed all those away, Grace was a woman that believed in choosing their own partner, so she refused to use her daughters marriage for politics, plus no one wanted to upset Elda, after all she in one of the 2 people in the world that could use life magic

In the future she would be a very wanted healer, so nobody was forceful, plus Elda’s status is also not something people could mess with but the problem came when boy’s with higher level started confessing to her

It seemed that the prince of the lion tribe, the prince of the demon worlds Efeth Empire, prince of the Whale tribe and some other boys have deeply fall in love with Elda and they were unwilling to give up, so out of headache Elda said that she would only consider the one’s that beat her big brother


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