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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 60: Ambush Bahasa Indonesia

“That bastard. I’m going to make him regret. Starting from the children!” Azgar gritted his teeth while walking down the street. Although his wounds had been healed, the pain was still lingering in his mind. And it simply made him furious, wanting to take revenge against Noel.

At first, he thought he could win this match by using the psychological battle, but Noel actually was bothered by it for just a few seconds. It seemed that Noel was crueler than he thought.

All that kindness he showed to the kids were just a facade.

Still, the fact that Noel was bothered by it meant there was a chance that he still cared for the kids. Hence, he planned to torture those kids every day he broke his bones and show them to Noel as the consequences of his actions.

He returned to his room first to change his clothes first before heading to another place with the cover of the night.

He even looked around to check whether he was being tailed or not. After confirming there was no one following him, he continued walking a few blocks down the street.

Eventually, he reached a small house in the outskirts of the slum.

The house was made of woods and had a rather monotonous rectangular shape, making it look like a box. The house barely had light, but it also made the house not that noticeable.




A middle-aged man opened the door while looking around as if checking the surroundings.

On the other hand, Azgar wasn’t patient enough as he complained, “Hurry up and let me in. I want to beat those kids again!”

The middle-aged man ignored him and made sure there was no one around. Only after he completed his surveillance did he let him in.

As soon as he let him in, Azgar hurriedly stormed in and ran to a door in the corner. When he opened it, there was an empty room with eleven children in it. They had been tied up and gagged completely.

Some of them had bruises covering their bodies. It was much worse for Eric and Bluhan, the two people that always stepped forward to protect the group.

Eric proudly stood with his tattered body, glaring at Azgar to protect his group. On the other hand, Bluhan was a coward. Despite his staggering body, he still stood next to Eric, using his body to hide the rest of the group.

Meanwhile, most of them were staring at Azgar in horror because they didn’t want to experience the pain anymore. Only Erica who remained calm, trying to find any escape path.

“You bastard. If not for you, if not for you! I’m going to make you regret for being born in this world!” Azgar shouted as he raised his arms, planning to beat the children again. He wouldn’t kill them because there was law, but no one stopped him to beat them up. And it would be the children’s faults if they ever committed suicide.

It was a perfect plan, but he miscalculated Noel and Anna.

Before he could punch them, the door was opened again.

“What’s wrong, Hagar?” Azgar was already annoyed that he shouted in frustration. He turned around and saw Anna Stargaze standing in front of him.

“What a joke. A commoner, a noble? There is no difference between them. A good noble can help many people with their governance. A good commoner can help other people with their skills. However, a bad noble and a bad commoner can do the same harm.” Anna looked at him with disgust while glancing at the children to check their conditions. It seemed that the first beating wasn’t that bad.

At least, all of their body parts were still intact. After getting treated, they would recover in no time.

It was Noel’s idea that they acted fast because he knew Azgar would continue doing this.

“Anna Stargaze, you!” Azgar widened his eyes in shock, never expecting Anna to appear here.

“Hagar!” Azgar shouted because he knew he couldn’t stop Anna. There were only two options left for him. First, he should have Hagar to stop Anna while the second was to take the children hostages. He wanted to use the first option first before resorting to the latter.

Unfortunately for him, Hagar suddenly fell to the floor with a black-clothed man pinning him down.

“I’ve restrained him, Miss,” The man reported with a serious expression.

“Wha—” Azgar was shocked and immediately turned around to grab one kid.

However, Anna’s reaction speed was much faster than him due to her previous life. She leaped toward him and kicked Azgar on the head, knocking him to the floor.


The force of the kick was so great that the body cracked the wooden floor. Anna even kicked him outside, away from the children.

She then waved her hand and smiled, “Are you alright, kids?”

“Who are you?” Erica asked while being vigilance. She had heard her name from Azgar, but she didn’t know why she helped them, street kids.

“Hmm, you’ll know about it in a minute.” Anna smiled as she walked toward Azgar with a cold expression.

“Anna Stargaze! I’m going to report you after this!” Azgar gritted his teeth.

“Is that so? I’m not afraid. After all, no one can punish me if I kill you here.” Anna snorted. “Though, I won’t be the one to kill you.”

“Do you think you are above the law just because you’re extremely talented?” Azgar shouted back.

Even the black-clothed man was confused by her statement, he looked at her with a worried gaze. “Miss… I still don’t know why you agreed to that deal.”

“There are two reasons.”

“Two reasons?”

“Ancient Demon Tree.”

“Ancient Demon Tree… That Ancient Demon Tree?” The black-clothed man widened his eyes.

“Yes. And the second reason is… How about you lift up that man’s right sleeve?” Anna smirked.

“You!” Hagar was shocked as he suddenly struggled with all his life as if stopping them to lift up his sleeve.

However, the moment it was shown, there was a tattoo on his right arm. It was a tattoo of a skeleton head with two bright red dots as its eyes. And there was even a sword planted on the skeleton’s head.

“This is… Supreme Devil Organization.”


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