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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 61: Sorry Bahasa Indonesia

“This is… Supreme Devil Organization.”

Anna nodded. “Knock him out!”

Without hesitation, the black-clothed man struck his head, knocking Hagar out. It was as if he had a huge hatred to this guy.

“Supreme Devil Organization… an evil organization that has been terrorized the kingdom for a long time. Whichever territory you are in, you have the right to capture or kill any members of the Supreme Devil Organization. Even in this fort… and you, Azgar, have been determined as the accomplices. Even if I kill you right now, there is no one who will judge me.”

“Wa-wait! Please listen to me. I don’t have any—”

Anna ignored his pleas as she kicked him to the wall while saying, “Get Noel here.”

Although hesitant, the black-clothed man received the order and disappeared to bring Noel here.

“Big Brother Noel?”

“Big Brother Noel helped us?”

The children’s expression brightened. However, some of them soon lowered their heads, knowing that this started as a grudge between Azgar and Noel.

Eric also felt their sadness and doubt, so he smiled to them and asked, “What’s wrong with you all? Haven’t we been beaten up by those adults in the past? This much is nothing. Have you gotten so much comfortable with Big Brother Noel’s help that you forget about it?”

Those who lowered their heads immediately looked at him as if they remembered the hardship they endured in the past.

Getting beaten was just daily life. They would never think much about it. And to think that they would actually doubt the man that had given them purposes in their lives and a means to change their lives for the better, they now felt guilty.

“This much is nothing.” Eric made a big smile, assuring all of them.

Anna couldn’t help but take a glance at these children, muttering, ‘They’re truly strong children.’

Only Erica came to her while groveling.

“We thank you for your help, Miss Noble. We can’t repay you for this help.”

“Don’t thank me… I won’t be here if not for Noel.” Anna shook her head calmly.

“Ann—” Azgar wanted to shout again after recovering from the pain, but Anna simply put her shoe on his mouth while putting enough force to pin his head on the wall, preventing him from making a fuss.

“Shut up. Don’t call me with that filthy mouth of yours.” Anna snorted.

The other children didn’t know the relationship between Noel and Anna, so they were staring at her curiously.

However, before they had the courage to ask, Noel had come into the house.

“Big Brother No—” Erica, who was outside the room, was the first to see Noel, but she became hesitant when she saw Noel’s eyes. They were cold and filled with killing intent. This was the first time she saw this side of him.

However, she also noticed Noel brought a bag and wooden swords.

Anna said, “You can kill him anytime you want. Because of his relationship with this evil organization, he can be executed by anyone.”

Noel didn’t respond to her. When he saw the conditions of the children, he was so furious that he could torture Azgar for a long time.

However, he knew that the longer he wasted his time on him, the longer the children had to wait to be treated.

Hence, for the first time in his life that he prioritized others’ lives before him.

Azgar’s face was pale, but Anna’s shoe was still stuck on his mouth, so he couldn’t even shout.




He tried so hard to produce a sound but to no avail.

And Noel made a swift and precise swing, slicing Azgar’s neck without hesitation. Despite this being the first time he killed a human, he had nothing to feel due to his anger.

Yet, the cold expression mellowed a bit when he turned to the children. He looked at their bruises, the blood on their clothes, their messy appearances, and even ripped clothes.

“Big Brother N—” Erica wanted to call him, but Noel was the first one to kneel on one knee.

His face filled with sorrow that she couldn’t help but want to touch and comfort him. But Noel pulled back at the last moment while saying, “Sorry… Sorry that you had to endure all this because of me. It’s better if we don’t meet anymore.”


Noel stopped her again by putting down the bag as well as the wooden swords. “There is enough food and water for three days as well as new sets of clothes. Your dance improves by leaps and bounds, so try swinging this sword while dancing. There is no form of swordsmanship, so you can explore it by yourself.”

When she opened her mouth again, Noel stopped her by continuously saying, “Sorry… I’m truly sorry.”

All the children were shocked by this side of Noel. His gentle and cheerful personality had vanished. He took all the blame into himself.

And before they could say “It was alright,” Noel had walked away, leaving them.

Tears couldn’t help but flow out of the corner of their eyes. They wanted to reach his back, but it felt so far. Before they realized it, Noel had disappeared.

Anna closed her eyes for a moment, remembering the deal they had.

“Anna Stargaze. Let’s make a deal.”

“Oh?” Anna widened her eyes In surprise.

“I want to kill him. Make it happen. You are a noble, so you have more influence than a fallen noble like me.”

“And what can I get from this deal?” Anna asked with a sly smile.

“Ancient Demon Tree. When it wakes up, the Ancient Demon Tree will be severely weakened. We’ll hunt them together and split the reward evenly.”

“Deal.” Anna agreed without hesitation.

While in reminiscent, she was woken up by her assistant’s voice.

“Miss…” The black-clothed man had returned and noticed the awkward atmosphere.

“Bring these two to the authority.” Anna pointed at Azgar and Hagar. “I know that you doubt me… Why would I cooperate with him while knowing that he wants to kill me? The answer is simple. The Supreme Devil Organization and even the Ancient Demon Tree… why does he seem to know everything?”

“!!!” The black-clothed man widened his eyes upon the realization.

“That’s right. I’m going to squeeze all his secrets first.” She smirked evilly.

“I understand.” The black-clothed man knew that Noel had many secrets. There might even be a person at high level that supported him by giving him this information. So, Anna wanted to get all his secrets first before killing him.

After receiving that answer, he dragged the two bodies out, leaving Anna with the children.

‘It’s finally done. It’s so hard to fool him unless I act like an evil woman.’ Anna thought while letting out a sigh.

Unbeknownst to them, the children next to her somehow glared at her with hostility as if they wanted to protect Noel from this evil woman.


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