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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 59: Anger Bahasa Indonesia

“…” Shale had started pouring his Spiritual Energy into his feet, preparing to stop Noel if he wanted to kill Azgar. After all, the commander asked him to take care of this guy. Although he couldn’t play too much favoritism, he could stop him from breaking the law that would result to his execution.

However, Noel was a person who managed to overcome his hatred. If it was the Noel a few weeks ago, he would kill Azgar right now.

But he managed to calm his heart enough to rationally think about the consequences. Hence, Noel redirected that anger to something else.

Without using his Spiritual Energy, Noel slammed his sword to Azgar’s arms.



“Aaaaahhhhh!” Azgar screamed while writhing in agony.

“Did you think I was going to buy your cheap provocation?” Noel shouted and struck Azgar’s hands this time.


“Did you think just because I’m a fallen noble, I wouldn’t dare do anything against you?” Noel shouted and stabbed his hand until it bled.

“Aaaaahhhhh!” Azgar couldn’t do anything as the pain was too much for him to handle.

“Did you think just because I didn’t do anything when you bullied me means I’m powerless?” Noel roared and stomped on his feet.

“Aaaaahhhh. Stop!”

“If you think you can get away with everything just because my house has fallen, then you’re wrong!” Noel struck Azgar’s thighs. This way, he broke all the things that allowed Azgar to counter-attack.

“No, STOP!” Azgar kept shouting, but Noel kept hitting him.

“I had never oppressed my servants or even the civilians when I was a noble! And what’s with your prejudice?” Noel struck him again.

“Stop! I surrender!”

“Remember this! I can’t kill you here, but remember this! If something happens to them, I’ll break all your limbs every day!” Noel shouted while delivering another strike.

However, this time, Shale intervened by grabbing Noel’s wrist to stop him.

Shale said with a cold tone. “Stop it. More than this and you’ll break the rule.”

Noel gritted his teeth as he hadn’t had enough. However, there was nothing he could do when Shale had intervened.

In the end, he dropped his sword as the sign and Shale released his hand.

Noel glared at Azgar while gnashing his teeth. After that, he looked at the rest of the people in the training ground.

There was panic, fear, or even worse terror reflected in their eyes. When they looked at Noel’s red eyes due to the sand, they couldn’t help but tremble.

Noel’s current appearance and all the rage he released earlier truly put a deep fear in everyone’s heart.

Because he was stopped, Noel took a deep breath to calm his rage while saying, “I don’t think I can do meditation right now. If Sir Shale doesn’t mind, I’d like to get some fresh air for a while. I promise to return to the training ground before the next training.”

“You can do meditation everywhere that can make you feel at ease. So, feel free.” Shale nodded while carrying Azgar’s body. Although Evan could heal his injuries, the pain would still remain. If Noel was going to do all this every day, even Azgar would be traumatized by it to the point he didn’t want his body to be healed anymore. This was simply a torture.

Still, before bringing Azgar away, Shale watched Noel’s back until he left the training ground.

Anna raised her hand while saying with a serious expression. “I am his pair, so I think I should observe him for a bit. We don’t want him to break the rule after all.”

Shale nodded. After Anna left, Shale then carried Azgar who seemed to have passed out away.

Meanwhile, the others were also scared of Noel right now. They never expected that Noel could be that cruel if they pushed the limit.

And Anna was the one controlling him currently since Anna had done something worse than what Azgar did. If she wasn’t careful, Anna would meet a fate much crueler than what they saw earlier.

Yet, such a person still planned to look after Noel. They simply couldn’t understand about the relationship between them. She might be genuinely concerned of his well being, or she could rub salt into his wound. But only both of them knew what exactly happened.

In the end, the junior soldiers had some trouble in calming down their heart, thus making the morning session a bit useless. At least, most of them thought the same thing.

‘Never antagonize Noel again.’

On the other hand, Noel walked to the area where he usually met the kids. But this place was empty.

He then continued deeper to the slum where the kids usually lived, but still found no one.

Normally, he would think that the kids were going to another place to make some money. But no matter how hard he tried to look for them, he couldn’t find a single clue of them until one hour later.

Whether it was fortunate or unfortunate, Noel saw a white cloth that seemed to have been ripped apart near where the plaza. This might just be a random cloth, but he remembered the button and flower pattern embroidered on it.

This piece of cloth was from the sleeve of Erica’s clothes. Erica was a smart girl, smarter than all the other children, so she must want to use this to inform him that they were attacked.

Noel bent his knees and picked up the piece of clothing as his expression darkened.

Anna stopped not far from him to see his state, but Noel seemed to know she was there all this time.

He even started talking. “Eric is a bright child that can inspire others to continue to work hard. He refuses to accept his fate as a beggar kid and works hard to become a better person.

“Erica is a smart kid. She knows what they need to become better and lead the group. Bluhan might look like a coward, but when pushes come to shove, he’ll be the first one to step forward. Hella is…”

Noel kept saying all their good points, showing how good their relationship was.

Anna, on the other hand, shared the pain that Noel had in his heart. Even though Noel still wanted to kill her, Anna could feel a change in Noel.

To her surprise, Noel even turned around and said, “Anna Stargaze. Let’s make a deal.”


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