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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 58: A Devil Bahasa Indonesia

Rolling a few times on the ground, Noel stopped several meters from Azgar. He hurriedly stood up to avoid the continuous onslaught from Azgar.

At the same time, the words he told him earlier stuck in his mind.

“Those eleven kids are cute, eh? I wonder if they’ll be able to see you anymore.”

Noel didn’t expect that Azgar mentioned them. And with his tone, it was clear that he had done something to them.

‘Did something happen to them?’ Noel thought.

He couldn’t help but remember the memories he had with them.

“Big Brother Noel!” Eric’s voice and figure flashed in his mind.

“I’ll take care of the group.” Erica’s smile appeared in his vision.

“Thank you for giving us this opportunity, Big Brother Noel!” The other kids’ big smiles and energetic cheers shook his heart.

But Azgar actually did something to them? Noel couldn’t believe it. Shale had told them about the fort’s laws, so it was clear that killing someone was forbidden inside the fort. But if he was talking about Azgar, he could clearly do something worse than that.

He could torture the kids or even break their bones. As long as they didn’t die, Azgar could get away with the crimes.

Just thinking about that possibility made his body freeze.

Although he didn’t want to admit it, he had grown attached to them. After all, those children could be taught and had the will to improve themselves.

Yet, the connection between them was actually the one that harmed them the most. Noel gritted his teeth as he couldn’t forgive himself and especially Azgar.

Because of his contemplation, he saw Azgar coming to him to take advantage of his opening.

“Ha!” Azgar roared as he released all his strength to strike Noel’s sword. As long as he could blow his sword away, he could defeat Noel.

Unfortunately for him, Noel’s focus had returned. In fact, his anger soared to the sky as his eyes started emanating killing intent.

Blue particles started appearing on Noel’s sword as he swiftly and precisely struck Azgar’s blade.


This one strike actually smashed a portion of the wooden blade. If Noel could deliver the second blow, he could snap the blade. In fact, if Noel used Mega Slash earlier, he would have destroyed the blade. But due to his opening, he needed to resort to Swift Strike to get enough speed to hit Azgar’s blade.

Seeing such a situation, Azgar hurriedly said, “If you don’t admit defeat, you won’t be able to see them anymore.”

This should be enough to stop Noel from moving, but Azgar had made one big miscalculation.

Noel’s bottom line was never the kids. When he reached this place, he was alone without nothing to protect. There was only revenge in his mind.

He wouldn’t allow eleven children to be the wall that stopped his revenge.

That was why the last threat actually made Noel even angrier.

He used Mega Slash and struck Azgar’s sword, snapping the blade into two.

“You bastard!” Azgar gritted his teeth, but Noel didn’t care about him anymore.

Instead of protecting the kids’ future, Noel chose the path that was currently suited to him.

Noel’s killing intent was telling him, “If I can’t see them, then I’ll avenge them by making you live a life worse than death.”

Killing him was impossible, so Noel didn’t use his Spiritual Energy this time. Instead, he used this blunt wooden sword to strike Azgar’s face, breaking his nose in one hit.

Due to the hit, Azgar’s muscular body became unstable. Noel punched his broken nose to add the last bit of force needed to take him down.


Azgar fell on his back while screaming.


‘This is…’ Shale widened his eyes in shock. He never expected that Noel would show such a fierce action and killing intent.

‘That guy whispered something to Noel earlier… What was that?’ Anna frowned, suspecting something between them.

However, Noel didn’t wait for Azgar or anyone else to react.

As soon as Azgar fell, Noel swung his blade to hit his head, planning to crack his skull.

As his desperate attempt, Azgar grabbed the dirt and threw it to Noel’s face.

“!!!” Noel hurriedly closed his eyes as the dust entered his eyes. The sting his eyes experienced forced him to be unable to open his eyes.

“You bastard!” Azgar roared as he used all his strength to land a blow on Noel’s face.

Luckily, Noel was far smarter than most people. He hurriedly leaped back, knowing that this was also one of the oldest tricks in the book.

As long as he continuously ran away until he could open his eyes, he could fight back. At the very least, he knew that they were in the middle of the training ground, running for a few seconds should be enough to recover his vision.

But as soon as he missed Noel, Azgar grabbed another handful of dirt and threw it to him. Even Noel had to cover his eyes with his left hand.

‘Kh.’ Noel gritted his teeth. While running, he thought, ‘What should I do? Show him my back? No, I can’t. But he keeps throwing the dirt from the ground… Wait, the ground?’

Before reaching the wall of the training ground, Noel jumped. This action obviously confused all the people because there was no point in jumping.

However, what came after shocked all of them.

When Noel landed on the ground, a thin layer of ice formed around his feet, allowing him to take advantage of the momentum to slide on the ground. And the ice kept spreading so that he could continue until his momentum stopped or hit something on the way.

On the other hand, Azgar obviously didn’t expect Noel to have an ice technique. With the sudden loss of the friction that kept his balance, he tripped.

His face even hit the hard ice surface to the point it cracked. And Azgar felt an extra pain from his broken nose.

“Argh!” Azgar let out a scream of agony.

On the other hand, Noel forced himself to open his eyes. They were red because of the sand that entered his eyes earlier.

He ran to Azgar while raising his sword. With the addition of the killing intent and anger emanating from his eyes, Noel looked like a devil that wanted to take Azgar’s life.


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