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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 432: Noel Bahasa Indonesia

“We’re done here.” Richard concluded the battle while looking at the corpses around him. “Becky. Do the usual!”

“Got it!” Becky nodded and told them not to follow her. After that, she entered the cave while covering herself with minerals.

“Huh? Why are you sending her inside? Aren’t your plan—” Noel stopped because Richard gave him the reason.

“You’re not the main plan here. I’m simply trying to use you to check their position and number. Becky will bait as many demons as possible, especially the Peak Level Demons so that we can thin their number before cleaning up the cave. That’s the plan.” Richard shook his head helplessly.

It looked reckless at first glance, but when he thought about it, Becky might have the best defense among them. With her speed and instinct, it wouldn’t be that hard for her to bait numerous demons.

As expected, it didn’t take too long for her to return due to the insane number of demons inside. Roars kept echoing inside the tunnel as they grew closer and closer.

Eventually, Noel could see the numerous demons inside the cave and Becky, who led all of them. He also understood why Richard asked Becky to do it.

There were three demons that bit her body, but Becky kept running as if she didn’t feel anything. She just maintained her poker face and led the demons outside.

Even though Becky had looked down on them before, it didn’t change the fact that she was a strong fighter. Noel acknowledged that fact after seeing this.

“They’re coming!” Noel warned them.

“I’ll hold them off. You two will ambush them from afar while Shawn will flank them!” Richard instantly commanded them. The two in his mouth were the ones in Becky’s group.

Jonathan and Ben nodded and returned to the top of the slope. Ben hurriedly cut the trees down and skillfully turned them into a huge nail. Jonathan used his Telekinesis to control them, preparing to launch them straight at the demons.

Shawn led his team to the side while Richard remained in his position.

As soon as Becky came out, Richard stomped the ground and punched forward.




A series of roars followed Becky as numerous demons came out of the cave. However, Richard’s punch released a shock wave that hit the ground right in front of them.

Becky jumped to the side as if she had gotten used to this kind of strategy. She was in the opposite direction of Shawn since she was planning to act as a wall from this side.

After Richard stopped their initial charge, he fought them head-on. Becky also did the same as if trying to cram them in one place.

Jonathan saw the demons starting to loop around them by using the free path, but that was when Shawn made his appearance. He crashed into them while Zion and Stella stopped the demons more skillfully.

Seeing the battle coming to a standstill, Jonathan shot the wooden spikes, impaling as many demons as possible.

Ben also kept making the spikes for Jonathan to use.

Seeing everyone had begun fighting, Noel also joined the fray. But this time, Noel planned to do something special.

Using his Flame Conjuring, he enveloped his blade with black fire.

“Huu…” Noel took a deep breath. He remembered the lesson regarding Spiritual Energy Control.

‘I don’t need an explosion. I need a blazing flame that can engulf everything.’ Noel muttered inwardly as he thrust forward.

Sword Fire.

This was one of Noel’s Fire Skills. It used to be a skill to envelop his sword with fire, but after learning the control and upgrading the skill to its highest level, Noel could finally release the flame.

‘Turn everything into ashes.’ Noel released the fire forward. This crescent-shaped fire that ran through the ground burned everything. The heat melted the ground and all the demons getting hit by it ended up with their bodies sliced.

The heat completely melted their bodies, rendering them useless. Just by using a single skill, Noel managed to kill more than fifteen demons.

Although it didn’t have a huge range like the Freezing Crystal, it still could deal with all demons in a straight line.

‘Hu…’ Noel took a deep breath. Both his Fire and Ice had their advantages and disadvantages.

The Ice Spirit didn’t require a lot of Spiritual Energy, but its power was lacking. Meanwhile, Ardagan’s flame had overwhelming strength, but it also drained a lot of Spiritual Energy.

That was why he didn’t use it too much.

As soon as he killed those demons, he moved toward the gap, taking advantage of the confusion to kill more demons with his swordsmanship alone.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t unleash all his strength right now since he didn’t want to reveal his identity to the Demon Relief Squad yet.

Hence, Noel relied on his Ardagan Swordsmanship instead of the Everchanging Emotion Sword Style to kill a lot of demons.

When he was surrounded by demons, Noel could easily escape by using the Ignition Sword.

He used it once, and the explosion was so big that it engulfed thirty demons.

By taking advantage of that gap, Noel could catch some breath and continue fighting in that area.

It didn’t take too long for them to finish all the demons. But because Richard suspected their number to be greater than they originally expected, Becky returned to the cave to bring more demons.

And as one would expect, their target had finally come out.

This time, there was a pair of white wolves that came out of the cave, followed by hundreds of demons.

These two demons were the Peak Level Demons they were searching for.

When he saw these two demons, Richard released his wind as if showing his presence in front of these two wolves. The wolves also recognized Richard as a formidable enemy.

“Hahaha, that’s good.” Richard smirked while raising his hand. “Let me see how strong you two are. I hope you’re not disappointing, Peak Level Demons.”

Richard didn’t realize Noel had been observing him this whole time. Although there was a lot to learn, Noel was also greedy. He had been devising a strategy, so he could stand out.

And this was the time to do it.


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