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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 431: Problem Bahasa Indonesia

“We have reached here.” Richard said while narrowing his eyes, staring at a cave. “This doesn’t look good.”

Noel took a peek from behind a tree, wondering what he meant. “Is there something wrong?”

Richard glanced at Noel. Even though he was reluctant, he pointed at the cave and said, “Look at the entrance of that cave and check the number of demons around.”

“Hmm?” Noel narrowed his eyes for a moment, scanning the entire area. The demons around them were foxes, wolves, and even mice. “Ah?!”

“It seems you have noticed it. That’s right. There are many demons that have the ability to see through the dark and the cave seems to be a limestone cave. The size should be long and big as well. There should be a few huge areas inside, so we’ll be at a disadvantage to deal with a huge number of demons like them without visibility.”

“True. You have to rely on your instinct to fight in the dark…” Noel narrowed his eyes. “What should we do then?”

“We’re going to infiltrate the cave of course, but it seems scouting the cave is not possible.”

“If I say I can see the dark, what will you do?”

“Hmm? You?” Richard narrowed his eyes, doubting Noel. But it didn’t take too long for him to realize the ability to see in the dark. “Is it related to your Spirit or Moon Blessing?”

Noel shrugged, not planning to give away the information to other squads. However, it was enough for Richard.

“You don’t have any experience in scouting a cave, so we’re going to adjust it to match your level. For now, I want you to inform me of the number of demons as well as their locations. It’ll be a big help for us. And since you’re the only one who can see them, we’ll make you the core of the formation. If there’s any demon, we’ll give it to you so that you can kill it.

“As for the rest, I’ll give you an instruction based on the situation. Just keep me up to date with the situation.”

Noel carefully listened to him before nodding his head. “Alright. I’ll do my best.”

“It’ll take a lot from you, but… do your best.” Richard patted Noel’s shoulder while his other hand gave a signal to the other teammates.

Becky and Shawn saw the signal and explained the plan to their group.

The cave was under a short slope, so Becky led her group to loop around the area and climbed the slope from the opposite side, waiting right at the top. Meanwhile, Shawn prepared his group to be the bait.

As soon as he received permission from Richard, Shawn hurriedly came out from his hiding place and headed straight to the demons.

The demons were confused at first, but they hurriedly howled, informing the others. The howl also alarmed the demons inside the cave.

With the addition of fifteen demons coming out of the cave, they had a total of forty demons. And all of them immediately charged at Shawn.

Shawn didn’t hesitate to jump into the crowd of demons as if he was used to dealing with them this way. Seeing his recklessness, Stella and Zion had to adjust their plan.

They had to help Shawn, but instead of going from two separate directions, Zion kicked a demon with all his strength, launching it straight at Shawn. The demon ended up crashing into multiple demons, giving Stella an opportunity to attack.

Stella released her wind and waved her sword, scattering the wind. The wind turned into a few wind blades that cut all the fallen demons.

This way, no one could stop Zion from using his top speed to go straight to Shawn.

But before he could jump, Becky had come out, running down the slope and smashing the ground with her metal hand.



The ground shattered and the demon that got hit by her was obliterated. Her appearance shocked the demons near her, but because they took action based on their instinct, the demons immediately pounced on her.

“Crystal Body!” Becky roared as her entire body turned into a crystal. The demons that tried to bite her ended up breaking their teeth. And Becky would use this opportunity to end their lives.

However, Jonathan and Ben were the ones helping her. When he jumped off the slope, he used his momentum to apply his Telekinesis in the same direction, causing the Spiritual Energy to push downward.


The demons were shocked because the pressure was too much for them to handle. They were only Low Level and Mid Level Demons after all.

As soon as they fell down to the ground, Ben took out a few throwing knives and threw them straight at their heads. The knives had been covered by his Spiritual Energy, so when they touched the demon’s head, it created a hole and ultimately killed the demon.

Becky clicked her tongue. She didn’t need them, but she couldn’t stop them since they had to cooperate this time.

She decided to smash the demons that had bitten her.

With these two groups rampaging around, the demons were completely in disarray. They had to kill them, but their instinct was telling them it was impossible to defeat them.

As if he had seen through their mental state, Richard jumped forth. He clapped his hands once before waving his right hand from right to left, causing the wind to sweep the demons.

Noel infused his Undying Fire into this wind, turning it into a flaming gale that burned the demons to death.

“!!!” Richard and the rest of the Demon Hunting Squad were surprised by the intensity of the flame. And the color was unusual.

Before they could put some thought about it, Noel had retracted his flame since he had confirmed their deaths through the system. After that, he unsheathed his sword as he planned to challenge the demons one by one.

“Ho?” Richard was quite impressed by Noel’s performance but had no thought about comparing him with Shawn. Instead, he thought it would be better if Noel joined his squad as Shawn’s partner.

“I want to observe him more, but I guess we have our priority here,” Richard muttered and waved his hand, signaling Becky and Shawn to kill all the demons.


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