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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 433: Stealing The Kill Bahasa Indonesia

The two wolves instantly charged at Richard, who was the most dangerous threat among them.

The wolves’ size was similar to that of a regular wolf. But the Spiritual Energy contained inside their bodies was extremely abundant.

The right wolf suddenly stopped and howled, informing the other demons in the cave to come out to meet their opponents. The left wolf gathered its energy to the mouth before releasing a beam of white light at Richard.

“Heh.” Richard had a small grin as he covered his hand with Spiritual Energy. He suddenly grabbed the small beam with his bare hand before twisting it around.

‘You can do that?’ Noel was surprised. He thought the beam would explode upon touch, yet Richard seemed to be able to control his strength.

It felt like he was grabbing the beam at the same intensity, making the beam think it was just an extension of it. This required a soft touch from Richard.

Despite his looks, it seemed Richard mastered control over his strength. His grip could become as soft as holding a baby and he could become as hard as smashing a boulder.

“Only this?” Richard laughed while directing the beam elsewhere. Meanwhile, the other wolf had gathered its Spiritual Energy on its paw.

It charged at Richard and was about to pounce on him. However, the wolf had a different approach than the left one.

Instead of attacking him with his paw, the wolf stopped and waved down the paw.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning appeared on top of Richard’s head, releasing a lightning strike that struck right at his body.

“Hmm?!” Richard widened his eyes in amusement before raising his hand. He gathered his wind around his lower arm and formed a shield to take the lightning strike head-on.

The wind spun like crazy. When the lightning hit it, the lightning dispersed in all directions.

“!!!” The two wolves noticed Richard’s strength and jumped back as if feeling threatened by him.

Richard was oozing bloodlust and directing it at them. His grin became bigger and bigger. “Haha. This is good. Come!”

The wolves had their pride as Peak Level Demons as well. So, they released their Spiritual Energy completely, causing a small shock wave around them.

“Good, good.” Richard became even more excited. He concentrated his Spiritual Energy around his arms. This time, he was the one charging at them.

The wolves knew they would be injured if they fought Richard head-on. Hence, they formed a barrier surrounding them while leaping to the side to gain some distance.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t escape from Richard that easily. As soon as they gained some distance, Richard turned to the left wolf and punched forward, releasing the concentrated energy on his fist.

“Bam!” Richard shouted.

The shock wave flew straight at the wolf and hit the barrier. The latter dispersed most of the power, but the shock wave still cracked the barrier and the force from the shock wave launched the wolf into a boulder not far from it.

“Aooo!” The other wolf realized Richard wanted to take advantage of the situation to kill its partner. So, it released another bolt of lightning on top of Richard, preventing him from moving.

“Gh.” Richard gritted his teeth as his movement had just been stopped. Since the other wolf had provoked him this way, Richard turned around to fight this lightning wolf first.

Lightning began to spark all over the wolf’s body. Suddenly, the wolf disappeared.

“!!!” Richard widened his eyes in shock, realizing the lightning increased the wolf’s speed. Suddenly, the wolf appeared on his right, hitting him with lightning and momentum.

Richard glanced to the side and smiled, facing this paw with his head covered.


As expected, the wolf had the advantage. It knocked Richard down, but it noticed something else.

Even though his upper body had been knocked down, Richard’s feet were still stuck on the ground.

It realized Richard hadn’t lost its balance yet. Before it could attack again, Richard released the wind on his right foot and kicked the paw that had just knocked him.


The kick was so strong that the wolf ended up getting lifted off the ground for a split second.

“Aooo!” The other wolf, who had recovered, gathered its light element in its mouth and shot it again.

Richard used his hands to stand on the ground before spinning his body so that he could gain momentum and kick the white beam to the side.

“!!!” The lightning wolf widened its eyes, realizing Richard used the white beam to attack.

The lightning wolf hurriedly jumped back to avoid it, but this was when it felt another presence from behind.

“!!!” The lightning wolf tried to turn around, but it was too late.

The white sword touched its fur as a huge explosion occurred, engulfing the wolf.


“Aoooo!” The lightning wolf screamed in pain as it desperately tried to remove the fire from its body.

However, Noel didn’t allow him to do it. Before he could do anything, Noel had used his Chain Bind Rune and captured the wolf’s limbs with it. Since he only used one rune this whole time, they might think he was Rose’s apprentice. This was the best outcome when he was learning from them.

Though, his action seemed to have displeased Richard.

“They are my prey!” Richard shouted in anger while punching the chained wolf in the stomach.

The lightning bolt formed on the wolf’s stomach, deflecting most of the punch’s force, but it still scraped its fur and skin, causing some internal bleeding.

Noel used this chance to create a bigger sword with his Ignition Sword. After that, he waved it straight at the wolf’s neck.

The wolf obviously tried to protect itself by releasing the lightning to blast away Noel’s sword.

But the moment the flame and the lightning made contact, the former burst out and burned the lightning itself as if it was devouring it.

After that, the flame melted the neck as it continued on its path, severing a Peak Level Demon’s neck.

Then, Noel coolly said, “Sorry, I’m not your subordinate, so I don’t know your custom.”


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