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Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven’s Gate – Chapter 352.2: Dealing With The Uninvited Guest [Part 2] Bahasa Indonesia

‘This is bad,’ Lux thought.

This was not the first time for his Skeleton Summons to be destroyed from a single hit by a monster.

It had happened a lot back when he was still weak, and when his Summons couldn’t even put up a fight against opponents whose ranks were higher than theirs.

However, now was different.

His Skeletons were stronger, and his Named Creatures were all Rank 4 Monsters. But in the face of overwhelming strength, they were no different from the monsters that Diablo had killed after gaining a massive bonus attack from Blood Fervor.

While it was true that Diablo’s attack power was rising at a steady pace, it was not enough to overcome the Abyssal Monster, whose ability was out of this world.

“Sh*t!” Lux cursed as Diablo died for the second time.

The Abyssal Monster he was fighting was a very smart creature. It targeted Lux several times, forcing his Summons and Named Creatures to sacrifice their lives in order to save him.

Pazuzu and Orion were his tankiest units, yet in the face of the Monster in front of them whose attack bypassed defenses, they died after only getting hit twice.

Diablo’s Blood Fervor also didn’t matter to their opponent because no matter how high Diablo’s defenses became, it was useless. One direct attack was enough for his first Named Creature to turn into a pile of shattered bones.

“””Dragon’s Breath!”””

Lux’s attack made the Grim Butcher Nightwalker skid dozens of meters on the ground, but that was all.

During the battle of Whitebridge City, it had been the Rankers who fought against the Abyssal Monsters and defeated them with their strength.

Now that he was fighting against a Rank 5 Abyssal World Boss by himself, he finally understood how different they were from the Boss Monsters that he had faced in the past.

After reaching their current Rank, Lux’s Named Creatures needed five minutes before they could be summoned again.

Right now, only Ishtar and Asmodeus remained to assist Lux in holding back the Monster in front of him.

After fighting against the Abyssal Monster for half an hour, they only managed to shave three million of its Health.

The problem they were facing was that it still had over twenty million of its Health left, making Lux clench his fists in frustration.

‘This is impossible,’ Lux thought as smoke escaped from his lips after unleashing his Dragon’s Breath for the third time.

Suddenly, Lux heard a familiar voice in his head. At the same time, Blackfire, Lux’s black coffin appeared beside him.

“Should I help?” Vera, who was still inside the coffin asked.

“No. Grandma,” Lux replied through telepathy. “If you come out now, you will receive a backlash. You already forced yourself by helping me earlier. We can’t risk having your condition deteriorate any further.”

Vera didn’t reply right away as if she was deep in thought.

The battle continued for ten more minutes, as Lux used the Tyrannosaurus as a meat shield in order to attack the Abyssal Monster on its blindspots.

“I finally found it.”

Vera’s voice suddenly rang out in Lux’s head.

“All Abyssal Monsters have a weak spot. If you attack this place, your damage will be multiplied several times. The weakness of this Abyssal Monster is at the nape of its neck. Look for the faint symbol of a hexagram on its back.”

“Nape of its neck?” Lux muttered. “Understood.”

A pair of dragon wings sprouted behind Lux’s back as he took off towards the sky. His clones did the same because they could use all of his abilities perfectly.

Just as Vera had said earlier, there was really a faint, crimson-colored, hexagram on the back of the Abyssal Monster’s neck, which was supposed to be its weakness.

“””Dragon’s Breath!”””

A blood curdling scream reverberated inside the forest as the Abyssal Monster writhed in pain after getting its weak spot attacked.

Lux’s eyes widened in shock when he saw that he had dealt over three million damage to the monster whom he thought was impossible to beat.

“Because of how powerful they are, Abyssal Monsters suffer a penalty when they spawn in Elysium,” Vera explained. “A mark will appear on their bodies once they cross over from the void. We, Rankers, always look for these marks because it is the only way we can defeat them in the shortest time possible.

“Fortunately, it is not hidden on the bottom of their feet or on the palms of their hands. As long as you can consistently hit its weak points, you will be able to defeat this monster.”

Just as Lux was about to deliver another Dragon’s Breath, the Abyssal Monster did something unexpected, which made Lux almost choke on the Dragon’s Breath that he was about to unleash.

The Grim Butcher Nightwalker used its left hand to cover the nape of its neck, as it used its right arm to punch the Tyrannosaurus monster, sending it crashing towards the trees behind it.

It then shifted its attention to the flying Half-Elves in the sky and unleashed a breath attack of its own, forcing Lux to evade, while cursing the shameless Monster for not playing fair since it had covered its neck using its left hand, shielding its weak spot from further attacks.

“Oi, Sir Tyrannosaurus, can’t you do better?!” Lux shouted at the World Boss who just propped itself up from the ground. “Your enemy is fighting you one-handed. Can’t you see it is belittling you?!”

Perhaps angered by Lux’s taunt, the Dinosaur Monster roared and once again charged at the Abyssal Monster. However, before its foe could even properly defend itself, theTyrannosaurus swung its tail and slammed it against the legs of the Abyssal Monster, making it fall on the ground.

“””Dragon’s Breath!”””

Not wasting the opportunity he was given, three Dragon Breaths’ descended at the fallen Abyssal Monster, targeting its weak spot.

This once again shaved a huge chunk of its Health, revitalizing Lux and his comrades.

“I’m Charging!”

Cai, who was known as the most opportunistic of them all, once again charged and slammed its tusks into the back of the Abyssal Monster’s head, as it propped itself to stand up. Because of this, its giant body once again crashed to the ground, allowing Bedivere and Keane to deliver their own blows at it.

The Abyssal Monster roared, and tried to stand back up, but it was not given this opportunity.

The Tyrannosaurus Monster stomped on the Nightwalker’s head, and pinned it against the ground, preventing it from standing up. It then used its massive jaws to bite its opponent’s neck, holding it in place like a vice grip.

Enraged and in pain, the Nightwalker recklessly attacked the Tyrannosaurus Monster with its clawed hands, digging deep in the monster’s flesh. However, the World Boss endured the pain and didn’t let go.

On the contrary, it dug its razor sharp teeth deeper while using its clawed hands to scratch the Abyssal Monster’s body, dealing further damage to it.

Lux was unable to use his Dragon’s Breath because he would be a fool to do so. He was afraid that he would hit the Tyrannosaurus Monster, so he descended from the sky and used Dragon Claws to relentlessly attack the Nightwalker, which was currently being besieged from all sides.


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