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Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven’s Gate – Chapter 351.1: Dealing With The Uninvited Guest [Part 1] Bahasa Indonesia

“Let’s do this!” Cai was so hyped as Lux explained his reason for attacking the World Boss out of the blue. “I’m going to ensure that Heidi will be able to stay with her Daddy!”

The Boar was raring to go and ready to charge at the Rank 5 World Boss that would give it a world of pain. But the reality wasn’t that simple. The enemy was an eight-meter-tall dinosaur, and even the four-meter-tall Cai in its Hildivisni form would be easily sent flying with its long and powerful tail that was as hard as steel.

“Calm down and let Bedivere aggro it first,” Lux ordered. “We will hit it in its blindspots, so make sure you don’t charge in recklessly.”

“Got it!” Cai, who was brimming with determination, listened to Lux’s orders, which surprised the Half-Elf.

Usually, the Boar didn’t follow instructions whenever they entered battle, charging willy-nilly as it liked. But right now, it was willing to listen to Lux’s orders for the sake of the little girl who missed her daddy.

“Keane, focus on attacking the Monster’s legs, but be careful,” Lux ordered the skinny swordsman who was riding beside him. “That thing is a hard hitter.”

“Got it,” Keane replied.

Bedivere, who had reverted to his Crimson Knight form, was at the front of the formation. He had his crimson sword drawn at the ready.

The plan was simple.

Bedivere would tank the World Boss, while Lux, his Summons, Cai, and Keane would be the damage dealers.

As they drew closer to the loud roars deep in the forest, they felt the ground shaking under their feet. Whatever was happening, the battle was truly an intense one, making Lux wonder just what kind of Monster was able to fight against the Barb-Tailed Tyrannosaurus, which was the World Boss of the Forest.

Finally, the four arrived at the scene of the carnage.

“Sh*t!” Lux cursed when he saw the monster that the Tyrannosaurus Monster was facing against.

Now he finally understood why it was having trouble fighting its opponent, and with valid reason.

“Abyssal Monster!” Cai gasped in shock as it looked at the Shadowy Monster, whose entire body emitted dark mists, marking it as one of the Terrifying Monsters that had come to Elysium from the Void.

During the defense of Whitebridge City in the Dwarven Kingdom of Gweliven, Lux came face to face with the Lesser Demogorgon, which was an Alpha-Ranked Argonaut Monster.

It was incredibly powerful, and it alone could have destroyed the entire city if not for the fact that two Rankers had been there to protect the city. Now that he was faced with a similar monster, Lux could feel the Abyssal Power inside his body stir, as if being awakened by its brethren who had appeared in front of its new Master.


< Grim Butcher Nightwalker >

– Giant Nightshade from the Abyss

– Wandering Field Boss

– Rank 5 World Boss Monster

Health: 24,258,130 / 25,000,000

Mana: 3,450,180 / 3,500,000

Strength: ?????

Intelligence: ?????

Vitality: ?????

Agility: ????



“Change of plans!” Lux shouted. “We are going to help the World Boss defeat the Abyssal Monster first! Sir Bedivere, I’m counting on you to tank it!”

The Crimson Knight nodded its head before heading towards the battle between the two Behemoths.

Lux gritted his teeth, knowing that their opponent was truly a handful. Not only was its health double that of the Tyrannosaurus World Boss, but its Abyss Touch Attack also bypassed the World Boss’ steely body, making it lose one of its advantages in battle.

The moment the Crimson Knight struck the legs of the Giant Nightshade that was as tall as the Tyrannosaurus Monster, several elemental attacks also landed on its body.

Lux didn’t hold back and used his Doppelganger skill, which allowed him to summon his two clones, who then summoned their entire Army of Undead and Golems to fight against the Abyssal Monster that threatened the safety of Brookwest Town.

Lux’s entire army had finally surpassed the six hundred mark, making him a force to be reckoned with.

“Battle Cry!”

“War Cry!”

“Barbed Bones!”

“Decaying Touch!”

“Improved Jade Body (Mass Buff)”

Lux buffed all of his Summons, making them more powerful than ever before.

Seeing that it was surrounded by monsters, the Grim Butcher Nightwalker roared and went on a rampage. A single swipe of its shadowy arms insta-killed the Skeletons that had come to swarm it from all sides.

Bedivere was also blown away from the attack, and to Lux’s surprise, the Living Armor’s Health decreased after receiving the Nightwalker’s brutal blow. Fortunately, the damage wasn’t that high, so the Living Armor was mostly safe.

However, if Bedivere received a dozen more blows of the same intensity, even with his near-invincible state, he would crumble before the power of the Abyss.

‘Abyss Touch is really a bug,’ Lux complained in his heart. ‘Pazuzu! Get its aggro for now!’

The Fortress Defender immediately pointed its mace at the monster before banging his shield with it.

A moment later, the giant Nightwalker shifted its attention to Pazuzu and ran in his direction.

“You’re not the only one who has the power of the Abyss!” Lux roared.

“””Dragon’s Breath!”””

An otherworldly roar escaped from the Nightwalker’s mouth as three Dragon Breaths blasted it away. The Tyrannosaurus Monster didn’t miss the opportunity and used its tail to smash the monster’s body, while it was down on the ground.

Although the Boss Monster and Lux weren’t allies, both sides suddenly had an unspoken agreement that they would first deal with the guest that had come into the world uninvited and unannounced.

Since all of Lux’s attacks were empowered with the Abyss Touch, the damage it dealt to Abyssal Monsters was doubled, making them feel a world of pain.

However, the Nightwalker was a very sturdy creature, and Lux’s attack only managed to shave off a million of its Health Points.

Even so, Lux wasn’t disheartened by the outcome. He already knew how tenacious these monsters were, and he decided to fight it in a battle of attrition.

Although the Half-Elf didn’t know if he would be able to defeat the monster before him, he believed that as long as he was able to hold on long enough, an opportunity would present itself, allowing him and his allies to gain the upper hand in the battle.


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