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Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven’s Gate – Chapter 353.3: Dealing With The Uninvited Guest [Part 3] Bahasa Indonesia

Perhaps, knowing that it wouldn’t be able to get away—not until it first killed the Tyrannosaurus Monster, the Grim Butcher Nightwalker decided to take some drastic measures.

It gathered Abyss Energy inside its mouth and fired it at the Dinosaur at point blank range, not caring if it would also get caught in the attack or not.

Blood and flesh scattered from the chest of the Tyrannosaurus Monster, but its jaws remained clamped on its prey, sinking its teeth even deeper as it exerted all of its strength to bite the Nightwalker’s head off.

Over and over again, the Nightwalker would unleash a barrage of breath attacks at its captor. But the latter ignored everything and continued to hold firm. Perhaps, the Dinosaur knew that once its grip on the Abyssal Monster weakened, it would not have the opportunity to do it again.

“Diablo! Do it!” Lux roared as he summoned Diablo to join them on the battlefield.

The Death Knight’s sword blazed in unholy flames as it swung it at the Night Walker’s body repeatedly.

Orion used leg-lock on the legs of the Nightwalker, preventing it from standing up.

Cai, on the other hand, buried its tusk on the side of the Abyssal Monster’s body, holding it in place, so that everyone could attack it as much as they wanted.

With its neck, body, and legs pinned in place, the Abyssal Monster was unable to break free and was swarmed by the Skeleton Gang Bangers, who relentlessly stabbed it with their swords.

Lux’s buff, Decaying Touch, was the true bread and butter of the Skeleton Army. It allowed them to inflict status effects on their enemies in order to greatly weaken them, as well as deal True Damage to their foes, ignoring their defenses.


Decaying Touch [EX]

– Has a 20% chance to inflict Decay on your target with every strike.

– Has a 10% chance to inflict Weakness on your target with every strike.

– Has a 10% chance to inflict Disease on your target with every strike.

Decay – Deals 100 True Damage every 3 seconds for 12 seconds.

Weakness – reduce your target’s Physical and Magical defense by 20%.

Disease – decrease your target’s attack speed, movement speed, mana regeneration, health regeneration, and evasion by 20%

– If Disease skill is active, increase Decay’s True Damage by 200 every 3 seconds for 15 seconds.


Hundreds of skeletons mercilessly assaulted the helpless Nightwalker, causing it to suffer great damage over time.

Lux, his clones, and Diablo, who dealt Abyss and Ethereal damage to their enemies, hacked and slashed like there was no tomorrow.

Bedivere also played an active role by swinging his sword at the Abyssal Monster’s head, using the opportunity to kill it once and for all.

Finally after what seemed like eternity, the Abyssal Monster’s body turned into black mist, dispersing completely.

The only thing it left behind was a black Beast Core the size of a bowling ball which shone ominously from the reflection of the sunlight.

“We did it!” Cai shouted. “We beat it using the power of Love and Friendship! Isn’t that right? Sir Tyrannosaurus?!”

It was at that moment when the Dinosaur’s body crashed on the ground. The injuries it received were fatal, and there was no hope of it surviving. The only thing that allowed it to hold on was due to the fact that it wouldn’t allow itself to die against a monster that invaded its territory.

This was the pride of a World Boss, and it fought until the bitter end.

Lux approached the World Boss and gazed at its reptilian eyes, who was gazing straight at him.

“I will not lie, we came here to kill you,” Lux said, which made Cai, who was standing beside him gasp in shock.

“Oi! You shouldn’t say that to Mr. Dinosaur!” Cai nagged. “Can’t you see he helped us? How can you be so cruel? Didn’t we win because of the power of Love and Friendship?”

The Half-Elf ignored Cai and continued to look at the dying monster, whose eyes continued to stare at him. They had come to the forest to kill it, but in the end, it fought alongside them to defeat the invader that came from another world.

Fate truly had a way of toying with people, and Lux experienced an outcome that was far from what he originally thought.

“Thank you,” Lux said. “I will take good care of your Beast Core, as well as your body. Rest in peace.”

The Tyrannosaurus gave a low growl before closing its eyes. Half a minute later it breathed its last, making the Boar beside it wail as it hugged the monster, whom Cai originally wanted to kill earlier to help Heidi reunite with her father.

“Master, here is the Beast Core,” Asmodeus handed the Abyssal Beast Core to Lux with both of his hands in a respectful gesture.

Lux received it and gazed at the prize that he didn’t expect would come to him.

“Asmodeus, what are your thoughts?” Lux asked as he glanced at the Archlich, who seemed to have an amused expression on its bony face.

“Master, you already know the answer to that question, right?” Asmodeus replied.

“Hah… don’t answer my question with a question.”

“Hahaha. Very well. Since Master doesn’t want to say it, I’ll do it for you.”

The Archlich glanced at the Beast Core in Lux’s hands before making his thoughts known.

“Master, I know that the main purpose of the Abyssal Core is to get the skills of an Abyssal Creature,” Asmodeus stated. “However, the Abyss Touch is enough. Master doesn’t need any more skills from the Abyss.”

Lux nodded because this was also what he was thinking.

“Since that is the case, using this Beast Core for Abyssal Skills will be a waste, no?” Asmodeus smirked. “This core should serve a better purpose, yes? I don’t know if it’s possible, but a Nightwalker is an Undead Creature. Although it is tainted by the Abyss, the fact still remains that it is an Undead. Why not try to see if we can Re-animate it? I’m very curious. Will we be able to have our own Abyssal Creature as well?”

The Archlich could already tell that this was what Lux had thought of doing after receiving the core. What the Half-Elf needed from him is only an assurance that the possibility of having an Abyssal Monster under his command was possible.

“I don’t want to disturb your discussion, but the battle we just had will definitely attract some people from the town to investigate,” Bedivere said. “How about we move to a different place first?”

To Lux’s surprise, the Living Armor was already holding the Beast Core of the Barb-Tailed Tyrannosaurus.

Lux had told him that this might allow him to have a proper reunion with his wife, so it was a very important thing for him.

Seeing Bedivere’s resolve, the Half-Elf nodded his head and used his Enchanted Beast Ring to store the body of the Boss Monster. He then ordered the Skeletons to erase their tracks as they moved deeper inside the forest to perform the act of turning the Living Armor into one of the Half-Elf’s Undead Legion.


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