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Lux’s special body constitution, the Immortal Dragon Conqueror’s Legacy, also received an upgrade. This upgrade of his might not have many rewards, but he instead gained something better that he didn’t expect, and that was… Dragon Wings!

“Three times a day, I can conjure Dragon Wings on my back to allow me to fly,” Lux muttered as he read the information in his Soul Book. “The wings last for an hour, which means I can use them for a total of 3 hours. Not bad.”

Aside from that, Lux’s ability to use Dragon’s Breath increased to six times a day from the usual three. He also gained an additional 20,000 points to his Health, making him sturdier.


Name: Lux Von Kaizer

Age: 16

Race: Half-Elf

Rank: Grade A Apostle

Health: 113,000 / 113,000

Mana: 32,500 / 32,500

Strength: 450

Intelligence: 450

Vitality: 460

Agility: 400

Dexterity: 400


In order to break through the Initiate Rank, one must have 5,000 combined stat points.

Lux was almost halfway there because of the rewards he gained from clearing the mission. However, instead of prioritizing a single stat, the Half-Elf decided to spread them out because he was more of an All-Rounder.

He was not a pure Necromancer, but a fighter as well. Because of this, he needed to add stats to his other attributes, allowing him to fend for himself, if ever there were threats that managed to break past his Summoned Creatures.

After looking at his Soul Book, he then glanced at the information on the Key he had obtained from the mission.

When he cleared the Gate of Death, he received the Key to Agartha.

Now, he received another key, and the Half-Elf was very curious on what this key was capable of doing.


< Key of Espoir Frieden >

– Legendary Item

– Once a week, you will be able to instantly teleport to the Kingdom of Espoir Frieden by using the Key.

– You may return to where you came from anytime by using the Key a second time.

– This Item is Soulbound to Lux Von Kaizer


< Kingdom of Espoir Frieden >

Kingdom Rank: SSS

– The Kingdom of Espoir Frieden is the legendary kingdom of the High Elves, who stood alongside Agartha when the world was created. They were an ancient race of Elves believed to have been born from the seeds of the very first World Tree that has long since perished.

– The other Elven races, that was born after that era, treat them with great respect, and often ask them for counsel and mediation whenever there are conflicts between the other Elven Clans, such as the Moon Elves, Sun Elves, Wood Elves, and the other Elven races that are currently in Elysium.

– Any other races, aside from the Elves, are not allowed to enter the Elven Kingdom. However, its first founder made an exception and created a single key that would allow any race to enter their Kingdom if Fate willed it.

– The Key of Espoir Frieden can only be activated when you become a Ranker.



Lux couldn’t help but draw in a deep breath after reading the information of the key that he gained from his Quest.

‘First it was the Kingdom of Agartha, now it’s the Kingdom of the High Elves,’ Lux thought. ‘Just what exactly is this place to have so many keys that lead to SSS-Ranked Kingdoms?’

The Domain of the Fallen was still a mystery, even to the Six Kingdoms who had first discovered it. They didn’t know what kind of place it was, and merely thought that it was another one of those hidden dungeons that could be found anywhere.

However, they were wrong.

It was a very dangerous place where the members of the Young Generations could die at the whims of the monsters that lived in it. The journey to the Sacred Dungeon was filled with dangers and, usually, the price of death must be paid by many in order for the others to reach their destination.

Also, only five hundred people could enter the Domain of the Fallen at a time. Because of this, the slots allocated inside the Domain were quite limited.

These already limited slots had decreased by more than half, now that they had to split the slots between the Six Kingdoms, the Skystead Alliance, as well as the Xynnar War Pact.

According to the negotiations, the Skystead Alliance would gain 200 Slots, while the Six Kingdoms and the Xynnar War Pact gained 150 each.

The good news was that Lux’s and his comrades’ bonus slots were not counted in the 500 Limit number, which allowed them to bring in thirty more people without any problems.

Although thirty additional slots seemed like a very small number, every slot counted, making these limited slots all the more valuable in the eyes of many people.

“Ah, there you are, Lux,” Sherlock said as he walked towards the Half-Elf who seemed to be deep in thought.

“Lord Sherlock, congratulations on your victory,” Lux replied with a smile.

The Gnome fixed the glasses on his face before giving Lux a nod of satisfaction.

“We only won because of the great efforts you and your comrades have made for us,” Sherlock stated. “We might have won this war, but this is just the beginning. As long as the Ammarian Kingdom covets our lands, this war would never end, but let’s not talk about that. Here, take this.”

The Gnome threw Lux a golden bracer, and the latter caught it by reflex.

“That Bracer is called the Warrior’s Might,” Sherlock said. “It is the latest invention of the Gnome Race. Unfortunately, we were only able to craft six of them. Now, these six bracers belong to you and your friends. May they help you in your future endeavors.”


< Warrior’s Might >

Rating: Pseudo-Legendary

– Increase Attack, Defense, Health Regeneration, Mana Regeneration, and Mobility by 100% for five minutes.

– This artifact is Soulbound to Lux Von Kaizer


“Thank you very much for your gift, Lord Sherlock.” Lux bowed his head. “I will treasure it.”

Sherlock smiled as he glanced towards the camp of the Ammar Kingdom which was now burning in the distance.

“Lux, I have a feeling that this will not be our last meeting,” Sherlock stated. “Until then, I look forward to the next time we will meet on the battlefield. I just hope that when we do, we will still be on the same side, and not fighting against each other as enemies.”

The Half-Elf’s eyes widened in shock after hearing the Gnomes’ words.

“Lord Sherlock, please, don’t raise a flag.”

“Flag? What flag? We have many flags raised already. What are you talking about?”

The red-headed teenager could only smile bitterly because the Gnomes’ words were like a prophecy about what was going to happen in the future.

“Well then, Lux, I’ll be going now,” Sherlock said as he turned around to walk in the direction of the Command Center of the Yelan Kingdom. “Let’s meet again under better circumstances.”

The Gnome no longer looked back and continued to walk away, leaving Lux behind to ponder his words.

“My Daddy, are you ready to go?” Cai, who had also just finished sorting out its rewards, walked towards the Half-Elf with a smile. “Vall is back, so we can leave anytime.”

As if waiting for that cue, Einar, Vall, Keane, and Xander all appeared and gathered around the Half-Elf, whom they had treated as their temporary leader inside the Gate of War.

“Okay, let’s go,” Lux said before accepting the completion of the quest in his Soul Book. “Let’s go back to Elysium.”


< Field Announcement! >

< The Gate of War (Hell Mode) Has been Conquered! >

< Two of the Gates have been successfully Conquered! >

< The Conquerors will be allowed to freely enter the Domain of the Fallen for two years at any given time. This is their reward for conquering the Two Gates of the Apocalypse! >

< Announcing the names of the Conquerors of the Sacred Dungeon in no particular order! >

< Cai… >

< Keane… >

< Xander… >

< Einar Mordosk >

< Vallaki Meitar >

< Lux Von Kaizer >


Lux’s as well as his comrades’ names were engraved on the Gate of War, which was now glowing brightly after it was cleared.

The Field Announcement was also heard by the people outside of the Domain of the Fallen which surprised them as well.

“They cleared the Gate of War and not the Gate of Conquest?” asked the Ambassador of the Vahan Empire to the Ranker that was standing next to his side who served as his protector. “Did I hear that correctly?”

“Yes,” the Ranker replied. “The announcement said that the Gate of War has been cleared and not the Gate of Conquest.”

Malcolm, who was standing not far from the ambassador, frowned after hearing the announcement.

All of them thought that Lux had also entered the Gate of Conquest and somehow ended up in the same Instance Dungeon as them. However, according to the announcement, they had entered a different Gate, which made the members of the Skystead Alliance speechless.

“See?” Hector, Xander’s father sneered. “All of you are too quick to judge. Now that the misunderstanding has been cleared up, do you still believe that our side purposely sabotaged your representatives?”

The Ambassador snorted, but he couldn’t refute Hector’s words. On the main gate of the Domain of the Fallen, several golden letters appeared with the label, Conquerors of the Gate of War.

A moment later, Lux’s names, as well as his comrades’ appeared on it. This was the blatant proof that none of them had misheard the announcement, and their earlier assumption of Lux purposely sabotaging their mission was proven to be false.

Even so, they still felt bitter about it.

Suddenly, a flash of light appeared beside the gate.

Lux, Cai, Keane, Einar, Vall, and Xander, who had just exited the Sacred Dungeon, gathered the attention of everyone in the cavern.

No claps, cheers, or shouts of admiration could be heard in the surroundings. Instead, what they were welcomed with was awkward silence from the people who had wrongly accused them, and were currently thinking about how to deal with them after the incident that happened inside the Sacred Dungeon.


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