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Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven’s Gate – Chapter 326: A Very Thorny Road To Take Bahasa Indonesia

“You did well, High Priestess–I mean, Cai,” Hector coughed lightly. “You too, Xander. Great job.”

“Hahaha! Hector, my man, you should have seen how awesome I was! What Pseudo-Initiates? PITUI! I spit on them! ” Cai gloated, making Malcolm as well as his comrades feel irritated. “I was the one who killed General Moriarty. I’m the MVP!”

“No you’re not,” Keane jabbed the side of the Boar, causing the latter to squeal in pain. “You just kill stealed. Your skin is as thick as usual.”

Hector and Xander who saw Keane jabbing Cai with his shoulder almost couldn’t stop themselves from slapping the skinny swordsman silly. Fortunately, the two of them had great self control and just watched as the Boar started to nag at the skinny swordsman for being bitter.

“Hmph! It’s not my fault that I’m good, Little Swordy,” Cai pressed its forehead against the skinny swordsman. “If I didn’t do what I did, Moriarty might have killed Watson! That is what you call reacting in time before it’s too late. This is why you lost to me, Little Swordy. You’re not resourceful enough!”

Keane was itching to rebuke the Boar, but after spending some time with Cai, he knew well how stubborn it was. Since that was the case, he just snorted and walked away, leaving the Boar to continue bragging about its latest accomplishment in the Gate of War.

While Cai was telling Hector everything that happened while tweaking the story a little to make sure it sounded good, Einar and Vall were also busy talking to the adults from their respective factions about what happened in the Gate of War.

Lux, who was the center of attention, was also giving Alicia a report of what happened. The Ambassador of the Vahan Empire was there to better understand how he appeared in the same Instance Dungeon as Malcolm and the others.

As the one who personally gave Lux the resources for the bid they made to obtain the slots to enter the Domain of the Fallen, he demanded that he be briefed of what happened as well.

“So there’s a chance that two parties that enter different gates can end up on the same plane as the other,” Alicia commented. “If this is true, then we must test it a few times to understand what the determining factor triggers the merging of two dungeon instances.”

The Ambassador didn’t say anything from start to finish, but he didn’t look pleased about the outcome of the mission that was entrusted to him.

“I understand that it is not entirely your fault that the merging of the Dungeon Instances happened,” the Ambassador said after Lux finished his explanation. “But this doesn’t change the fact that you got in the way of our representatives being able to clear their missions.

“You and your friends can enter the Dungeon anytime you want. However, we must bid for the next opportunity to claim the spots that you and your friends possessed.

“Isn’t this extortion? We have paid a good amount of resources for this mission, but what happened? The person who brought our representatives inside the Dungeon was also the one responsible for killing them.”

The Ambassador was indeed an Ambassador. He had a way with words, which made Lux unable to refute. Truth be told, even Lux would be annoyed if the same thing happened to him, so he could understand where the man was coming from.

However, what was done was done. There was nothing he could do about it. Also, the resources they paid for his, Cai’s, and Keane’s slot was only a one time thing. They had agreed that their slots would always be put on auction, so that they could earn by selling the slots in their possessions.

“Um, I can’t speak for Cai and Keane, but I’m willing to let you guys have my slots for free the next time you want to enter the Domain of the Fallen,” Lux decided that it would be better to pacify the Ambassador, since he didn’t want to get blacklisted again.

He could only create a guild in the territory of the Skystead Alliance because the Xynnar War Pact still hadn’t lifted the ban on his, Cai’s, and Keane’s names.

This meant that their field of operation would center in the Skystead Alliance for some time. Angering the Kings of the Kingdoms they were supposed to get missions from would be a very bad thing.

“At least you have morals,” the Ambassador replied. “However, His Majesty will still be disheartened by what happened today. You better make up for it next time!”

Without another word, the Ambassador of the Vahan Empire left with a disgruntled expression on his face.

Alicia could only smile wryly at the attitude of the man, but there was nothing she could do about it.

Politics was a very complicated thing. To prevent war and large scale conflicts from happening, compromises must be made for the greater good.

“So what are your plans?” Alicia asked. “Will you return to Wildgarde Stronghold or would you rather stay in Barbatos Academy?”

Lux shook his head. “I still need to create a guild because the Guardians of Wildgarde Stronghold gave this mission to me. If I don’t complete it, they might exile me.”

Alicia was very tempted to say, “So let them exile you. We will adopt you in Barbatos Academy!” but she couldn’t say that.

Lux owed Wildgarde Stronghold a lot for raising him with love and care, alongside his Grandma. He couldn’t possibly allow himself to get exiled before he could even repay them for what they had done for him from when he was young.

“Okay, so you will be going to the Vahan Empire to complete your Guild Creation quest first?” Alicia inquired.

Lux nodded before whispering in Alicia’s ear. “Yes. After that, I will rest for a bit to wait for Grandma and Eiko to revive.”

Alicia smiled because she was also hoping to see the old lady, who was very supportive of her pursuing her son, Alexander, alive again.

As for Eiko, Alicia was also very fond of the baby Slime, whom Iris treated as her and Lux’s daughter.

“Just be careful, okay?” Alicia said as he patted Lux’s shoulders. “Emperor Andreas is a schemer. He might nod and forgive you on the surface, but deep inside, he will bear a grudge. Make sure you are always on your toes when you visit the Vahan Empire for your Guild Quest.”

“Thank you, Alicia,” Lux replied. “I will be careful.”

Lux then glanced in the direction of the representatives of the Skystead Alliance who were all glaring at him.

From their faces alone, he could already tell that his trip to the Vahan Empire would be a very thorny one, filled with hidden dangers that would be waiting for him to step on.

‘Well, I just hope they don’t make things too difficult for me,’ Lux sighed in his heart.

Even though it would be awkward, he was planning to travel with the representatives of the Vahan Empire on their return trip back home.

This was also the first time he would be going to the lands that were off limits to the members of the Xynnar War Pact. Although Lux didn’t want to admit it, he was also feeling very excited inside.

He was looking forward to the new adventures he would go on in the Empire that was hailed as the Empire of the Sun.


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