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Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven’s Gate – Chapter 324.1: Mission Rewards [Part 1] Bahasa Indonesia

< Congratulations! You have finished the Main Quest and Subquest of the mission: The Warring Kingdoms! >

Contribution Ranking List

Lux Von Kaiser


Vallaki Meitar

Einar Mordosk



< Calculating Rewards. Please, standby! >


“Mwahahahaha! Easy win!” Cai laughed with its snout raised up to the heavens. “Is this Hell Mode? More like Easy Mode! I can do this all day!”

Lux, Keane, Einar, and Xander ignored the shameless Boar’s laugh which sounded like it had won the lottery.

The notification of the mission being completed showed up as soon as Vall arrived at the Main Camp of the Ammar Kingdom and captured their Main Flag.

The giant spider ignored all the defenders and just focused on grabbing the flag with its superior speed and agility. This allowed him to get third place in the rankings, leaving Einar behind by one Rank.

As for Keane and Xander, they were just happy that the mission was over, even though they didn’t do much to help clear it.

< Rewards calculated! Please check your inventories! >

Rows upon rows of words appeared in front of Lux as he checked the rewards that were given to him.


< Rewards >

1,000,000 Gold Coins

15,000 Body Constitution Points

1,000 Free Stat Points

+10 to all Summon Skeleton Skills

+ 2 to all Summon Golem Skills

– All Skeleton Summon Ratings will be upgraded to S-Rating. This upgrade doesn’t include Named Creatures.

– All Summon Golem Ratings will be upgraded to S-Rating. This upgrade doesn’t include Named Creatures.

– Key to the Legendary Kingdom of Espoir Frieden

+100 Reputation Points with the Kingdom of Espoir Friden


Before Lux could even jump in joy from seeing the rewards he received from his quest, another round of notifications appeared in front of him.


< Your Skeleton Fighters have reached the S-Rating and are ready to be upgraded to their next profession! Please, choose one among the three choices for their next upgrade! >

Skeleton Rider – A mobile warrior who specializes in mounted combat. Able to tame creatures to be used as mounts.

< Job Profession Bonuses >

Passive Skill: Union of Man and Beast, Cavalry Charge, Light, Medium, and Heavy Armor Proficiency.

Gains 100% increase to attack, and defense when mounted.

– Each Skeleton Rider will be summoned riding their own Skeleton Horse Mounts.

+5,000 Health

+100 Attack

Note: It’s not about what you Ride, It’s about HOW you Ride. I am Speed!


Skeleton Swashbuckler – A swaggering Warrior who can battle on land and on the sea. Often mistaken for Pirates because of their unruly behavior, these Warriors excel in single combat, and can fight with two weapons, or with a shield, while safely darting away, or parrying the attacks of their opponent.

They may not be knights in shining armor, but their undying attitude makes up for it.

< Job Profession Bonuses >

Passive Skill: Fancy Footwork, Master Duelist

Gains 100% increase to attack, and defense when fighting in sea.

Gains 200% increase to attack, and defense, when fighting alongside a beautiful lady.

+5,000 Health

+200 Attack

Note: My tremendous intuitive sense of the female creature informs me that you are troubled. What a coincidence! I am DYING to help you!


Skeleton Gang Banger– The first requirement to becoming a Skeleton Gang Banger is to… well, be a skeleton. Once you meet this requirement, you will be able to use this unbelievable profession that would even make Pazuzu blush in shame.

If the Skeleton Shield Warriors are the Masochists of the Skeletal Race, the Skeleton Gang Banger holds second place! These fearsome warriors don’t use any shields to block their enemy’s attacks.

Using their strong and sturdy bodies, they exchange blows against their opponents without backing away, making them one of the most terrifying Madlads on the battlefield.

Although they could fight one-on-one battles with their enemies, their specialty is targeting a single enemy and grouping up to beat it up until it dies. Sometimes, this single-mindedness of theirs could turn the situation around because they would not stop until they got the job done.

< Job Profession Bonuses >

Passive Skill: Vengeful Berserker, Retaliate Expert, United In Death, Gang Bang Expert

– Gains 5% increase in attack when an ally Skeleton Gang Banger dies on the battlefield. This ability can stack up to 500%. Bonus damage will disappear once the Skeleton Berserker is killed.

+20,000 Health

+300 Attack

Note: Peace is never an option! Prepare to get Gang Banged!


Reading the description of the upgrade options for his Skeleton Fighters, Lux felt as if there was an itch in his back that he couldn’t scratch.

All of the choices were good. Even the Skeleton Gang Banger, which made the Half-Elf chuckle after reading its information, was a very tempting option for him. However, in the end, Lux decided to choose the most optimum choice for the Skeleton Fighter’s next upgrade.

After the war they had just experienced, the red-headed teenager knew that he needed to choose the most optimum job class for his Summons, so that they would be able to play the role that he needed them to.

< You have chosen Skeleton Gang Banger as the next upgrade for your Skeleton Fighters. Are you sure about this? >

( Yes / No )


Lux firmly clicked Yes in order to upgrade his Skeleton Fighters to their next profession. Originally, he wanted to choose the Skeleton Rider Job Class. However, there were places where mounted combat wouldn’t work.

Indoor battles, Siege battles, as well as other instances where mounts would not play a role would greatly limit the Skeleton Rider’s effectiveness.

He already had Pazuzu, Orion, and the Rock Golems to act as defensive units if he had to. What he needed right now was an explosive force that would wreak havoc the moment they were summoned to the battlefield.

“Hmm… the Skeleton Grand Archers need to be upgraded to the SS Rating before they can get their next profession,” Lux rubbed his chin as he looked at the ratings needed to upgrade his skeleton summons.

“The Rock Golem and the Skeleton Mages need to be upgraded to the SSS Rating in order to gain their Job Professions. Hah… it sure takes a lot of resources to fully upgrade all of them.”

The Half-Elf scratched his head, knowing that this was the fate of any profession that could summon Creatures or Beast Companions as their main fighting force.

It simply ate up too many resources, making it hard to even upgrade their own stats in order to advance.

Fortunately, Lux didn’t have this problem. The Quest Rewards from completing his missions allowed him to gain Free Stats and upgrade his Body Constitution for free!


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