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Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven’s Gate – Chapter 247.2: Deadly Beauty [Part 2] Bahasa Indonesia

After getting hit by Lux’s Dragon Breath, Vall immediately took on his Arachnid Form in order to recover faster from the injuries that he had received.

The Half-Elf gazed at his opponent with a serious expression on his face, somewhat regretting turning off the effect of his newly acquired skill, Abyss Touch.

As much as possible, Lux didn’t want to kill anyone in the tournament, so he hesitated using strong attacks like Dragon Breath, while under the effect of Abyss Touch.

If this ability of his had been active, there was a high chance that Vall would suffer grievous injuries or, in the worst case scenario, die due to his last attack.

‘I guess it’s time to get serious as well,’ Lux thought.

Immediately, Lux’s body was covered from head to foot with dark-green armor. It was none other than the Favonius Legacy, which had been bestowed upon him by Cedwyn before he left Leaf Village.


< Favonius Legacy, The Heirloom of the West >

(Degraded Pseudo-Demigod Armor)

Rarity: Mythical (Degraded)

Requirements: Must gain the recognition of Favonius’ Will.

– This armor was once worn by a Saint. However, due to the passing of hundreds of years, the armor has degraded to the Mythical Rank.

– After its rank degraded, the stats of this armor also degraded. In order to restore the armor to its former glory, you will need the help of a Saint-Ranked Blacksmith.

– Only those that had been recognized by the will of Favonius can wield this armor set.

– This armor is Soulbound to Lux Von Kaizer.

– This armor can be worn by any Creature under your command.

+20 to all stats

+300 to Defense.

– 50% Resistant to Wind Element

– While this armor is equipped, the wearer will gain the ability to fly.

– While this armor is equipped, the wearer will gain the ability to use the skill “Sky-High Rush”.

– While this armor is equipped, the wearer will gain the ability to use the skill “Gale Storm.”

Active Skills: Razor Wind, Acceleration Charge.

Passive Skills: Levitation, Auto Fit

Title: Favored by the Wind.


< Razor Wind >

(10 Mana)

– Send razor-sharp wind blades at your target that deals +100 Wind Elemental Damage.


< Acceleration Charge >

– Increase flying speed by 100%


< Levitation >

– The wearer of this armor can hover up to two meters above the ground.

– This passive skill can be turned on and off.


< Favored by the Wind >

– The effect of Wind Elemental Damage, or skills, will increase by 20%

– Thrice a day, you may cast the skill, Healing Wind.


< Healing Wind >

– Restores 20% of the Maximum Health Points of everyone that is within a two-hundred meter radius of the wearer of this armor.


‘This is not enough,’ Lux thought as he turned on his passive skill, Tempest Fury, that he had disabled before the start of the battle.


< Tempest Fury >

(Can be switched On and Off at any given time)

– Any weapon that the user wields will be enchanted by the wind element, making it sharper, and able to deal additional Wind Elemental Damage.

– This Skill is applied to unarmed combat as well. Punches and kicks will be imbued by the power of wind, and deal additional Wind Elemental Damage.

– This Skill is also applied to ranged attacks, including arrows, throwing knives, throwing axes, darts, or any projectile weapons that the user wields.

– Adds +100 Wind Elemental Damage to all attacks by the user.


A gust of wind blew around Lux’s body as invisible threads of wind swirled around his arms and legs.

The High-Rankers amongst the audience in the coliseum could faintly see something similar to small tornadoes swirling around Lux’s arms and legs,

This passive skill was a perfect pair with the Favonius Legacy Set because anything with the Wind Element was empowered by the Mythical Armor.

The Boar, Nero, as well as the other contestants, looked at the chubby boy’s armor that they were seeing for the first time.

“So, you still have a few tricks under your sleeves,” Nero muttered. “But will that be enough against your opponent? I highly doubt it.”

Vall, who was paying close attention to Lux’s movements, was unfazed by his armor. Although he could tell that it wasn’t something simple, he firmly believed that no one could overpower him inside the arena as long as he was in his Arachnid Form.

The Giant Jumping Spider then began to jump around the Arena, as it weaved a silky web of death around the chubby teenager who had dared to hurt him earlier.

The near-invisible threads criss-crossed against each other before descending upon Lux. Seeing that his opponent was hell-bent on cutting him into ribbons, he hastily levitated above the ground, barely evading them by a hair’s breadth.

The razor-sharp threads then sliced up the ground around the chubby teenager, turning it into cubes, making those who saw it gasp in shock.

“Acceleration Charge,” Lux stated and his flying speed increased, allowing him to evade the countless silky threads that were being weaved around him by the Jumping Spider, whose movements had also increased dramatically.

Left with no choice, Lux flew towards the sky in the hope to evade Vall’s dogged attacks.

Suddenly, Lux felt something tug at his foot, preventing him from flying higher.

When one of Vall’s silky threads managed to grab hold of the chubby boy’s foot, he used this opportunity to drag the other party back towards the ground with a vengeance.

“Razor Wind!” Lux made a slashing motion with his hand, and a wind blade cut off the thread that bound his leg, allowing him to break free from Vall’s hold.

After distancing himself from his opponent, Lux was planning to unleash a barrage of Wind Blades towards the persistent spider when he noticed something bizarre.

The Jumping Spider was jumping in the air, using the silky threads as a means to propel himself higher. Clearly, he didn’t want to let Lux have the advantage in aerial combat. Vall lunged at Lux with his jaws open wide.

His movement was almost like a blur, but thanks to the power of the Wind Element, Lux was able to predict where Vall was going to hit him, so he managed to evade the attack just in time.

Unknown to him, this was part of Vall’s plan in order to gain a higher altitude than Lux so he could initiate one of his Trump Cards.

After emitting another ear-piercing shriek, the Giant Spider unleashed a torrent of silver threads, encapsulating the entirety of the arena in a dome-like structure. This special ability was something that Vall used to permanently trap his opponent, so he could slowly whittle them to death.

Only people who had stepped into the Initiate Rank could break past the deadly dome that he just created. The threads covering the entire arena were more than capable of slicing anything that went through it like knife cutting through butter.

Vall stood at the very top of the spider’s web, while looking down on the chubby, flying insect, who was doing his best to not get tangled up in his spider webs.

Nero, who was watching Lux’s futile struggle, laughed in his heart, knowing that this was the same move that almost defeated him when he fought against Vall several months ago because of a conflict in Elysium.

The only reason he managed to escape was due to his inherent lightning abilities that allowed him to flee the moment he realized that he was about to be put inside a silky cage, whose owner was known for his narcissistic and sadistic tendencies.

As the minutes ticked by, Lux finally understood that the more he delayed the battle, the thicker the cage became. Right now, the audience was having a hard time seeing what was happening inside the arena because of the thick webs that blocked their view.

‘Fine, since you are so adamant on going all out, I’ll do the same,’ Lux thought as he stood at the center of the arena.

A faint crackling sound spread in the arena as Lux activated the skill, Abyss Touch [EX].

Since his opponent was doing its best to keep him inside the cage, then he would just attack the cage and its Master at the same time with one of the most deadly attacks in his arsenal infused with the Abyss Touch skill.

“Dragon War Art Ninth Form!” Lux roared as an image of a Red Dragon appeared above him. “Draco-Meteor!”


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