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Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven’s Gate – Chapter 248.3: Deadly Beauty [Part 3] Bahasa Indonesia

“Dragon War Art Ninth Form!” Lux roared as an image of a Red Dragon appeared above him. “Draco-Meteor!”

The Giant Spider, that was resting on the top of the Spider Web, felt the hairs on its entire body stand on end. A moment later, several fireballs materialized from above, then descended upon its silky home.

The moment the fireballs made contact with the spider threads, they were immediately ignited, and the red flames started to spread like wildfire.

A pain-filled shriek reverberated in the arena as the flames reached the Giant Spider’s Body, breaking past its defenses, and burning it from within.

The smell of burning flesh and threads reached everyone’s nose, as thick smoke spread across the coliseum, covering everyone’s sight.

Alexander, who was standing at the highest seat of honor, stood up and waved his hand.

Immediately, the smoke dispersed, and everyone was able to see the giant spider, whose entire body was burning like crazy. Its shriek, which was filled with pain, anger, frustration, and unwillingness, was like music to Lux’s ears.

The flames that were burning its body, as well as its spider web, were made up of flames infused with the power of the Abyss Touch. After a minute, its giant body crashed down to the ground like a burning meteor.

Judge Dredd and Bruno, who were the official judges of the battle, immediately appeared in the arena and extinguished the flames on the Giant Spider’s body.

“Medics!” Bruno shouted. “Emergency Aid, now!”

As if finally broken out of their daze, the Clerics, as well as the other healers of Barbatos Academy, rushed towards the arena and simultaneously cast their healing spells on the twitching spider, who seemed to be just a step away from going to the afterlife.

Lux, who was responsible for this scene, could feel the beads of sweat that were forming on his forehead. He didn’t expect the Giant Jumping Spider, who was as strong as an Rank 4 Alpha Monster, to almost turn into a barbecued spider, after receiving one of Lux’s strongest Draconic Attacks.

‘The Abyss Touch is something that I should use in moderation,’ Lux thought as he stared at the spider who was being treated by all the Clerics and Life Mages that belonged to Barbatos Academy.

Judge Dredd and Bruno glanced at each other before shifting their gaze at the chubby teenager who was still covered in his dark-green armor.

Neither of them could believe that someone had been able to deal this much damage against Vall who clearly had the advantage in the match. As High-Rankers, they were familiar with the skill, Dragon Meteor, because it was an ability that Elder Dragons, especially Red Dragons, used whenever powerful trespassers entered their Domain.

‘Is he a Dragonborn?’ Judge Dredd asked Bruno using an artifact that allowed them to talk via telepathy.

‘I don’t know, but whoever he is, he will definitely be in everyone’s crosshairs from this moment onwards,’ Bruno replied. ‘Dredd, it is time to announce the winner of this match.’

Judge Dredd nodded and walked towards Lux who was standing not far from them.

“Winner! My Daddy!”

Right after Judge Dredd announced the winner of the battle, the audience stood from their seats and applauded with all of their might. Their resounding cheers descended upon the arena, causing Lux to break out from his daze.

“””My Daddy!”””

“””My Daddy!”””

“””My Daddy!”””

“””My Daddy!”””

The audience chanted Lux’s alias repeatedly, making Iris and Eiko, who was currently imitating the Half-Elf, join the chant as well.

The Boar’s eyes sparkled as it looked at the chubby teenger on the arena. In truth, it had decided that Lux had lost the moment the entire stadium was covered with spider threads.

It didn’t expect that those same spider threads that had trapped its friend would only serve as the fuel to barbecue the Giant Spider, who had now reverted to his original form.

The Clerics immediately carried the unconscious, and naked boy, who had suddenly turned bald after being exposed to the searing flames that burned his entire body, away from the arena.

Nero, who was watching this scene, clicked his tongue in annoyance. Just like the boar, he had also labeled Lux as the loser of the match. However, beyond his wildest dreams, the latter was able to reverse the situation to his advantage and win the battle, advancing to the Semi-Finals.

‘No matter,’ Nero thought as he gave Lux one last glance before leaving the arena. ‘I will crush anyone that gets in my way. The champion of this tournament will be no one but me.’


Half an hour after Lux’s victory in the arena…

“You didn’t disappoint my faith in you,” the Boar said as it patted Lux’s waist. “It didn’t cross my mind for even a second that you would lose the match. As a member of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the three of us did well.”

“How many times must I tell you that I am not a member of your League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,” Lux retorted as he walked towards the restaurant to have an early dinner.

“What are you talking about? We’re friends, right? Since we’re buddies, it is only natural that you are now part of my organization.”

“What kind of logic is that? I have human rights, you know?”

The Boar chuckled, walking beside Lux as if it was the latter’s best friend. The other contestants that were in the hallway, stepped aside to allow the two of them to pass.

Although it didn’t look strong, the Boar had still managed to become one of the Elite 4, who would fight in the Semi-Finals.

Nero, Keane, Cai, and My Daddy.

These four individuals were now hailed as the four strongest members of the young generation, whose prestige now exceeded the previous Four Kings, and Five Overlords.

In Solais, the strong were revered, while the losers were forgotten. Such was the way of the world, and now, these four individuals were now under heavy scrutiny by the high-ranking officials, nobles, and ruling families of the Six Kingdoms that supported Barbatos Academy.

“Too bad, Little Swordy is still unconscious,” the Boar stated. “Otherwise, the three of us could celebrate together.”

Lux had given up on trying to break free from the Boar who wouldn’t stop acting chummy with him. He understood that this was its personality and the more someone tried to push it away, the more it would stick to that person like glue.

Since that was the case, he no longer bothered and accepted its chatty company.

“Fortunately, we have been given a one-day break to recover,” the Boar said as it sat on the ground, while Lux sat on a chair. “I hope that he wakes up after a day. I’d hate it if he ended up sleeping until the Final Round.”

“You should worry about yourself,” Lux stated. “Tomorrow, we will be drawing ballots. You already know that, regardless of who your opponent will be, you’re not their match, right?”

“Huh? You’re looking down on me?” the Boar asked as it tapped the top of the table with its hoof. “You really think I’m a pushover, huh? Just you wait. Make sure to pray that I will not be your opponent in your next match, or else you will understand how to spell the word Defeat.”

“… Just where are you getting your confidence from?”

“Hehehe. That’s a trade secret. Only members of my Secret Organization are able to learn this secret skill of mine.”

Lux scoffed at the thick-skinned boar, who had called for a waitress and ordered pork chops and baby back ribs. It was planning to order more, but it stopped after receiving Lux’s glare.

“I’m not going to pay for your meals like last time, okay?” Lux said. “If you Dine and Dash again, I will come find you and beat you up.”

“… Um, Waitress, you can forget my order of extra fries, and chicken nuggets,” the Boar stated. “Just pork chops and baby back ribs will do.”

The waitresses had already gotten used to the Boar’s tendency to order meat dishes, especially pork, whenever it was in the restaurant.

“Understood,” the Waitress replied. “How about you, Sir?”

Lux was about to tell the waitress his order when his gaze landed on Nero, who had also entered the restaurant to eat. The two of them held each other’s gaze for a brief moment before minding their own business.

They knew that this was not the place to settle their disputes. Whatever grievances or grudges they held against each other would be settled in the arena in two days time.


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