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Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven’s Gate – Chapter 246.1: Deadly Beauty [Part 1] Bahasa Indonesia

Lux gazed at the blue-haired teenager who was not as handsome as him.

Although he was fairly good looking, the Half-Elf felt that his opponent was a bit of a narcissist because he kept on admiring himself in the mirror, while combing his hair in the middle of the arena.

“Um, can we start?” Judge Dredd asked the blue-haired teenager with an impatient look on his face.

“Just another minute,” the blue-haired teenager said with a smile. “I’m almost done.”

Judge Dredd sighed, as he gave Lux a glance. The blue-haired teenager had been combing his hair for five minutes, and some of the people were starting to get impatient because of this.

Lux only shrugged after seeing Judge Dredd’s gaze, which meant that he didn’t mind even if his opponent took a little longer to prepare his hair before they started to fight.

Vallaki Meitar, Vall for short.

This was the name of Lux’s opponent, and one of the Five Overlords. He had seen his battle once, and Lux assumed that Vall’s battlestyle was somewhat similar to his Grandma Vera’s.

“Sorry to keep you waiting,” Vall said as he faced Lux with a confident smile on his face. “We can start the battle now.”

Lux nodded, and Judge Dredd raised both of his hands to declare the start of the battle.

“Battle Start!”

When the order for the battle started, Lux summoned his two golems, Orion and another Rock Golem, at the same time.

A moment later, the second Rock Golem charged at Vall, while Orion pressed his hand over the arena to make the ground shake fiercely.

Vall calmly observed this as if he was just a spectator and not a contestant fighting inside the arena.

Even though the arena was shaking badly, he remained standing as if his feet had been nailed on the ground, preventing him from losing his balance.

When the Golem was only a few meters away from him, Vall waved his hand and the Rock Golem came to a complete halt.

Silver strings had wrapped around the Golem’s body, restricting its movements and preventing it from moving.

“Ugly things are not worth my time,” Vall declared. A moment later he made a cutting motion with his right hand, and the Rock Golem was sliced up into dozens of pieces by the silver strings that were as sharp as adamantium swords.

Vall then smirked before running towards Lux and Orion, who was still manipulating the arena to make it shake.

As if he was skating on ice, Vall traversed the arena with ease, waving his hands fluidly and elegantly, like a maestro directing an orchestra to play a masterpiece.

“I have been paying close attention to you, My Daddy,” Vall said as he circled around Lux and Orion with a smile plastered on his handsome face. “Even after displaying several powerful abilities, I have a feeling that you still have many aces under your sleeve. Care to show them to me?”

Lux didn’t answer, and ordered Orion to smash his fist on the arena, causing Earth Spikes to jut out of the ground, forcing Vall to distance himself from them.

“How rude, I was just asking questions,” Vall commented in a teasing tone. “No matter. I will see it for myself, isn’t that right, Mr. Orion?”

Lux, who was paying close attention to Vall’s movements, suddenly jumped to his right side and rolled on the ground.

A second later, a loud smashing sound reached his ears, as his Named Creature, Orion, tried to smash him with his fist.

Before Lux could even take a breather, the Rock Golem roared as it tried to stop himself from attacking his Master, but his body wasn’t cooperating with him.

“Nice set of skills you have here, Mr. Orion,” Vall stated. “Now, let him have a taste of your Gaia Smash!”

Orion jumped into the air and prepared to unleash his strongest attack on his own Master, who was looking at the blue-haired teenager with a serious expression on his face.

When the Rock Golem’s fist was about to hit the chubby teenager, he instantly vanished in the air as he was forcefully unsummoned by his Master.

Now that the Rock Golem was gone, Vall could no longer manipulate anything to attack Lux, or so he thought.

Without any warning, Lux’s right hand moved by itself and punched his face, making him grimace in pain.

Vall chuckled as he waved his arms left and right, controlling Lux’s left and right hands as he manipulated them to continuously punch their own body’s face.

“How does it feel to get punched by your own two hands?” Vall inquired as he continued to manipulate Lux to give himself a beating. “Are you enjoying it?”

Lux didn’t answer, instead he kept on punching himself repeatedly, making Vall chuckle in amusement.

However, the smile on Vall’s face disappeared when he felt that something was amiss. Lux just kept on punching himself repeatedly, and yet, the latter hadn’t uttered a single word since the battle had started.

Vall’s ability was to conjure strings. He could extend them for several miles, and use them to shred, slice, hack, bind, and even manipulate his opponents as long as the right conditions were met.

Even Nero was very wary of Vall’s ability because once he started to infuse his mana into his strings, they turned invisible, preventing anyone from seeing them.

One could even say that Vall was every Summoner’s, or Beast Tamer’s, nightmare. Once he had attached his strings to their creatures, their Masters could only helplessly watch as their own creatures would attack them without any mercy.

It was at that moment when a rocky hand grabbed Vall’s leg from the ground and held it in a vice grip.

The blue-haired teenager didn’t panic and simply waved his hand in a slicing motion, cutting off the rocky arm with the strings in his hands.

A second later, he felt himself moving uncontrollably towards his right, where Orion had materialized.

The Rock Golem had used its taunting skill, Duel [EX], to force Vall to exchange a blow with him. Naturally, the Rock Golem planned to use one of his strongest attacks, and it was none other than the Jackhammer, that could easily smash giant boulders with ease.

“Impertinent creature!” Vall shouted as he made a crisscrossing gesture with his hands.

Orion’s hand was cut off from its body, preventing it from dealing a devastating blow to his opponent. But, before Vall could even celebrate, the hair on the back of his neck stood on end as a powerful Dragon Breath collided with his back, which slammed him against the barrier of the arena and held him there until the duration of the attack ended.

Lux emerged from the ground, with smoke rising up from his mouth. He had timed his attack perfectly, hoping that it would put an end to his opponent, but it was not enough to defeat the blue-haired teenager, who had wrapped his body with the silky threads that were as tough as the strongest armors.

“You almost got me there, chubby boy,” Vall said as he wiped away the blood that had seeped out of the corner of his lips. “Good thing, I prepared my String Armor just for you.”

The smell of strings burning permeated the arena, as Vall endured the pain on his back. Although he had survived Lux’s sneak attack from behind, the armor that he had weaved a day ago was burned to a crisp.

Fortunately for him, he was also wearing additional armor that mitigated most of the damage he received from Lux’s Dragon Breath.

“I see, so that one is only a clone,” Vall commented as he looked at the clone that was still punching its face left and right. “Well played. But, you have wasted your only opportunity to defeat me.”

Vall raised both of his hands, and the entire arena was covered in a dome made of strings that looked just like a spiderweb.

The handsome teenager’s face started to contort before his entire body was wrapped up in a silver cocoon.

A few seconds later, the cocoon broke apart and a giant, Alpha-Ranked Elegant Golden Jumping Spider, appeared in front of Lux.

The three-meter tall Alpha Spider emitted an ear-piercing shriek which showed how much the chubby teenager had infuriated it.

The handsome-blue haired teenager was gone, and what had replaced him was a monstrosity, which would give anyone a nightmare the moment they laid their eyes on it.

Vallaki Meitar.

One of the Five Overlords, and was said to be just as strong as Nero, had finally shown his true colors.

The Boar, who was watching from the platform, shuddered as it looked at the colorful, yet deadly, Jumping Spider, which was a Rank 4 Alpha Monster.

It was a creature that had long been recognized as something that a Grade A Apostle couldn’t possibly fight on his own.

Nero, who was watching from the contestants platform, sneered as he looked at the chubby teenager who was facing death directly in the face.

The brown-haired boy admitted that if he was the one fighting Vall, he would have no choice but to use everything in his power to beat him in his spider form.

‘You should have defeated him while you still had the chance,’ Nero chuckled internally as he looked at the giant Jumping Spider encircling the chubby boy, while spewing silky spider threads in the surroundings.

He knew that unless Lux had a way to overpower his opponent, his chances of beating Vall once he completed his Slaughter Domain was as good as zero.

That was how powerful Vall was in his Beast Form, and even the Kings of the Younger Generation, didn’t want to mess with him and left the narcissistic, and handsome, blue-haired teenager alone.


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