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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 323: CH 292: KIYOHIME(6)* Bahasa Indonesia

Kiyohime stayed silent for a while. She could see the twinkle of amusement that colored Sol’s eyes.

Here she was, butt naked on her very own ship, while her subordinates did their daily work with full enthusiasm, as she held his throbbing penis in her hands.

What really was her relationship with Sol?

It was hard to convey them in words.


Kiyohime did not think she loved Sol. They hadn’t explored those areas of their relationship yet, so that was a given…

Friends with benefits?

This might be what summed up their relationship quite precisely. But, at the same time, it was too crude to really describe what they had going on for themselves.

All in all, the two were in a rather awkward situation. But that did not really matter.

Right here, right now… They were just two people seeking pleasure in each other’s embrace.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

Kiyohime took a deep breath and tried to remember how she had performed on their first night together. This caused her to flush when she remembered how helpless she had been back then.

‘Well let’s do it like this, then.’

She began by poking the bulbous head slightly with her soft fingertips, “L-like this?” Tingling pleasure immediately coursed through his body with her careful ministrations.

“It seems like you appreciate this.”

The pleasure he felt was akin to being wrapped in a fulfillingly warm and soft embrace.

One hand was firmly holding the shaft and rubbing up and down along its length. Her small hand could not manage a tight enough grip to provide intense stimulation, but its softness and warmth were on a whole another level altogether.

Meanwhile, the second hand on the head was very much the same, giving him a new kind of sensation with its soft and snug warmth. Her smooth palm rubbed at the tip in a clumsy but exciting way, exciting his heart in the process.

“Your precum is gushing.”

“That just means you are doing a very good job.”

Kiyohime smiled but she knew that she wasn’t really doing a good job as he so cheekily said.

‘I guess there is no other way.’

Taking off her hands, She used her mana to form a small thread of materialized mana and used it to tie her blue hair so that it wouldn’t get in the way.

Once this was done, Kiyohime finally brought her lips to his penis, her hot breath tickled him and his little brother but at the same time, he could feel a growing sense of anticipation rising within him from her small action.

She kissed the swollen tip and then opened her mouth to slip it, between her lips, into the wet confines of her mouth. She stimulated the head as if chewing on it with just her soft-velvety lips. The last time around, she hadn’t really been able to do much before Sol completely took control of the situation. It wasn’t going to be the same this time around.

Then she used her tongue. She stuck her short tongue out as far as it could go and touched the penis with it, lapping it in its soft flesh. It looked a lot like a kitten lapping up water, but she was actually doing the exact opposite. She was using her tongue to get saliva all over the penis.

She soaked the skin with bulging veins and then spread it around with her lips. Once it was well coated with saliva, it was a lot smoother, which let her move her lips and tongue even more smoothly.


‘Good, he likes it.’

Relieved, Kiyohime continued. She focused on enjoying the unusually smooth texture of the head, the hint of saltiness on her tongue, and…

‘A little bitter, isn’t it?’

She normally didn’t like bitter flavors, but this one she didn’t mind very much. In fact, she used her tongue to lap up as much of it as she could get from the hole at the tip.


The tongue stimulation of the tip made Sol tremble and groan. It was clear that he really liked what she was doing.

Emboldened by that knowledge, she added even more saliva to see more of this reaction of his, she began sucking harder, which caused him to push his hips forward instinctively without having been aware of that movement.

That pushed the rest of the head past her lips, which was enough to fill up the small mouth of the dragon queen.

He tried to pull back once he realized what he had subconsciously done, but…


She refused to let go of his penis as though he was trying to steal a treat from her.

“Are you sure you can handle this?”

She looked up at him and nodded with the end of his penis still in her mouth.

Sol decided to not worsen the mood. If she was sure that she could handle it then he wouldn’t argue with her about it.

Kiyohime wasn’t forcing herself. While she was a little shocked from his sudden action and Sol’s throbbing lance completely filled her mouth, it was easy for her to control her gag reflexes. So, ultimately, it wouldn’t pose any problem.

She moved her head back and forth to move his penis in and out of her wet mouth. She was keenly observing his reaction and acting in accord, as if she was a hunter chasing after a prey and was keenly observing the behavior of her prey to flawlessly capture it into her palms.

It wasn’t long before she had discovered where Sol liked it best and was focusing all of her attacks on the ridge of the head.

When her lips passed over a thinner part of the penis, the veins and the thin parts would stir up her saliva and form bubbles in her mouth which made more and more saliva to be coated along the length of the shaft. She ignored the saliva dripping from the corners of her mouth as she stimulated his penis even more.

‘This is so hot.’

She felt like her heart was about to burst with how excited she felt currently. She naturally reached a hand down below, to stimulate her neglected honeypot. It only took an instant for her hand to be completely drenched by her fluids.

This made her realize just how excited she was and her fingers began to stir her innermost self.

She knew she had to stop, yet her fingers only picked up more and more speed. She started rocking her hips back and forth for even greater pleasure. At the same time, she also swallowed his penis as far as her small mouth allowed her to.

Looking down as Kiyohime worked on the blowjob while fingering herself in such a lewd way was like a direct attack for Sol, causing his raging libido to reach a tipping point.


He felt the urge to shove his dick all the way down her throat but he did not want to hurt her. Instead, he slowly pulled his hips back to enjoy the entrance of her mouth a bit more.

The ridge of the head touched her lips and then half the head slipped out between them. That was when he pushed it halfway back in again. This way he stimulated the sensitive head to reach higher realms of pleasure.

He continued moving in and out of that shallow area to enjoy the feel of her lips on his head.

“Kiyo, can you hold your lips together a little tighter?”

Kiyohime did not answer but did as Sol asked and the result was simply incredible. When she tightened up the entrance, the pleasure rapidly increased. He gradually moved faster and deeper.

Now, it was hard to say that Kiyohime was giving him a blowjob as it was more like he was face fucking her, looking at the speed and intensity he was working his hips on her mouth.

All of Kiyohime’s focus was concentrated on the cock moving in and out of her mouth.

She kept her teeth apart to avoid hurting it and pressed her lips together. She knew she was looking extremely silly right now, but she felt no desire to stop.

“I am… about to cum.”

Feeling that he had reached the peak, Sol warned Kiyohime so that she wasn’t taken by surprise.

Pleasure coursed through his body before gathering on his penis and Sol tried to take his penis out of her mouth but Kiyohime stopped him from doing so.

The rhythmic motion of her head picked up speed and intensity, not unlike Sol’s earlier hip movements. She could tell that his trembling penis had grown to the bursting point inside her mouth.

Holding it in any longer was simply not possible. He felt the pleasure in his lower body taking control of his mind.

A thick liquid erupted into her mouth.

After that initial blast, a further squirt of jizz entered her mouth each time the penis intensely throbbed. There was too much to fit in her mouth, so it flowed down her throat and out of her lips.

Even so, Kiyohime did not stop. Sol could see her throat moving up and down as she swallowed his cum, as if she was completely intoxicated.

In the end, she even used a finger to scoop up what was dripping from the corner of her mouth and brought it right back into her mouth.


Even though she complained like that, she acted like a cute kitten and completely licked him completely clean.

Watching this, how could Sol stay indifferent?

His cock, which had softened a little, immediately hardened again to Kiyohime’s absolute delight.

(AN: Funny thing is. We are in NNN but I plan to make Vol 10 be full of smut, so yeah. Be ready guys. It’s a training arc of sorts for you, lol.)


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