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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 324: CH 293: KIYOHIME(7)** Bahasa Indonesia

Once Sol came down from the height of his orgasm, he smiled at the still-kneeling Kiyohime and gently patted her on the head as a form of encouragement.

“I must say, this was positively incredible.”

He was honestly surprised. This was only their second time together but Kiyohime had been quite skillful toward the end there.

Kiyohime grinned in response and shrugged, “I learn pretty fast.”

She was a little ashamed and still undoubtedly flustered, but now that her sex drive was at an all-time high, she could easily discard such unneeded feelings, at this.

Right now, she just wanted to feel good— as good as she could.

She knew that she would feel embarrassed as hell once her excitement died down, but this was a problem for the future ‘Her’ to care about, so she lost all her hesitations.

Thinking about this, Kiyohime poked his penis absentmindedly. She gently supported his rock-hard erection with her hands and kissed the tip again with smooching sounds.

A tingling sensation shot from his penis along his spine right up to his brain.

But she was far from done.

Her tongue crawled all across his penis like it had a mind of its own.

She licked down the underside to the base and continued lapping at the boundary along his balls. She pulled the penis down with her hand so she could reach the top and licked up that side of the shaft to reach the head again.

Kiyohime opened her mouth wide. A few strings of saliva bridged the gap between her upper and lower lips. Frothy saliva had gathered atop her tongue, gathering into a small pool of viscous liquid.

The excess saliva spilled from her mouth as she fit the entire penis head inside.

His brain was assaulted by the pleasant sensation of the end of his penis soaking in something akin to a lukewarm bath.

She squeezed her lips shut to provide even greater stimulation and she started moving her head in rhythmic motions. Her tongue licked at the head while she swallowed a large portion of his shaft too.

The sight always made him wonder how so much of his giant cock could fit inside her small mouth.

After pulling her lips back nearly to the tip, she swallowed his brother deep into her throat again.

And she pulled back again.

Over and over again, she swallowed his penis and released it once more.

It felt like her tightly squeezing lips surrounded his entire erection at the same time.

Whenever she swallowed it, the saliva in her mouth was parted and applied a slimy pressure to his penis.

Whenever she pulled back, he was left with the illusion that all that pressure was now focused on just the tip.

It was an intense form of blowjob.

It was as if Kiyohime wished to summarize everything that she had learned until now and apply it altogether to give him mind-blowing amounts of pleasure.

Her eyes were damp and drooping like she was in a dreamlike state. The flushing red permeating her cheeks spread to her entire face and even colored the tips of her ears.

Her cheeks, chin, and neck glistened with drool and a bit of his cum from the earlier session.

The gap between her usual stoic and serious appearance and the appearance now, during this intense blowjob, turned Sol on to no end.

Still, Sol had to stop her. While he didn’t mind cumming from another blowjob, there was something else he wanted to do. Something he wished to enact all along.

Feeling the hand on her head, Kiyohime spat back his cock with a curious expression on her face but was promptly startled when he suddenly lifted her with his strong arms.

“It seems like you have forgotten but… We are still on your ship, you know?”

Kiyohime was shocked awake, from her dreamlike state, with that single statement alone. Her eyes opened wide when she realized her wanton actions, that she was enacting, just a moment ago.

She couldn’t help but scream inwardly with a terrifying shriek at the past ‘Her’, wondering why the heck she acted like a total harlot in heat.

“Let’s try a new position.”

Not giving her the time to get back her bearings, Sol leaned back and had Kiyohime lean into him. He moved one arm and then the other below her knees to support her butt while lifting her legs over his shoulders.

Kiyohime felt another bout of unbearable embarrassment wash over her at having her legs opened by his arms. Moreover, she was dazed as he lifted her from the ground and she had no choice but to instinctively wrap her leg around him.

He lowered her a little and she felt something hard and hot touch her quivering slit.

By the time she realized the identity of the intruder, it was already intensely caressing her pussy. He moved her hips rhythmically around to rub her slit against the tip of his penis over and over again. She heard the stickiness of her love juices and felt her inner flesh longing for that cock.

“Ah, ahh, what are you doing? Stop teasing me like this!”

Love juices flowed endlessly from her.



He dropped her hips down, skewering her on his massive rod.

Thanks to the extensive teasing, it penetrated her with ease, and felt like it was several times deeper than usual.

Kiyohime’s eyes rolled a little while she climaxed hard just from the act of penetration alone. She had already been on the brink of her release while giving him a blowjob and this had just been the last straw.

Sol grunted as he felt her small and tight entrance tighten even further around him and violently quiver as her body was also wracked with intense bouts of euphoria in the form of a massive orgasm. He was tempted to simply let go and cum then and there but it wouldn’t be fun if that were the case.

“I told you we would fill this ship with joyous memories, right?”


Rather than answering, he slowly lifted her hips and dropped them down again. His cock entered her even deeper this time. He easily moved her hips, moving them up and down the length of his cock faster and faster.

Each time, she felt like his penis was penetrating her entire body.


Pleasure burst inside her right to her very core.

But pleasure turned into confusion when she felt Sol begin advancing toward the main deck of the ship.


Sol ignored her querying words. Kiyohime wanted to speak more but since Sol did not stop moving her up and down, she was forced to close her mouth as a moan spilled out of her lips.

When they finally reached the main deck, the bustling became even more evident. The movements of people she had ignored came into her view.

‘At least… There is no sound.’

“Heh…You know, when I first obtained this power, I was unable to let the sound in. Had to learn how to read lips and all. But you see…That was before I became a Duke.”


Kiyohime was stunned. Then she heard it.

The sound of the winds, the wave below, the cry of the birds, and the movements of people all move around.

If before Kiyohime could ignore it by acting as if it simply didn’t exist, now, she could only curse her sharp sense as she felt everything.

“When do you think the Lady will come back?”

“The captain must be busy taking care of the prince. I guess it will take quite a while?”

“How lucky. I wish I was in his place.”

“Shhh! Don’t speak words like those. You know you shouldn’t mess with the new prince.”

The voices reached them in a steady stream.

“Still, the lady is really worthy of respect. I have heard much of her war tales but it paled in front of what I witnessed with my own eyes.”

“Indeed. Strong, smart, gentle yet firm. She is really perfect. Sadly, she won’t accept any mate.”

“Hah. As if you would be strong enough to take her down even if she was open to the idea of taking a mate.”

The sailors joked around and chuckled, then all the voices and all the sounds vanished altogether, as though they never existed.

“Hah, I wonder what kind of look they would have if they knew their respected Lady was having a delightful moment just next to them.”


“Hmmmm…? You say this but…you are the one who has been moving for a while now you know?”


The light slowly returned to Kiyohime’s hazy expression when she realized that Sol wasn’t the one to be moving anymore but it was, in fact, her instead who was swinging her hips like there was no tomorrow.

Nibbling her ear, Sol muttered, “It must be hard, right? Being the queen. You must uphold your authority. You must always keep a straight face. You must take care of all the problems… The stress must be building up, right?”


“Why not cast aside all the chains restraining you, even if only for a mere moment? Right here, right now, it’s just you and I. Not even the goddesses can gaze into this place. No matter how wild you become, I will be the sole witness to your state.”

Like the sweet words of a devil enticing a pure soul, the mental defenses set up by Kiyohime were slowly brought down.

‘Ah… He is right…’

She thought absentmindedly. Being the queen was tiring. Having all those responsibilities was crushing.

She wanted to rest. She wanted to let go. She wished to vent all her frustration.

“…Just this once?”

“As many times as you like. For as long as I will be here. If you need to vent, then just come to me. Heh, this will be our little secret.”

“… A secret….”

By now, Kiyohime was completely convinced and like a dam finally getting destroyed, a torrent of pleasure rushed at Kiyohime all at once.

Her heart fluttered and she released a loud moan of pleasure, this time not bothering to hide or contain her moans.

“I want you to fuck me. Do it as if there is no tomorrow.”

Her words became crude but Sol did not mind and, in fact, loved this new side of her. After all, this showed how much she wanted him.

“I will not disappoint;”

It was his duty to give an appropriate answer to this request.

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