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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 322: CH 291: KIYOHIME(5)* Bahasa Indonesia

Kiyohime knew that Sol was a daring man.

But she would and could have never thought that his daring nature would be to this extent.


Holding Kiyohime in his arms, in the stereotypical princess carry, Sol grinned wolfishly while admiring the achromatic world surrounding the two of them.

<<Inverse World>>

A dimension that was the perfect mirror of the existing universe without the usual colors. While he was here, Sol could move around and observe everything on the side of reality without being seen, heard, or felt by anyone else. Everytime he entered this world of his, he couldn’t help but recall just how broken this ability of his was.

When Sol still considered this dimension as a sort of Mirror dimension, that was basically a carbon copy of the real world, he immediately thought of one devious trait as the very first application of his dimension— Using it as a spying mechanism to eavesdrop upon anyone he desired.

Now though, he knew and fully realized that it was vastly more powerful than anything he could have ever guessed back then. Still, it didn’t change the fact that it could be used to observe others secretly. That devious use would always remain at his arsenal due to the nature of his dimension.

In this fleeting moment, both Sol and Kiyohime were on the deck of the White Pearl, Kiyohime’s battleship. Completely naked…of course…in the typical Sol-like fashion.

All around them, surrounding them in every direction, servants and sailors were walking and busying themselves with their daily work, none of them the wiser of what kind of debauched and sensual acts were happening just next to them. And there was more and more to come, surely they’d be unaware of those things too…maybe… At least, Kiyohime would surely hope for that.

Since Kiyohime was a King ranked being, she was not affected by the inversion of emotion trait of his dimension. Additionally, now that Sol had finally become a proper Duke, he could stay in this state for a long time without worrying about the lack of energy anymore. This was just one of the many perks that becoming a Duke had granted him…

While Sol was lost in his own thoughts, fully befitting a full fledged battle maniac, Kiyohime’s heart was pounding many a miles a minute. Her eyes mirrored the myriads of emotions her mind felt…

The emotions mirroring her mind was a sordid amalgam of contradictions— fear of getting caught and a certain sense of immortality that filled her whole being, while, as ashamed as she felt due to that emotion, faint traces of excitement also colored her mind here and there.

Here she was, utterly naked while being in the arms of an equally naked man and about to have a long session of carnal exchange with him.


She fought with all her might and integrity to keep her expressions in check, but sadly for her, Sol’s senses were far too sharp, and his experience far too big, to miss that subtlety.

“What do you think? How would your subordinates react if they knew that their oh so respected queen is in fact a closet pervert?”

Sol grinned before muttering those words like a whisper right next to her trembling ears.

Those words tickled Kiyohime’s heart, causing her to shiver intermittently with fear and slight anticipation. Simultaneously, the flowing stream of her love juices increased slightly with that single remark. Her body trembled and rocked uncontrollably, just that fact was enough for Kiyohime to be astonished as she understood that these words of his were enough to bring her to a small climax.

Seeing her immediate reactions to his words, Sol’s grin stretched further to form a wolfish smirk that would even make seasons lechers look at him with admiration. He had guessed that Kiyohime had some slight masochistic tendencies. Not to Camelia’s level, of course, she was quite unique in that regard. He had yet to find a girl at her level and he didn’t think it was possible either, to find someone else with tendencies of that level, that is. But the masochistic characteristic of Kiyohime was high enough that she wouldn’t dislike some shame play on the surface level, at the very least. Time would tell if there was more to explore on that front.

Of course, had she shown any aversion to his actions, Sol would have called it quits without a second of hesitation. He was not one to enforce things that his lovers hated on them by any means…

‘I wonder if I can one day have Nent and Kiyohime at the same time.’

Sol felt his heart blaze with lust with that single fleeting thought but somehow found it in him to immediately cool his emotions down to focus on the matters in hand. Now, it was Kiyohime’s time— time he should spend focusing only on her and her alone. He shouldn’t and wouldn’t disrespect her by thinking of other women now.

Sol laughed out loud before walking toward her quarter – the luxurious queen’s quarters – as he shamelessly revealed the debauched plans he had in store for her, “We will begin with the bow of the ship. By the end of the day, you will not be able to step on this ship without thinking of everything we have done. That, I can guarantee you, my love…”

Compared to their last night together, the current Kiyohime was rather meek, to say the least. She had none of the fighting spirits she showed the last time they made love together.

Nonetheless, it was the time to make some beautiful memories together— memories that would surely rock her mind forever.


The white pearl was an elegant but sturdy ship designated for flight, war, and traveling the void. It was a war machine that followed Kiyohime for much of her long life and in a way it was like her own daughter. She was born in luxury.

Now, Kiyohime was about to get defiled on this very ship. It was akin to getting defiled while being watched by her very own daughter. The sense of shame and lust that it brought her was a powerful stimulus for the fairly sexually inexperienced Kiyohime.

Now, kneeling in front of Sol, Kiyohime looked up at the culprit that was about to fill her up to the brim with copious liquids that she was too ashamed to name.

It was long, hard, and throbbing with anticipation for her ministrations.

Taking his shaft with her hand, an action she had learned to conduct during their previous night together, Kiyohime was once again surprised at the wonder of the body.

To think such a large thing had entered her body previously…

She shuddered faintly at the memory of her wild night with Sol, making her love juice leak out again in gushing streams, staining her prized ship underneath her.


Looking up at that infuriating smile, Kiyohime puffed her cheeks like a cute girl before finally going at it.

“It’s twitching so much. Like it’s in pain. You talk a big deal but you are also anticipating this, right?”

Sol grunted when he felt her hand wrap around his penis. He had no words to rebut against her statement.

The soft sensation on his shaft made him groan with ecstasy.

Kiyohime’s hand was so small and smooth that it felt like being rubbed by a literal apparition of silk.

“Are you okay? Did that hurt?”

“I’m fine. It felt good, actually.”

“I’m glad.”

She breathed a sigh of relief. It would be quite bad if she lost control of her strength here. Thankfully, now that Sol had a powerful body, she had fewer things to worry about.

‘Well, let’s give some payback now for all of your stunts, you cheeky boy.’

She had been pretty passive earlier. So she wanted to take the upper hand this time. She stared at his penis and poured all her energy into maneuvering her hands with sensual strokes, building up a sensual rhythm.

She made sure to not go too hard but gave enough pressure so that it felt good rather than bordering the painful side of the spectrum. Thanks to his pre-cum that already began to flow, the movements were not too dry that would make her movements rough for him.

Her soft and smooth fingers wrapped around it and slowly moved back and forth along its length.

‘Wow…this is fucking great.’

Her technique wasn’t the best, but he could sense her desire to bring him to the very brink which was more than enough to make up for everything else. Every time her fingers touched one of the bulging veins, it would throb powerfully. When she would occasionally touch the bottom of the head, the entire penis would twitch violently. But the way it moved in her hands didn’t stop her from continuing to rub it ever so gently.

“What else should I do?”

Kiyohime asked. Her desire to win calmed down slightly when she remembered that this wasn’t a competition. She didn’t have to be the best. This was a moment of shared pleasure between two people who cared about each other.

Sol was a little taken aback by her sudden question.

He had honestly never really given much instruction in such a situation. It wasn’t as if he really masturbated either. He simply had no need for it when there were experienced women willing to take care of his carnal needs for him.

In the end, he simply smiled and patted her head, “Why not try everything yourself?”

Giving her directions would be good but, looking at her trying to please him with all her might would bring him even more pleasure.

At least this was what the absolute sadist in Sol thought with a bonafide wolfish grin…


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