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Blake blinked a few times. He did not know why someone was suddenly calling him lord. He looked up at Lillia who was cheekily smiling back at him and understood she had something to do with this. Blake was not wrong, she really did have something to do with it. When Blake left and she was giving instructions to those who made it through on how to use mana and how to cast spells she made a golem of Blake and explained that Blake was their lord and that everyone should call him as such. After drilling this into them for the past few months even the newcomers that Blake had never met, knew who he was.

“Hahaha! This world is so much better than the last!” Darla yelled out as she looked around at the fresh mountain ranges and greenery in front of her.

“Says the dragon who got her ass kicked by a small elf girl,” Triana said mockingly as she walked up behind Darla.

“Darla, you bitch! How dare you show your face around me! Do you think I would have forgotten that you left me there stuck in the fucking wall!?” Darla roared at the top of her lungs. Her red hair floating in the wind as her arms began to transform into claws.

“Why are you still held up on that? I only left you there. And plus, you know you are going in the wrong direction, right? I followed your scent all the way here just to let you know.” Triana replied without the slightest bit of reaction to Darla’s provocation. Darla had always been on to try to start fights with everyone she met.

“You! Tch… I know. My nose is not broken. I just wanted to take a look at this new world. It’s not like the elders forced us to follow them north, now did they? This is a new planet to us now, and we are all scattered everywhere. It will take time before we all meet up anyway. I am sure I am not the only one running around checking things out.” Darla lost all motivation in the face of Triana’s calmness. She hated how this bitch never wanted to fight.

“That is true. This world is much better than the dark, desolate lands we are used to. Now we can finally grow in strength again. The elves and the Orcs were really catching up to us because they are different from us in how we grow in strength. Our powers were slowly declining…. Those damn ather dragons are the cause of it. If they did not force us into that dimension, we would have been fine!” Triana wrinkled her nose. She got mad just thinking about it.

“Well, whatever the case, maybe we are now free. So let’s take this chance to raise our powers. And…. Look over there.” Darla looked over at a group of humans with weapons and licked her lips. “Let’s show these humans we are not to be fucked with.”

Triana shook her head and laughed as she said: “Go have fun. I will back you up if you need it.”

“Like I will need it!”Darla yelled out with a snort before flying off. Triana found a spot to sit to watch to show.

“Big Brother!” Anna saw Blake and went running up to him, and hugged him. They were now sitting down for a meal. Just blake his wives, wives to be, and his little sister.

“Come sit and eat. Tell me how your training has been.” Blake asked with a smile.

“It’s been good. Big Sister Tina and Big Sister Lillia have been showing me many different moves and spells.” Anna replied as she sat down, picked up her fork, and began shoveling food into her mouth.

“I am glad to hear it. I will start my own training starting tomorrow. I need to work on my golem magic and begin working on other spells as well. So we can train together for a bit.” As Blake said, this Anna’s eyes shined with excitement as she said: “Yay! I get to train with Big Brother.”

“She has been wanting to train with you ever since you left.” Tina heard all about how Anna wanted to show Blake all her new skills so she could help him more in the future.

“Big Sister Tina, you promised not to say anything!” Anna blushed. She just wanted to spend more time with her Big Brother.

“It’s fine. We are all family, are we not?” Tina asked. To this, Anna nodded and gave a wide grin.

“Noa, you seem much quieter?” Blake turned his attention to Noa, who was sitting there slowly eating her food.

“She is still being shy from my greeting in the bath,” Tina replied.

Blake nodded and smiled. “It’s good that you are all getting along. I did worry a bit. But since everyone seems to be getting along well, I am happy. Now, in the future, you two should work less. While we do have some medical equipment and a few doctors with us, it is still not going to be easy to give birth. Especially for you, Tina, so take better care of yourself.”

Childbirth was something That Blake worried about. He did not want to lose Tina. He knew that the base did have some medical staff, but he was unsure if the facilities they had at this time would be enough.

“Don’t worry, I will guide her. Nothing will happen. And as for me, I just lay an egg, so it’s fine.” Lillia was much more unconcerned about it all as she had seen human babies born before. So she was not worried about Tina having any complications. In fact, she had been keeping a very close eye on Tina all this time, doing daily checkups.

When Blake heard this, he felt more at ease as he went back to eating. The group chatted while they ate. After dinner, Blake spent some time with Anna, Sam, and Erica before turning in for the night. It seemed these three girls had become good friends with Nellie already, so they planned to spend the night talking. As for Blake, he prepared himself for a long, long night….


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