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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 95: The Base Bahasa Indonesia

“Bret, you bastard, get back over here!” Mike stood up and ran over to Bret. But Bret quickly got up from his seat and ran away. “I don’t want your itch!”

“What fucking itch, you bastard don’t be spouting lies!” As Mike and Bret ran around the table Blake and the rest all burst out laughing. He wanted everyone who worked towards his goals to be like these two. Such good friends that they could act like this, and there would be no hard feelings after.

“Ahh, you bastard! Get your hand out of my mouth!” Bret yelled out as Mike shoved his fingers in his mouth. Only then did Mike let him go and snort.

“Next time watch your mouth! How am I supposed to get a wife if you are spouting lies!?” Mike sat down and wiped his fingers off. He had a look of disgust on his face. “When was the last time you brushed your teeth!? Do you really think an elf girl will fancy a man with rotting teeth!?”

“I brushed them….” Bret paused, and his face turned red. “I will be back.”

“Anyway, I think the layout Blake suggested just now will work out fine as for rules and laws. I think we should wait for the time being as we only have a few hundred people here. No need for strict laws at this time and I think the contracts fix most of that since we really can’t go against you anyway. As our ruler, you can just do as you please. And so far, it has been working. By the way, did you find what you were looking for?” Mike asked. He didn’t mean to change the subject, but he was very curious as to what Blake left for so long for.

“Yeah, I did. Although currently, she is inside a special space inside my body healing. She took an arrow for me.” Blake rubbed his chest, his eyes soft. He really owed the little one for taking the arrow for him.

“Wait, someone shot an arrow at you!?” Lillia’s anger began to rise as she stood up but was quickly pulled down by Blake.

“Relax. It was not me they were trying to kill, but Noa. An elven assassin. She had come out to help me with the orcs that were trying to force her out of the building they were hiding in. But by the time she made it out, I had already taken care of it. Sadly the assassin got away.” Blake explained.

“Oh…. Well, if they ever try to kill you or my sister again, I will make their entire race extinct!” Lillia was releasing a large amount of power as her anger swelled once more. Only to be knocked on the head by Blake. “Are you trying to announce to the world that an ather dragon is here?”

“Sorry….” Lillia pursed her lips only to have them stolen by Blake.

“No need to be sorry. Just be careful. We can not have you letting the dragonic know you are here.” Blake held Lillia’s hand as she slowly calmed down. She lowered her head in shame as she realized she had almost really messed up. But she just couldn’t stand it. Once she accepts someone, they become her people. She did not want anyone messing with her people.

Blake sighed as she pushed his forehead against hers as he said: “No matter what happens in the future, we will deal with it. For the time being, I will work hard to grow stronger. There are many things we can still do that will help strengthen not only myself but the others as well so that the people we are now protecting will have more of a chance of survival once they more from training in hiding to actual combat.”

Blake did not know when it would be, but at some point, they would end up fighting a war of some kind. He did not wish for this, but it was something that would happen since even if he did not look for trouble, trouble would come looking for him. Lillia nodded her head and hugged Blake’s waist. She loved this man with her entire being.

After the meeting was adjourned, Blake walked around to take a look at the base. He wanted to know just how much things had changed. “So there are now twenty floors in the main base, most of which are set up for residential. Although we have dragon meat that can feed us for many months, we had to make two floors for growing food as well, which, because we had plenty of seeds from our looting spree, I was able to set up an artificial sun and rain system on the two floors to allow them to farm. Many of the men work on the farms. There is also a large training room on the bottom floor you will like.”

Lillia explained how things had been working out and how far each block spread out as they took the magic elevator down to each floor. Blake was quite surprised at how fast she worked. She took in the people’s ideas of what they wanted and needed and made them a reality for them. While this was not much work for an ather dragon, he was surprised at how willing she was to do such things. But then again, she has always been this way. Just thinking this made Blake smile. His dragon gri-wife was very much a softy when it came down to it. Or else she wouldn’t have done what she did all those years ago.

“So what do you think?” Lillia asked as she pulled away from him and began walking backward with her hands behind her back, looking at Blake.

“I think my wife is absolutely amazing,” Blake replied with a warm smile. Just seeing this smile made Lillia blush and bashfully lower her head as she walked back over and hugged him.

“I just want your dream to become reality. I want to watch as you reach all the goals you set for yourself. As we walk this path toward whatever future we cut out, I will always be by your side. No matter what.” Lillia’s words warmed Blake’s heart as he held his woman close to him, but before he could lean in for the kiss, a voice came from behind him.

“Mama, look, they are kissing! Kissing! Kissing!”

“Shh, Shut up! Don’t bother the Lord and his wife!”


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