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In a luxurious room dimly lit with purple lights, Blake lay on the bed as he watched Lillia, Tina, and Noa making out. He was quite surprised to see that Noa was readily willing to join in on the action as the girls caressed each other and fingered one another to get themselves prepped for the main dish.

That main dish was already standing at attention as Blake watched such an amazing scene. As they finished kissing, Lillia pulled Noa close and whispered in her ear: “Noa, in the next few months, you will be the only one who can serve Blake at night. We will only be able to watch from the side. So make sure you do a good job.”

Noa who was in a daze nodded in understanding as she moaned slightly due to Tina now lying on the bed with her head between Noa’s legs. The bed that Lillia prepared was big enough for twenty people. It was huge. And the bedroom had ten walk in closets and even a large bath big enough to be a swimming pool. Lillia did this because once Blake evolved the bed would need enough room for all the girls at the same time due to the lust trait of the Drakani.

“Come….” Lillia stood up on the bed and helped Noa up. Tina frowned slightly as she licked her glistening lips. She was actually enjoying the taste of Noa’s juices. She wiped her chin and stood up as well as she walked over and positioned herself over Blake’s face, and lowered her body. It did not take long before she began to moan softly as Blake attacked her with his tongue.

Lillia, on the other hand, made Noa stand up in front of Tina while she slowly inserted Blake’s dick into her pussy. Only then did she pull Noa to her and lift her up so that Noa had no choice but to put her legs over Lillia’s shoulders. The next thing Noa knew, she felt her love hole being attacked one more, forcing her to lean back, only to be caught by Tina, who began attacking her mouth and massaging her perky mounds on her chest.

Blake was even more turned on as he saw all of this happening. His hips began matching Lillia’s rhythm well causing Lillia to cry out many times as she clenched her pussy around her man’s dick.

Tina rocked back and forth on Blake’s tongue while Noa was basically a love doll being passed around between the two girls. By the time they switched positions Noa’s eyes were so glazed over she had no idea who was sucking on her tongue and pussy anymore. Because she had such a petite body, she was the perfect size to be held up in a way that would not be possible for others.

By the time it was her turn to ride on the Blake Express, she was so sensitive that she continued to orgasm with each of Blake’s thrusts. The girls were not helping either as they were letting the milk Blake pumped into them drip out into her mouth or busy teasing her clit as Blake pumped in and out of her.

Position after position, the four sweaty bodies continued all the way into the early mornings. By the end, Blake was the only one still awake. He looked at the three girls worn out on the bed and went at it one more time before finally letting them go.

He took a nice long bath before getting out and making his way down to the bottom floor where the new training center was. As soon as he entered, he was amazed at the way it was set up. Forests, deserts, frozen wastelands, even cities and towns. Each with a different set of monsters.

Bret just so happened to be getting ready to train himself when he saw Blake and called out to him. “Blake, you are early.”

“Yeah, I just finished up with the girls, so I decided to come train,” Blake said smugly, causing Bret’s face to sour a little, but he was not too mad since he too, had a girl with him last night. But it was no elf girl. He hoped he could find an elf wife later on as well, which got him thinking. “Blake, you are going to make polygamy legal, right?”

“Hmmm? Do we even have an option for that? We have too few humans to care about such things, but it should stay harmonious.” Blake replied. He did not mind if people had multiple wives. After all, he had quite a few himself and would probably have more as well.

“What do you mean by harmonious?” Bret was quite interested in this. He did not know what Blake meant by harmonious.

“The girls should also get along. Meaning they should not mind having sex together and enjoying the taste of one another is what I mean. If you want a proper relationship between the girls, they must all be true sisters.” Blake replied. He then patted Bret on the shoulder and said: “As a man, you can not treat them differently either. If you favor one more than the other, it will cause a split, so it is best to treat them all fairly so they can all get along. Of course, there will always be one main wife, like Lillia is my main wife, but she loves her sisters very much as well and goes above and beyond for them. Only in this sense will you be able to have a proper relationship with multiple wives.”

“What kind of dog shit luck are you getting at!? Fuck! Do you think all girls will be like yours? I do not know what kind of brainwashing you use, but damn. You’re making me jealous!” Bret cursed as he continued: “I need to go train, or else I might be beaten up by you.”

Blake let out a laugh as he watched Bret run off. He looked out over the training room and shook his head before jumping down. He could tell Lillia put a lot of work into this place. She had even made thousands of golems of different monster species to allow them to train properly. And it was not just the soldiers either. It was also the civilians they had taken in as well who were working hard on becoming stronger.


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