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“Is there really a need to change the status quo right now? I mean, we all know you and Miss Lillia are the leaders of this base along with Miss Tina. Everyone is also under a contract that keeps them from harming one another.” Bret did not understand what more was needed.

“What Blake said is right though we should have a proper governing system decided on soon since it will be needed in the future. Along with proper military heads who can train the new recruits as we expand.” Lillia felt Blake’s idea for a proper ruling government was a good idea. While things were in the infancy stage it was best to lay out some groundwork ahead of time so things could come together smoothly.

“I see… If you put it like that then yeah you are right.” Bret scratched his head. He never thought about things down the road, only about the day ahead and nothing more.

“I want to be more of a monarch government with a council of sorts. While most of the decisions will be placed on me, Lillia and Tina will also have a big say in deciding certain laws. I am not all knowing and I will be out for days or even months at a time so things will fall on Lillia’s and Tina’s shoulders. And as the other girls begin to understand how things work they will also be involved. But at the same time, I want to start an elder council. When more and more races begin to join us, I want them to have a say as well. Not all races are bad. They should each have a say in how things are run.

“I do not want to pass down some kind of policy that will affect a certain race. I do not know everything about these races and Lillia has been out of touch with them for a long time. I do not wish to have them leave because of a minor thing. So an elder council should also be formed. As of now, this will consist of Nellie to represent the old world humans, Thardra to represent the elder dwarves, Noa to represent the elves, and Mike to represent the new age humans. Lillia and myself.” Blake explained his idea. He only had it running around in his head but he felt anything that had to do with races should all be decided upon in a council like this.

“May I ask why I am the elder for what you call new age humans? I mean if you are on the council wouldn’t you be enough?” Mike did not understand this point. Since Blake was the same as him and also the ruler of the base and what was about to form in the future he did not see a need for him to be there.

“Because I will soon become a drakani. I can already feel my mana reaching the halfway mark. Once I manage to hit my second stage of evolution I will be drinking pure drakani blood which will turn me into a drakani. This is something I had decided long ago.” Blake answered, causing everyone to stare at him.

“A drakani is a superior ancient race of vampires. Much stronger than the dragonic and were very much feared when they roamed the land but they disappeared. Where they went even I do not know. When I reset this world there was no trace of them that I could find. They may have even entered another dimension for all I know. Vampires still roamed the land but they were very few by the time of the reset and most were in deep sleep. But regular vampires were easy to deal with and only slightly stronger than some humans.” Lillia decided to explain a bit more about the race Blake was going to be becoming.

“I see… But will he need to….” Mack felt a little unease. He knew vampires needed to drink blood so he was nervous that Blake would start attacking them.

“Yes and no. Blake will only need to drink the blood of those under him and he already has many girls he can feed off of. And drakani only drink female blood whether they are a man or woman.” Lillia answered, causing Mack to let out a sigh of relief. “Although he will have a new charm that will attract the opposite sex to him which means many girls will flock to him.”

“Damnit! Get me a stake! I will kill him now!” Bret yelled out. He was already still hung up on how Blake brought back an elf bride!

“Hey don’t be mad about my natural charm… I told you to go out and find your own. They went south if you can get in, court one, and get out to bring her back home before your butt gets pierced by thousands of arrows you will have the elf bride you want.” Blake had a big shit eating grin on his face as he said this, making Bret glare at him even more.

“Just wait! I will get five elf brides in the future!” Bret roared, causing everyone to laugh.

“By the way, Bret, why elf girls?” Mike asked. He never knew this side of his friend.

“Why not!? Look, Mike, you don’t know those elf girls are cute as all hell. Have you never seen fantasy movies? Or anime? Or have you been living under a bridge someplace before the dragonic bastards appeared?” Bret asked, causing Mike’s face to turn black.

“I have been working my ass off trying to build up my career! I never had time for that shit besides the few times I went to the brothels!” Mike paused as he saw Bret inching away from him. “Why are you moving away from me!?”

“Mike damnit, how many STDs did you get!? I heard of many brothers going into those places and coming out with all kinds of shit! Don’t pass it on to me! It doesn’t matter the country man. They are all filled with bad shit!” Bret yelled out as he stood up and picked up his chair and walked to the other side of the room with it before sitting down again.


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