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“I see… Thank you.” Blake bowed his head. He had great respect for the dwarf in front of him. “Thardra, when you get better I have a few things I wish to show you and hopefully maybe we can make plans to adapt the new age human’s tech with magic.”

“Oh?” Thardra’s eyes lit up as he licked his lips. He never thought he would get to see a new kind of technology. “Then I should concentrate on recovering. So I will go to sleep and try to sleep it all off.”

Blake chuckled and said his goodbyes before leading Lillia out. “You seem happy,” Lillia said as she looked at the smile on Blake’s face.

“Of course. To know so much information is a godsend. I will also talk with Noa later to find out if she can add on to what Thardra told us just now. The more information we have on the other races the more of a chance we will get to make contact with them.” Blake wanted more allies. If he could really form better connections with the other races the more of a chance, he would be able to make his dream come true.

“As long as you are happy, then everything is good.” Lillia hugged Blake’s arm with a smile on her face. She loved her man, her fated one. He set his goals and was working towards them. She would support him the entire way.

Blake looked down at Lillia and leaned his head down and stole her lips. Lillia returned the kiss as the two stood in the hall, making out. “Ahem….. Sorry to disrupt your PDA(public display of affection) session, but can you please leave that for when you are behind closed doors?”

Blake turned to see Mike standing there with an expression that looked as if he wanted to kill. Mike wished the bastard in front of him who suddenly got an elf wife would just die already. He had already heard the entire story from Bret. All the men in the base were cursing his name!

“Something up?” Blake asked, not caring for the look he was getting.

“I need you to go over a few things with me. Since you are back, we need to work out a new plan for how things will be handled.” Mike needed to know how the community was going to be run. He knew things could not stay as they are now.

Blake nodded and followed after Mike with Lillia in tow.


In the palace, in the large bath that was big enough for thirty people. Tina held Noa in her arms as she ran her hands across Noa’s skin. “Umm… Sister Tina, do you really need to wash my body for me? I can do it, my se-ah~!”

“I need to make sure every nook and cranny on your body is thoroughly washed,” Tina replied as she licked the pointy ear that was in front of her, sending chills down Noa’s spine. Her cheeks were red, and her breathing was already heavy. Tina’s hand was between her legs, gently stroking her clit, causing her to become very aroused.

Nellie sat blushing a little ways away, trying to resist the urge to touch herself as she watched the hot scene in front of her. It was her princess, and she should be stopping Tina, but it seemed her Princess was not even resisting as she allowed Tina to play with her body, and it looked…. Like it felt very good….

“Yes, but if you keep washing that spot, I will…. Ah~ I will….” Noa was having issues holding herself back. When she felt a finger enter inside her, she couldn’t help but think of Blake’s dick and picture it as him slowly spreading in her insides.

Tina was having a lot of fun. She had never thought an elf’s body would be so sensitive. At first, she planned to just tease her new sister, but when she saw how quickly she fell, Tina decided to indulge in her own little fantasy. She turned Noa’s head towards her and kissed her lips before pushing her tongue into the elf’s mouth as she really started to attack Noa’s pussy.

Noa was suddenly floating on the clouds. She felt as if she was flying through the air as her new sister teased her and played with her body. She could feel herself reaching her maximum point and only needed one final push before she would be brought to the heavens. As Tina’s finger sped up and her thumb massaged her clit, her back arched as she gripped Tina’s thighs and let out a muffled moan into Tina’s mouth as she had an orgasm.

Tina smiled as she pulled her fingers out and pushed them into Noa’s mouth. Noa was in a daze, so she licked her own juices without a care as she cleaned Tina’s fingers off. Tian smiled as she said: “That is all for now. Later I will have you repay me for my hard work just now.”

“Mm…” Noa blushed. She never thought she would end up having sex with another girl. And now that she has, she did not find it all that bad. To love one’s sister was to have harmony within the relationship they had with Blake. Blake belonged to all of them. She finally understood what it all meant. And… She was happy this was how things worked…. She leaned against Tina’s breast with a small smile on her face, and her eyes closed.

“Such a good girl. Blake really knows how to pick them.” Tina smiled as she gently washed the rest of Noa’s body. She looked over at the red faced Nellie and wondered how long it would be before Nellie joined as well. She could already feel that Nellie had some thoughts toward Blake. Whether her feeling was true or not, only time would tell.

In a meeting room, Blake sat with Bret, MIke, Lillia, and Mack. Looking at everyone there, he smiled as he said: “I know I left when things had just happened, but I had no choice. But now that I am back, we should begin setting up a means of rule within the base.”


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