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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 92: The Current Situation Bahasa Indonesia

“You would really befriend those disgusting things?” Thardra asked. His face was a little twisted.

“It’s not about if they are disgusting or not. It is whether their intentions are good. I wish to fight against the dragonic. So I will need to build up a force. I do not know how long it will take but one day…. One day I want a world where each race can live out their lives without fear of being ruled by the dragonic. Right now, they are sitting loftily on their thrones as leaders of this world, but how long will this last for? I am sure many new age humans are fighting right now all over the world in hopes of taking back the lands that were stolen from them, but I am different. While I do wish to build a place where anyone is welcome, I also will not tread on other lands unless provoked.

“I can only say that I will help those who are willing to follow me and will expand as needed. In a few years’ time, I plan to move the base above ground instead of staying in hiding. We will reveal to the world that the new age humans are not as weak as they think.” Blake still did not have all his ideas set in stone as he was still playing things by ear, but he truly did wish to one day have a solid foundation in this world, and maybe even a city or kingdom built up so others can live freely without worry of the dragonic. He wanted the dragonic to fear him. He wanted to be strong enough to the point that even they could not say a word about Lillia standing by his side. To protect everything he now cares about.

“Haha! Ouch! Damn this old body.” Thardra let out a loud laugh as he felt pain shoot through his body. He gritted his teeth as he continued: “Kid, I like your style. I will do what I can to help. I may not look it, but I am indeed an elder dwarf, so if you can get me a forge, I can produce weapons for you.”

“We will talk about specifics once you are all better. It’s more important that you are back to one hundred percent than anything else at this time.” Blake did not want Thardra to think he had to go to work right away and did not want the old dwarf to hurt himself even more. But he was a bit excited to know that he had an elder dwarf on his side.

“Oh? To think the elder dwarfs managed to survive. I thought your kind was wiped out.” Lillia suddenly spoke up. From what she knew, the elder dwarfs suffered a huge loss during the battles against the dragonic since they decided to side with the side of good. She thought that they were all wiped out.

“We are more sturdy than you think. Although it was not easy. I was only a wee boy at the time, still sucking on my mother’s teet. If not for the fact that the lower dwarf clans were willing to take some of us in, the elder dwarves would have long gone with the wind just like many other races had.” Thardra lowered his head as he remembered the past.

“Now we can only do what we can to survive. We have high hopes for this new land that is much bigger than the hell hole we were sucked into. But then again, I am glad the dragonic never got their way, and now that they have released us all into this new world to try to rule over us all, I am all for stabbing those damn oversized lizards in the back! They only released us because they still think they are better than every race.

“They may be powerful, but that power is slowly being matched, and they know it. Like the high elves and the orc king. Their powers have also evolved over the years, allowing them to stand on par with the elder dragonic. There is now a strong power struggle, but the dragonic still have the numbers but now…. Now that there are more resources to be had, I am sure this will soon change. One of these three powers will soon stand on top.” This was all news to everyone standing here. Blake never thought the other two clans were so powerful. But one thing did come to mind.

“Do you know about the beastkin? Are they still…” Blake heard from Lillia that the beast kin were basically brainwashed by the dragonic since they were almost of the same heritage. They were all beasts in the end.

“No, there are a few beastkin races who have split from the main tribe. If you want to get their assistance, I am sure they will come to your aid. This is mainly the foxkin, catkin, rabbitkin, and wolfkin. The other races within the beastkin strongly support the dragonic. Their forces are no less stronger than they were when the war first started all those years ago.” Thardra explained.

“Then I will need to try to make contact at some point. What about the fea?” Blake asked. The fea consisted of pixies, fairies, and the eruna. They were a magical based race that was closer to nature than the elves could ever be.

“The fairies and pixies, from what I know, parted ways with the eruna. Whether they are still part of the dragonic, I do not know. They went into hiding. I do know that they came through the portal back to this realm, though. So if you run into one, I am sure they will either attack, go into hiding, or try to make contact.” Thardra only knew so much, and he hoped what he knew would help Blake achieve his goals. He admired a man who was willing to think big. As an elder dwarf, he one day wished to have his people one day regain the place they once had in this world as master smiths.

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