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When Sam came out of the bathroom, her hair was still wet, and the clothes she was wearing were way too big for her. But with her red hair, freckled face, and big green eyes, she looked very charming. Even Blake did not realize he was staring at her. “Blake?” Sam felt happy that Blake seemed to be in a daze while staring at her. Earlier, he did not react even when she had no shirt on, but now she felt much better knowing that he did notice her.

“Ahem….” Blake cleared his throat and smiled. “It’s good that you have made it through. From now on you will be getting trained in how to use magic.”

“Mmm…. Blake…. Erica…. She?” Sam walked up to Blake and hugged his waist.

“She’s fine. She is just as tough as you are. And because of this, I know your father will be able to pull through as well.” Blake replied as ye placed his patted Sam’s back.

Sam nuzzled her nose into Blake’s chest and smiled brightly. “Thank you…. Because of you, both my sister and I were able to pull through. And I also know that my dad will also pull through.”

“That he will. Let’s get your sister in here so I can explain how to take in mana since you now need to take in mana to fill your mana pools.” Blake knew right now these girls needed a day or two to adjust to their newly evolved forms. Only then would he begin teaching them how to use magic.

With the girls together, Blake explained how to take in mana. He couldn’t help but think that the girls really did look alike. Both were budding beauties, and if Lillia gave the okay when the time came, and they still liked him, he would bring them into his small family that he knew would grow bigger in the future.

He was unsure how he felt about this, but he had no plans to take any more girls in for the time being. Well, he would make an exception for Sam and Erica, but no more after that, not until he evolved to become a Drakani.

“Big Brother!” Anna came running over to Blake, causing him to be stunned by how she addressed him and hugged him.

“Anna?” Blake called questioningly. He was surprised by her sudden affection for him since she had been in such a situation. He figured it would take months, if not years, for her to fully warm up to him.

“Big Sister Lillia told me to call you Big Brother,” Anna replied. Blake looked up to see Lillia walking over with a small knowing smile on her face. Blake helplessly smiled as he patted Anna on the head. “You were able to evolve. It must have been painful.”

“It’s fine…. I have been through worse….” Anna replied, her voice going low. But this caused Blake to feel anger well up inside him. He wished he did not let those bastards off so easily.

“You no longer have to worry about bad guys. From this moment on, you will be my little sister. You will be known as Anna Harris from now on, okay?” Blake had already planned to protect Anna as she was the only one who followed him out of the girls he had saved.

“Really?” Anna looked at Blake, her eyes welling up with tears. Blake smiled and nodded his head. “Really.”

“I knew you would take her as your sister.” Lillia had a proud look on her face that said she knew her man better than anyone. Blake chuckled and nodded.

“Alright, take Anna with you and Tina and help the girls settle in properly. I need to take care of Rob’s evolution.” Blake ruffled Anna’s hair and then gently pushed her to Lillia before leaning in and kissing her lips. He then turned and kissed Tina’s lips.

“Blake….” Both Sam and Erica called out. They had worried expressions on their faces.

Blake turned and looked at them: “Don’t worry. You two girls are strong enough to evolve, which means that your father is just as strong. He gave you the genes you used to evolve with, after all.” Blake said before giving a nod and going to find Rob.

“Blake!” Rob stood up when he saw Blake walking through the door.

“They are fine. I came to get you because it is now your turn. If my theory is correct and the evolution cycle is based on genetic makeup, then you should be perfectly fine as well.” Blake had been thinking this for a while as to why only certain people turned into monsters. Some died from pain shock, but others turned into monsters which meant it must have something to do with their genes. And from what he could tell, the girls both took after their father, so he could guess that they had more genes from his side of the family than their mothers. Of course, he was not fully sure of this since he was no scientist, but from how they both resembled him so much, he could only come to this conclusion.

“Then I will be in your care,” Rob said after he let out a sigh of relief. His tension was now gone. He was so worried that he was going to get bad news but luckily. Everything turned out fine.

Several hours later….

“Damn, I never want to go through that again!” Rob yelled out as he wiped the sweat from his brow. He had curled up on the bed of the small room for most of the evolution process. He had never felt so much pain in his entire life. The only thing that allowed him to get through it all was the fact that his daughters had pushed through it. If he didn’t, as their father, he couldn’t live with himself! He would come back to life just to kill himself for being so weak!

“Well… At least it worked out in the end….” Blake let out a sigh of relief, this family could still stay together.

Blake was about to explain things to Rob about taking in mana when Lillia suddenly burst into the room. “Blake! The Mana wave is about to hit us. I have had everyone who has not evolved locked up. Soon we will have to terminate those who did not make it.”


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