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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 74: Mana Flood Bahasa Indonesia

“Alright, sound the alarm! Everyone who has not evolved needs to enter one of the rooms. Anyone outside a room will be killed so they better hurry!” Blake yelled out. He had no time to watch over people. There were around two hundred unevolved people here, and each one needed to be in a room.

“On it. And Blake. Ten minutes is all we have.” Lilia turned and then disappeared, heading to the alarm station. Seconds later, an alert went off all over the base telling people to move to the evolution chambers, or they would be shot. The threat was only to make sure people would not waste time trying to do this and that it was something that was a necessity for all people. Blake did not wish to harm anyone.

While Blake’s base was undergoing evolution procedures on a mountaintop, a group of beautiful girls walked through a portal that had opened up. “Peh, what is this!? There is no mana here, and it stinks!”

“Hey, long ears, shut up and just move along. You are nothing more than a slave to my….. Ugh! Cough!” The dragonic girl who was berating the elf in front of her for blocking the way suddenly had her throat gripped by a huge hand made of mana.

“Listen here, bitch. My elven race is not someone you can order around. The only ones powerful enough to do so are your elders, and those old bastards would still have a hard time trying to take me down. So do not fuck with this princess, or this princess might end your little dragonic life. You dragons think you are all that even after the humans chased you out of this realm dragging us along with you! Do not think you are the only powerful race in the world. Elves are not to be looked down upon.” The elf princess snorted before lifting the dragonic girl into the air and tossing her into the side of the mountain ruthlessly without caring if she hurt the dragonic girl or not.

“Princess, if the king hears about this, he will scold you….” A human servant girl who was wearing a collar said as she tugged on her master’s sleeve.

“Humph! Nellie, you need to show people who is boss. Your kind was able to push these bastards back. If it was not for you trying to hold on to me, you would not have been dragged with them. Because of this, I even had to restrict your powers to protect you. Your slave status is because of your stubbornness. From this moment on, I am no longer a princess of the elven empire that has lived for all these years. We are now free to do as we please. So before those old bastards realize I already left, we need to leave quickly.” The elf princess’s eyes softened when she looked at her long time friend. She hated the collar she had to put on Nellie’s neck, but she had no choice. It was either that or watch Nellie be killed by the dragonic.

“Yes, Princess Noa,” Nellie replied while hurrying behind her Mistress.

Elsewhere embedded into the side of a mountain face, loud cursing could be heard: “That long eared bitch! Just wait! When I get powerful enough, I will rip those fucking ears off and feed them to the bitch!”

“Oh? Darla, you looked like you took a beating. Hahaha!” Another dragonic girl appeared. She looked down at the girl struggling to get out of the hole in the mountain and laughed heartily.

“Triana, you bitch! Help me out!” Darla raged. She was already humiliated once the last thing she needed was another person looking down on her.

“Humph! Stay in there and relish in your own stupidity. Who told you to piss off the elf princess. She is older than all of us except for the elders. Only they can suppress her and the other elf royals and that is the reason why we have not fallen under elven rule after so long. Not to mention her filthy human pet. To have one of the supreme races under her control as a slave is a testament to her power. And you had to go and kick the rock with your bare feet like an idiot! So sit in there and cool off!” Triana left these words before flying away. She did not want to be held responsible for pissing off the elf princess.

“You bitch Tiana! Wait until I get out of here. I will make sure I beat you good!” Darla screamed at the top of her lungs, her words echoing through the mountain range. Darla was so mad as she tried her damndest to get out of the hole, but no matter how much she flailed about, she couldn’t unwedge herself. “What the hell is wrong with this hole!?”

“How is it?” Blake asked as he looked at the few people left, running to the rooms and locking themselves inside.

“We got everyone. Your little threat made everyone react in the way we wanted. Although their trust in you might have dwindled.” Lillia replied. She knew Blake was doing this to make people move, but she knew some people might not like how he went about it.

“If they wish to complain, then they better make it through the evolution process so they can toss a fireball at me. I gave Mike his orders. We got people keeping an eye on everyone. Once there are signs of someone turning, there will be someone to end their life.” Blake said. He then took Lillia’s hand and said: “Let’s get the others and go watch the mana wave. I never got to see it in my previous life.”

A few minutes later, Blake, Tina, Lillia, Erica, Sam, Anna, and Rob all stood out on top of the cliff where their base was. The sky had changed to a deep purple cover which was the coming of the mana wave. The purple sky reflected onto the ground casting a purple shadow over everything. Blake felt the wind pick up and a thick, dense amount of mana wash over him. He smiled as he said: “Here it is…..”


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