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Blake held Erica in his arms as she cried out in pain. He felt bad for her and wished he could do something to ease the pain, but he, of all people, knew that was impossible. Her body was being reconstructed. She was someone who was in the process of being reborn. The pain was just something she had to deal with to make it through.

“Blake….” A soft voice entered his ear. Blake looked up to see Lillia standing there, or more like a golem she made of herself. She smiled and leaned down and kissed his lips. “You do not need to use any more mana. She will evolve fine, just keep her feeling secure.”

“Alright.” Blake nodded and stopped his mana flow. He then went to stroking Eric’s hair to try to comfort her to know she will be okay.

Seeing this, Lillia smiled and gently patted the top of her head. “She will definitely be fine. I will go see Tina now.”

Blake nodded and watched as Lillia melted back into the ground and disappeared. He looked down at the girl in his arms and let out a sigh of relief. He was glad. He only now needed Rob to get through his evolution then this family would be able to see the new age.

In the next room over, Lillia appeared to find Tina doing the same for Sam. She was holding the girl in her arms, trying to reassure her that she would make it through. She looked up to see Lillia standing there and gave a worried smile.

“She is just as strong as her sister, she will also make it through. Circulate the mana in her for another ten minutes, then stop and let the evolution process finish on its own.” Lillia instructed.

“Mmm…. Do you think these sisters will become our sisters in the future?” Tina asked softly.

“I know they will. The look of worry and concern in Blake’s eyes when he gazed down at Erica could not be hidden. He has some feelings for these girls, but he is just waiting for them to be old enough. But I am sure he will show them more attention after this. After all, both girls already showed their interest.” Lillia said as she looked down at Sam. She reached out and patted the girl’s head. “They will make good additions to the family.”

Tina smiled and nodded. She also felt the girls would be perfect for the family that would soon be created. “You are right. They will… We will need to lead them correctly so they will also come to like us as well.”

“Mmm…. That we will, so we will need to treat them well.” Lillia replied as she stepped back. “I need to go, Anna is about to finish her evolution. I am sure Blake will take her as his little sister, so I should make sure she is settled in properly. You should be able to stop giving her mana in a few minutes now. Let nature take its course now.”

Tina watched as Lillia’s golem melted away and smiled. In just a short time, the little family of three was slowly growing already. She never thought she would be in a three way relationship before, but now it seems she would be in a five way one plus a sister in law. “Hehe… He hasn’t even reached his second evolution yet, and he is already building such a big family…..”

A few more hours passed, and Erica, who was in Blake’s arms, evolution slowly came to an end. She was soaked in sweat, but that was inevitable. She blinked a few times as she raised her head and looked up at Blake, who was looking back down at her warmly, causing her to begin to tear up. “I’m alive?”

“Mhmm… You did well. You fought through it and are now an evolved human. Congratulations.” Blake replied with a smile.

Just hearing these words, Erica suddenly began crying and buried her face into Blake’s chest. She was scared. Scared of dying. She tried to be strong. And she did her best not to seem like she was worried about anything, but she still felt insecure. Luckily… Luckily she was able to pull through. As she slowly settled down, her mind went to her sister, causing her to raise her head. “Sam!”

“Just wait. I am sure she will pull through as well. For now. You should shower and freshen up.” Blake took out a long shirt and a pair of pants with a belt, and a towel with some soap for Erica to wear and use. “Use this, and then put the shirt on when you are done. It will do for now until we can get you back to your room.”

“Mmm…” Erica smiled and leaned forward, and kissed Blake on the lips once more before quickly taking the clothes, jumping up off the bed, and running to the bathroom. Her feelings for Blake were growing more and more.

As Erica ran into the bathroom, a knock came at the door, which Blake got up and answered. Tina was standing there with a questioning gaze as she looked at him. “She’s fine, she made it through. How is Sam?”

“She says she wants to see you, so I came to get you.” Tina gave a teasing look before giving Blake a hug and then pulling him out of the room. “Go. Since you decided to take responsibility for them, be there for them when they need you the most like you are for Lillia and me.”

Blake gave a helpless smile and wondered why his girlfriends were so ready to push him into another woman’s bed. But he, of course, would not do anything, so he walked over to the door and slowly opened it. “Sam, it’s me, Blake. Can I come in?”

“Yeesh! Ow!” A nervous Sam bit her tongue. Her whole face turned bright red as she tried to find a hole to hide in. She couldn’t believe she actually bit her tongue!

Blake chuckled as he walked in and closed the door behind him. Sam was still shirtless as she sat there holding her mouth. She did not seem to mind Blake looking at her. Blake sighed as he also took out some clothes for Sam and a towel with soap and set it aside on the bed before sitting down. “Use these to wash up. They are slightly big, but they will get you to your room so you can get changed.”

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