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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 71.3: It Begins Part 3 Bahasa Indonesia

Blake looked at the girl hugging his body and did not know what to think. “Blake….” Erica spoke softly as she hugged Blake tighter. “Can you…. Turn me into a wo….”

Blake placed his hand on top of Erica’s head, stopping her from continuing. “Why are you acting as if you are about to disappear? You have been eating wyvern meat which has been slowly infusing your body with magic. You only need the final push to evolve. I will be here with you the entire time.”

“I know, but….” Erica was still afraid. She did not want to die with regrets.

“Just trust me. You and your sister will pull through.” Blake knew this was an empty promise and he hated giving empty promises, but he wanted Erica to feel she had hope for survival.

Erica looked up at Blake and bit her lips before finally letting him go and backing up. She then slipped her shirt up over her head and, with blushing cheeks, undid her bra revealing her twin mounds for Blake to see. She did not even try to cover them. She wanted him to look at her. She wanted him to see her as a woman.

Blake had to admit the sight was beautiful. But it was not time yet. These girls still needed a year. “Sit on the bed with your back facing me.”

Erica pursed her lips. She got no reaction which made her feel slightly defeated. So when she sat down, she made sure to scoot closer to Blake when he sat behind her. She leaned her head against his chest and looked up at him, and asked: “When I am in pain can you hold me?”

Blake chuckled. He never thought this girl would be so proactive after seeing her earlier. He could only guess she was only like this because there was a chance of her dying. But since it would make her feel more at ease, he nodded his head. Seeing this, she smiled and got more comfortable. But sadly, Blake pushed her forward so he could put his hands on her back. “For now, until the evolution process starts, I need to inject mana into your body.”

“Okay.” Erica was now getting even more nervous. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she said: “Ready.”

Blake nodded and began to gently inject mana into her body. The flow of mana was warm, and the chill she had from being topless soon faded, but that warmness only lasted about ten minutes as the pain began shooting through her body. “Ahhh!”

Tears began to well up in Erica’s eyes as the pain grew worse and worse. Blake could feel Erica’s body twitching from the pain. He slowly moved his hands from her back to her shoulders while still keeping the flow of mana flowing in the proper circulation. As promised, he pulled her into his arms and hugged her while she suffered through the pain. The rooms were soundproof, so no one could hear what was going on in the rooms. So no matter how much she screamed, no one would know the pain she was suffering.

Before Blake started helping Erica in the other room, Sam was not in a good mood. “Big Sister, do you think Blake will make Erica a woman before she begins her evolution?”

Tina was startled by the sudden question before laughing out loud. “I do not think you have to worry about that. While you two are only a few years different in age between Blake, he is not someone who just does any girl he meets. He has no strong feelings for you two girls yet. Maybe in the future but for now, you both will need to wait at least a year before anything like that happens. So for now, you just need to wait and see.”

“Are you not mad?” Sam turned and looked at Tina. She wondered why Tina did not seem to care that she and her sister had feelings for her man.

“Why would I be? Lillia and I both love Blake, and we both love each other as well. We also know Blake will have more girls in the future as well, but they will need to be able to be with the two of us and not just Blake. Blake wants the girls he is with to all get along. Mentally and physically.” Tina answered. She blushed, thinking about how she and Lillia had done so many dirty things together, but she also loved it.

“I see….” Sam’s ears were red. She never expected such an answer. “So Blake’s women need to get along physically as well…..”

“Mhmm… We can not have a family that does not love each other. That is the one rule we have set for any girl to be with Blake.” Tina answered. “Take off your top and bra. We should get started.”

“Huh? Mmm…. Umm….” Sam looked like she wanted to say something more, but in the end, she held back and did as she was told.

Tina looked at the girl who was holding back and smiled. “Don’t worry. Lillia and I both like you both a lot. So when the time comes, if things do work out that way. We will both welcome you with open arms.”

While this was going on, Rob sat in his chair, leaning forward with his hands clasped together, praying. He knew he could do nothing but pray at this time. He hoped that no matter what, his daughters would pull through. He believed even if he did not make it that, Blake would look after his daughters for him. While he did find him already having two girls was a bit vexing, he would rather have his girls safe and sound with a man who was good to his word than some guy he had never met, even if it meant that they were in a relationship with a man who had multiple girls. He had long realized this world had changed. The old ways of humanity when men had multiple wives had already returned. “Girls…. Just be safe….”


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