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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 70.2: It Begins Part 2 Bahasa Indonesia

“Hey, Rob.” Blake walked into the little apartment that Robert and his girls had. He had come to tell Rob about his plans.

“You’re back. That was quicker than expected.” Rob smiled as he took a peek at his two daughters, who were poking their heads out of the bedroom door to catch a glimpse of Blake. “You sure you don’t want them?”

“Dad!” Erica yelled out before quickly retreating back into the bedroom. Rob let out a laugh before having Blake sit down. “What brings you here?”

“While you might have guessed, the age of magic is about to begin. The roar you heard was the signal for that. But before the mana flood reaches here, I want to help you and your daughters evolve. This way, it can be done in a way that has a higher chance of survival.” Blake explained.

“You don’t have to worry about me. Just my daughters are enough.” Rob said. He felt there was no need to worry about an old man like him.

“No, I will also help you as well,” Blake said. “I will not leave the girls without a father. And…. If by chance, something does go wrong, I will make sure your daughters are safe. This, I promise.”

Rob looked at Blake. He was a kid who he had only known for a short time, yet this kid saw him as a true friend and was willing to help him and his family. “I will hold you to those words,” Rob said with a nod of his head.

“Alright. There is no time to spare, so I will be taking the girls with me. If something goes wrong and they do not evolve…. Do you want to be the one to do it?” Blake knew this was a hard question, but it had to be asked.

Rob looked at Blake before lowering his head and shaking it. “I couldn’t…. I wouldn’t be able to pull the trigger, so I will need you to handle the dirty work. I am sorry…. To have to put such a heavy task on your shoulders, but as their father, I just can’t….”

“Alright. Don’t worry, I will make it quick and painless if it comes to that.” Blake knew this would be his answer. He also knew that if both girls failed that Rob would probably take his own life as well. Everyone has a reason to live, and for Rob, it was his girls. Whether or not he would try to stop Rob when the time came would be another question. Blake did not know if he would stop Rob. A man torn by grief can become depressed for many years to come. Rob would need a reason to keep on living, and in this new world, Blake did not know if Rob could find such a reason.

“Sam! Erica! Come on out. You will go with Blake.” Rob yelled out. The two girls with red cheeks walked out of the bedroom. They seemed to have made themselves up a bit to try to impress Blake. Seeing this, Rob smiled and shook his head. His daughters could not hide their infatuation for this boy.

Sam and Erica followed Blake to the second floor basement, where Tina was waiting with two rooms set up for the evolution process. Each room had a mana crystal in it to allow for them to have enough mana to evolve. The two girls stood behind Blake quietly, unsure of what was about to happen next. “Alright, to start, both of you come in here with me and Tina so we can go over what you will be experiencing.”

The two girls nodded and walked into one of the prepared rooms that had a bed and a small bath attached to it. Blake had the girls sit on the bed while he stood in front of them and began explaining things. “In a minute, you two will split up. One will stay in this room, and the other will follow Tina into the next room. You will need to take your tops and bras off and sit on the bed with your backs exposed. I know it might be a little uncomfortable, especially for whoever ends up with me but please bear with it for the time being. Tina and I will then begin to inject you with mana. Once the evolution process begins, you will feel extreme pain, but you both need to pull through. If not for yourselves but for your father, who will be waiting for you two to return to his side.”

“We know it will be painful, and we are ready,” Erica said, although her tensed body and goosebumps that came with the cold sweat running down her back made it seem like she was not ready.

“You two have eaten a lot of wyvern meat, so it should help a lot with the process. And Tina and I both promise if you begin to turn into monsters, we will make sure you die, humans.” Blake had to take a deep breath before saying the last part because it was heavy words. He did not wish to leave Rob without his daughters.

“We are ready.” Sam gave a firm nod as she clenched her fists.

“Then one of you will follow Tina, and the other will stay here.” After Blake said this, the two girls turned and looked at each other before suddenly starting to do rock paper scissors. Blake looked at the two girls in disbelief while Tina chuckled. She found it quite cute how these two were fighting over who got to be with Blake.

In the end, Erica had a proud smile on her face as she held up her two fingers and moved them back and forth as if she was snipping something like scissors. Sam pouted as she got up and walked over to Blake. She stood on her tiptoes and pushed her lips against his. It was only a small peck, and she quickly backed away with her head lowered. “For good luck.” After saying this, she ran out of the room and across the hall. Tina looked at Blake’s stunned face and laughed out loud before patting him on the shoulder. “It seems Lillia, and I will have two more sisters in the future.” She then kissed his cheek and walked out of the room, and closed the door.

Before Blake could even get his senses back, he felt another warm sensation on his lips as Erica kissed him as well. “It’s not fair that Sam got to kiss you, but I didn’t.”


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