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“Fuck man, you are starting to sound like that shithead!” Chunk commented as he looked at Brad with a bit of unease in his eyes.

“It’s him who opened my eyes to how to survive from now on. He was right. This world is no longer as it was before and probably never will be. We are in a new age. The Dragon Age! So let me tell you this now, Chuck, Stacy, if you two wish to keep following me, then you better stay quiet and listen to my orders from now on.” Brad’s eyes flashed with a light of coldness.

He now understood why Blake was so adamant that they kept moving on. He was actually being polite at that time in his own way because he would only protect those he cared about. Brad understood that to him, they were nothing but outsiders who were trying to take what little resources they might have. But luckily for Brad, it seemed Blake was an idiot who would actually try to fight the dragons.

On Blake’s side, he looked up at the wyvern that was flying down towards him with a big smile on his face as he licked his lips. “I so want a wyvern burger right now with melted cheese….”

Behind him, Lillia held her head. She really did not know how she should feel about her boy friend in name only, only thinking about food at a time like this. If he messed up once, he would die. She was starting to think he was actually a closet battle junkie. Or maybe just a major foodie. That was when a thought came to mind. “Wait, he won’t eat me, will he?”

“Lillia, if he eats you, you will probably love it trust me,” Tina replied from the other side, but her words really confused Lillia. Lillia was, after all, a virgin and never actually talked about these things before. But from how Tina said her words, she felt that whatever she was talking about was definitely naughty, causing her to blush.


*Bang!* *Bang!*


Tina was once again on point with her shots, causing the wyvern to roar out in pain. “Good job Tina!” Blake yelled out as he made a hand signal to Lillia. Lillia grinned from ear to ear as she cracked her knuckles. It was finally time to deal with the insects.

Back on Brad’s side, he watched in stunned silence when he saw Tina suddenly shoot the eyes out of the dragon. But what amazed him even more, was the fiery ball that had formed in Blake’s hand. “Is he superman?”

“Brad, something is not right!” Chuck pulled on Brad’s arm, causing him to turn and look at him. “What?”

“Dude, the other chick is gone. Only the guy and the fake cop are fighting the dragon!” Chuck pointed out, causing Brad to freeze. He whipped his head around and searched the whole shore that Blake and Tina were on, but he did not see anyone else. “This….”

“What ya looking for?” A voice came from behind Brad.

“That blonde haired hair girl, who else would I be looking for?” Brad did not understand why Stacy was asking such a stupid question. He turned his head with an annoyed expression on his face only to suddenly have sweat begin to form on his brow. In front of him was definitely the blonde headed girl, but her arms were covered in black scales, and her fingers were pointy like claws that dripped with blood and had two familiar objects in them. “You…. You…. You….”

“Did you bite your tongue or go even stupider than before?” Lillia asked with a sneer. In her hands were two heads. Only the heads were there with no bodies attached to them. “I got rid of the annoying ones first. Now it is your turn.”

“Wait! We can talk this out! I am willing to be your slave!” Brad yelled out. He did not even care if he drew the other wyvern’s attention. As long as he could survive this, he did not care. If the other wyvern really did come over this way, it might serve as a distraction enough for him to escape.

“Talk what out? And I don’t need a slave, I already have one. Well, I guess we can talk about why your heart is currently still beating in my hand. You see, you know too much, so it is not good for you to still be alive. Whether my Blake wanted it or not, I planned to kill you all.” Lillia’s eyes were cold, and her face showed no expression as she crushed the still beating, bloodied object in her hand. Her eyes glowed with a fiery light. Luckily she kept her anger to a minimum and did not let out any of her dragon aura out.

Brad stared at the object in Lillia’s hands and then looked down at his chest. His expression turned white when he saw the gaping hole in his chest. He never even saw her move. He would never have thought that the girl that Blake had hugging his arm this entire time was not human. More than that, she looked more like…. “A dragon….” These were his last words as his body collapsed to the ground. A pool of blood flowed out from underneath him.

Lillia looked at the human by her foot with no emotion in her eyes. She tossed the heart in her hand to the ground and walked over to the river, and began washing her hands. She had just stuffed her hand into another man’s chest, so she had to make sure there was no scent left. She did not want Blake to get angry at her for having another man’s scent on her. Of course, Blake would never be able to pick such a thing up. She was just thinking more in dragon terms.

When she walked back over to where Blake was, two wyverns lay on the ground smoking. Their eyes open wide, and their tongues hung out of their mouths. Lillia’s head slowly turned to see Blake, standing there with a frown on his face. She looked down at his left arm to see it was covered in some kind of brown substance. It took her a few seconds before she suddenly burst out laughing: “Hahahahahaha! Serves you right!”

“Shut it!” Blake grumbled with a wrinkled brow. He ripped his shirt off, revealing his new toner muscles that he got from evolving, and then took off his pants and socks, leaving only his boxers on, and jumped into the river. He wanted to bathe no matter what.

Lillia was still laughing at Blake’s unfortunate accident. While Tina covered her mouth, trying not to laugh. After a few minutes, Lillia calmed down and put the two dragons away. She then walked over and pulled Tina by the hand. “We should bathe too. We won’t get many chances like this, so we should do it while we can.”

“Mmm… But I don’t have a bathing suit….” Tina did want to bathe, but she had nothing to wear to bathe in except her underwear and Blake was right there.

“Just take it off. I will be doing the same.” Lillia said as she pulled her skirt off and stood there in her black underwear. After taking her shoes and socks off as well, she walked towards the river and jumped in. Only Tina stood there, unsure of what to do. But after a few moments of contemplating, she went ahead and did the same. Luckily she wore something that would not be see through if it got wet.

Blake floated on the calm river surface using a rock as an anchor. He felt refreshed now that he had cleaned off and the stink had disappeared. He gazed at the two girls who jumped in the water in their underwear with a slight flash of light in his eyes. He was, after all, a man, so taking in the sight of two beauties in their underwear was a sight to behold. But with how they were washing up in the river, they seemed more like bathing suits, so it was not as stimulating as it should have been. While Tina was very cute, his eyes were glued to Lillia. He felt that his eyes were always drawn to her. He had no idea if this was that fated one thing or not, but he did not care either. He found her very pleasing to the eye.

He leaned back and looked up at the sky. He had a good day today. He got rid of another one of the people who caused his life to be hell and was now free of any concerns. He did not even need to ask if Lillia killed them or not. He already knew the answer and did not care. Life to him was a struggle, to begin with. Either you win or lose. The winner got to live while the loser died. And this time, he was the winner while Brad was the loser. But more importantly…. He was going to have some wyvern cheeseburgers tonight!

“Blake….” Lillia’s voice entered Blake’s ear, causing him to open his eyes to see two perfect melons floating on top of the water next to him, clad in a black bra. He looked up at the girl’s face that they were attached to and smiled. “Hmmm?”

“When we reach our destination, we will need to be extra careful. It’s far from our position, but I felt a faint signal of a Dragonic. They are not heading this way, but they seem to be watching things.” Lillia’s words were low, and her voice trembled a little. For her, a Dragonic finding them would mean the end for all three of them. Even if she fought with everything she had, she could not protect Blake and Tina. Even if she sacrificed Tina, Blake would still end up dying. And this thought scared her.


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