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A few days later, Blake and the girls arrived at the mountain range they had been aiming for. They did not run into any more humans or dragons. Just an occasional wild animal here and there. “So this is where we will be staying from now on?” Tina asked.

“Well, not exactly here. We will need to move deeper into the mountains. I think maybe a day or two more before we can be considered out of sight and out of mind.” Blake answered. He hoped they could stay here for the time being and be off the dragon’s radar. He still had yet to eat any wyvern meat. Lillia wouldn’t let him until they reached the mountain range. It was a kind of punishment for making her witness Blake’s flaming attacks in a certain area.

“Now then…” Blake licked his lips as he looked at Lillia, causing her to shiver. “Lillia, you said once we reach the mountain range, you would allow me to eat my wyvern burger!”

“Fine!” Lillia pursed her lips and pulled out a large wyvern like it was nothing, and threw it on the ground before turning her head away from Blake. She began to wonder what was more important, her or the stupid dead wyvern. All he talked about was eating wyvern meat. As her thoughts trailed off, Tina’s words entered her mind causing her face to grow bright red as she slowly sat down on the ground, hugging her knees while burying her face into them.

On the other side of the wyvern, Blake was busy carefully prying off the scales of the wyvern before cutting off a huge chunk of the thigh meat and placing it on a flat rock he was using as a plate. “Lillia, can you take out the meat grinder?”


The meat grinder slammed onto the ground next to him as Lillia shouted out: “Stupid Blake!” Blake stood there looking at the angry dragon girl walking off with a confused expression on his face.

“What is that all about?” Blake scratched his chin, unsure of why she was acting so strange. After trying to figure it out, he figured it must be that time of the month, so he shrugged and went back to work on preparing his wyvern burgers.

Tina, who was at the side watching everything, was doing her best not to burst out laughing at the antics of the silly couple. She quickly hurried off after Lillia to see what was truly wrong. When she found her, Lillia was sitting on a rock with a bunch of pebbles next to her throwing them off into the distance. “Settled down?”

“Humph! Stupid Blake only cares about eating some wyvern.” Lillia once again blushed at her own words. She did not understand why she was so caught up on this now!

“I see, so you’re jealous that he is eating some other dragon and not you. Hmmm….” Tina teased. The past few days, she and Lillia had become really close, so this kind of teasing would not result in her getting killed.

“What, no! Ho-How can I be jealous of such a shameless thing!? Wait! No, not at all! Tina, tell me, why do I freak out over stupid things just because I want him to pay more attention to me?” Lillia knew her main issue was that she did not like seeing Blake more obsessed over something else than her.

“Probably because you love him, no? Or are close to that point, at least. I am not too sure. I have only had two boyfriends myself. One of which I thought I loved. But to be honest, I do not know what love is since I have never experienced it for myself. You said Blake is your fated one, right?” Tina asked.

“Mmm… There is no doubt about that. Blake is my fated one, and I am destined to follow him for all eternity. And to be honest, I do not have an issue with that. While I get stupid jealous over the dumbest things, I like every aspect of him. He never wavers in what he is doing, and when he is serious, I can’t help but want to sit beside him and watch him quietly. Blake just has this aura about him that draws me to him no matter where he goes. And this is only after knowing him for a short time. I also know he only wants to eat wyvern meat badly to gain strength, but he seems overly obsessed with it.” Lillia explained as she raised her head to look up at the sky.

“My time in slumber made everything feel like it was just yesterday. I was fighting alongside the human race as we did our best to force the Dragonic back. When we succeeded, and I reset the world. Now here I have awakened many millions of years later to find my fated one and am about to be thrown into another war against the Dragonic. But my existence to them is taboo. So I can not do anything. If I make myself known, it is for sure that they will try to hunt me down and kill me. Blake is also not ready to face them. With his mindset, he wouldn’t hesitate to throw himself in front of me to protect me. He has that kind of determination.” Lillia sighed.

Tina listened quietly from the side without saying anything. From what she understood, it seemed Lillia was afraid her life would soon come to an end if the Dragonic found out about her. And because of this, she wanted Blake to pay more attention to her. And because he kept talking about wyvern meat, she was getting jealous over this and walked off in anger. In a way, she found Lillia cute, although she could understand someone getting annoyed over her actions if they kept happening. But she still had good reason to be a little selfish at this time.

“Have you told Blake any of this?” Tina asked.

“Blake is the one who reminded me not to use magic and why he collected so many guns. He wanted to make it easier for us to survive without using magic until the Age of Magic finally arrived. We are not in love, and I kind of attached myself to Blake. But he has treated me like his girlfriend. Even though it is in name only at this moment and time.” Lillia’s answer confused her. She did not know what, in name only, meant. From the way she saw it, the two were definitely already a couple.

“Well, maybe it is Blake who just wants to get stronger faster, no? I mean, you both mentioned that eating dragon meat, in general, would cause our bodies to grow stronger. If he wants to grow stronger, then my guess is that he wants to do so so he can stand at your side on equal footing, no?” Tina was only putting her own thoughts into it. But she felt that Blake truly wished to grow stronger so he could protect those he cared about unless she was overthinking things.

“Well, he did say he wanted to grow stronger and stand at my side as equals….” Lillia confirmed Tina’s thoughts. She smiled as she saw Lillia’s mood perk up, so she suggested: “Then let’s go back and see him. I am sure he is already cooking food for us.”

“Mm… Let’s go.” Lillia nodded. The two walked back over but froze when they saw a group of humans, one of them with a gun pointed right at Blake. Lillia’s hair began to flutter as her anger began to rise. She would never forgive anyone who dared threaten her, Blake!

On Blake’s side of things, he looked at the middle age man who had red hair and a short thick beard and shook his head. “What good is it pointing that thing at me?” Blake was not scared in the slightest when the man pointed his shotgun at him. It was not the first time he had guns pointed at him.

“Just hand over your food!” The man shouted. The two younger girls, who looked to be in their teens and resembled the middle aged man, seemed frightened by what was going on. But they did not look too good either. Blake noticed this right away and knew that this was probably a family, and the father was just trying to do what he could to allow his daughters to live. But that did not mean he agreed with the way this man went about things. That was why. He looked at the man with no expression on his face and flatly said: “No!”

“What? Are you not afraid I will kill you!?” The man yelled back. But Blake still shook his head.

Blake pointed at the shotgun in the man’s hands and said: “It’s not loaded. Otherwise, you would have used it to kill a big bear or something to hold you all over for a while. I can see that you are used to the woods and whatnot but you are by no means a man who can kill another human being. Not in front of your daughters.”

The man stared at Blake in disbelief. He was at a loss for words.


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