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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 27.2: Run In By The River Bank Part 2 Bahasa Indonesia

“What?” Brad looked at Blake in confusion. He did not seem to understand what Blake meant.

“You really are stupid. Do you think I would just go: haha, you really got me good? What kind of shit is that? I mean, think about it. If I did not have any ability, I would have been fucked, and on top of that, because of you, many people got hurt in the process. All because you had to go and follow the orders of that fuckwit Dylan. I am so glad I killed him.” Blake tapped the gun off his neck as he stepped forward and asked coldly: “Hey, do you want to experience what Dylan had to experience?”

“Wait! You don’t think you can go and just kill someone, do you!?” Chuck suddenly yelled out, stepping in to defend Brad.

“Ahhh! Why is this world filled with so many damn idiots!” Balke yelled out. “Look fucking around you! Why are you even here? Where the fuck are we? Do you think some cop is going to give a shit if I shoot an idiot or two? Hey, why don’t we ask one?”

Blake turned and looked at Tina, who still had her gun at the ready, and waved her over. He then looked at Brad and asked: “Brad, was it? Do you know who this is?”

Brad looked Tina up and down and shook his head. “No, I don’t.”

“I was the one in charge of finding Blake. You allowed the police station to be used for something that goes against what police officers are supposed to do, uphold justice, and protect the innocent. But instead, you wanted to bring in an innocent man. Let me say this now if Blake told me to kill you. I would do it.” Tina said coldly. While it was true she could not go against their orders anymore, she would still do it as she found people like Brad sickening. He acted like what he did was no big deal without caring for everyone involved.

“This…. You’re lying. You’re no cop! Plus, it’s not like we will always be like we are now. I mean, what is wrong with asking for a little help from a fellow human? Why are you guys making such a big deal out of it?” Chuck still did not seem to grasp the situation they were in.

“Yeah. My brother is right. What is wrong with asking for a little help from a fellow human being during hard times? Isn’t this the time we should be gathering together? We have a common enemy. We should all be joining forces and helping each other out.” Stacy added.

“Blake, why are you wasting time with these people? We could have already been eating by now.” Lillia was starting to get impatient. She stepped forward and held on to Blake’s arm. “Why don’t you just roast them and let them understand the harsh realities of this new world.”

“I was hoping they would just heed my warning and keep on walking. But I never expected them to be such idiots. I guess this is what it means to be rich. They can not accept the reality in front of them now that they have lost everything. So they are walking around aimlessly in a dream world. I am quite surprised they did not die reaching this point. More importantly… how did you even get this far into the forest?” Blake suddenly had a bad feeling.

“We used four wheelers and rode them until they ran out of gas,” Brad answered honestly. They were in such a hurry to escape that they did not have time to bring anything with them. When they saw the streets packed, they quickly jumped on their four wheelers that had some extra gas strapped to the back and rushed off until they ran out of gas a few hours ago.

“You fucking idiots!” Blake yelled out, and as if on cue, a loud roar was heard overhead. “Shit!”

Blake did not hesitate to grab both Lillia’s and Tina’s hands and turned to run. But he quickly stopped when he heard another roar coming from the front. “Damn.”

“Hey! Give me a gun!” Chuck yelled out from behind him, causing Blake’s rage to flare up. He turned and walked right up to Chuck and bashed him in the face with the butt of his pistol. Blood squirted from Chuck’s nose as he grunted in pain and fell to the ground.

“Chuck! You bastard!” Stacy screamed.

“Would you shut the fuck up? What are you screaming for when there are fucking dragons around?” Blake cursed at Stacy in a hushed voice. He couldn’t stand these idiots, they were trying to get him, and his companions killed along with them.

“You…” Stacy wanted to yell at Blake some more, but she was quickly cut off by Brad: “He’s right. You scream once more, and I will leave you both here as well.”

“I will say this now you three are on your own. I only take care of my people, not yours. And especially not fuckwits like them.” Blake said coldly before turning around. If he was lucky, they could still somehow sneak off before the dragons found them.

He pulled both girls along as he listened to the roars of the dragons circling overhead. Lillia leaned in and whispered into his ear: “If we need to fight, we can. They are only wyverns.”

“That’s good to know. I am not afraid of fighting wyverns. I am afraid of fighting them with other humans around. Lillia, if we end up battling the wyverns, I want you to take out those three idiots. I didn’t dare shoot them earlier in order to not attract attention, but those idiots had led them right to us. What were they thinking when they decided to use a damn four wheeler to run away? It’s like planting a damn death flag on your head.” He did not understand how people’s minds worked. He was actually surprised that those damn wyverns had not caught up to them until now unless…

“I think the wyverns we ran into last night were led to us by those idiots. They must have gone right by us, and then we overtook them after that because you pulled us along. But because I killed one, I delayed the wyverns from catching them.” Blake now regretted fighting that stupid wyvern.

“What is done is done. There is no use complaining about it now. Let’s just figure out what we will do.” Lillia said. She could tell Blake was not thinking straight due to being angered by those humans. She had already decided to kill them the first chance she got.

“Then let’s find a better place for battle. I did say I wanted more dragon meat.” Blake’s eyes flashed. He could care less about the people behind him now that he could just kill them off if they got near them. Lillia’s words also cleared his head and allowed him to think more rationally.

“You are not going to….” Lillia’s butt cheeks clenched. She hated this part about her boyfriend in name only! She wished she could erase this weak point from his mind!

“I said it was the weak point,” Blake replied with a big grin as he shrugged. Lillia wanted to protest and tell him to find another way when Blake suddenly said: “Over there. The river bank is clear enough and also has some cover. Tina, same as before, aim for the eyes.”

“Got it!” Tina replied as she checked her weapon.

“Alright, then get into positions,” Blake said as they quickly arrived at the spot he pointed at. Now he just had to lure the two wyverns in.

Brad and his group were confused as to what Blake’s group was doing. He watched as the two girls split off from him and hid behind some rocks while Blake stood out in the open, looking up at the sky. They watched as he raised his hand with a pistol in it and then fired towards the wyvern that came flying by.



“Is he an idiot!?” Chuck cried out while holding his nose. “He called us idiots, and now he is shooting at them!”

“Chuck, can you learn to lower that loud ass voice of yours? Do you want to attract them over to us? In the first place, we were the ones who lured them here, and you know that. We thought we lost them, but it seems we were wrong.”

“Che…Why are you sticking up for that guy? He should just die. Let’s get out of here while he is distracting them.” Chuck said while clicking his tongue.

“No. We will stay here. If you wish to leave, you can. But I am staying. I want to see what happens. Plus, even if we do leave, it’s not like we will last more than a few days without food. If they have food on them, then we can at least steal it and take their guns if the dragons just kill them and fly away without eating them.”


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