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“That may be true, but that is not the point!” Lillia stomped her feet. Just thinking about some fireballs being shot up her butt made her cringe!

Blake did not understand why she was getting so upset. But he had no time to even think about it as another roar was heard not too far away. “Another one is coming. Lillia, store this way if you can. We can eat it later. Dragon meat is good for the body.”

Dragon meat gave very good benefits if eaten. Just like some of the legends stated that by drinking dragon blood or eating its heart would give beneficial effects, it was very true. Although you would not get immortality but you could gain greater strength, and right now, he could really use it.

“I planned on it.” Lillia wasted no time in storing away the dragon into her space before turning around and following after Blake and Tina. “Blake, we got three minutes before it arrives. We should be able to get some distance if you let me lead.”

“Eh? But it’s just a wyvern. I can just shoot a few….”

“No, you won’t! That is why we are running!” Lillia yelled out as she grabbed both Blake’s and Tina’s hands and dug her foot into the ground before launching forward. Tina did her best not to bite her tongue or scream out in fright. While Blake was confused as to why they were running.

Blake frowned. He never killed wyverns so easily before. With their eyes unable to track a small bullet, they were perfect targets to get some free dragon meat. He did not seem to understand why Lillia did not want him killing more in front of her. Even now, as Lillia was running, her cheeks were still clenched due to the images of Blake shooting fireballs up the wyverns butt being fresh in her mind.

With Lillia’s speed, they were able to get a few miles out before coming to a stop at the edge of a small wooded area. “How far off track are we?”

“One second.” Blake took out his phone and turned it on. He could only hope the GPS signal was still working. “Phew, it still works. We are about four days out by foot. But if we keep going north, we will run into the mountain range. With this, even if we do lose the GPS signal, it will be fine.”

Blake could now discern their approximate location and now knew they were basically a straight shot north towards the mountains. While the trip was long, it was still well worth it since it was away from all the major cities.

With their path set, the group continued forward through the night until dawn finally began to break. Blake had everyone stop at a river bank because she could tell Tina was starting to grow tired. She barely got to sleep after all. “Let’s camp here.”

“We can wash up in the river a bit as well,” Lillia said excitedly. She pulled off her shoes and dipped her toes into the water, and let out a squeal. “It’s cold!”

“Well, it is still early morning.” Blake chuckled as he stretched. He looked over at Tina, who was fidgeting around, looking this way and that way, and sighed. “If you got to go, just go. Or if you are afraid of going alone, Lillia can accompany you.”

Tina pursed her lips and nodded. She wondered if this man knew any delicacy. She walked over to Lillia and asked her to go with her. Blake watched as the two girls walked off into the trees and sat down on a rock, looking out over the water. He thought back to how he was during this time in his past life. “I was really pathetic at that time.”

Compared to before, he had a much bigger head start. He even got an entire wyvern to strengthen his body. Just a single slice of wyvern meat was enough to boost a body’s strength by two folds. This would come in handy. Even though Tina had yet to evolve, she would still benefit from the meat as well.

While Blake was lost in thought, Tina had walked a little ways into the woods with Lillia. “So… how did the two of you meet?”

“Hmmm? Blake and I? You could say it was a fateful encounter. He snuck into my sleeping chambers and woke me from my deep slumber.” Lillia answered with a small smile on her lips.

“Hmmm… He was able to find where you were sleeping?” Tina was curious. She wondered just how Blake knew where to find Lillia. Was it another one of those memories from him living the same life twice?

“He had no idea I was there. And because he has lived twice, he was able to read the runes on the wall that I left explaining the history of the world. But the most important part was his scent. No one could enter my chambers unless I let them. In truth, I never planned to open my chambers for anyone nor leave that place. But Blake’s scent made me change my mind. Ather dragons have what is called a fated one. One we are destined to be with. I had long given up hope on my fated one when I became the last of my kind. I never once thought I would meet a human who would end up being my fated one.” Lillia explained. She couldn’t help but remember Blake’s face when she first met him. It was quite goofy with all the dirt all over it.

“Sounds romantic,” Tina replied. But right now, she had a serious issue. She had nothing to wipe with!

“It is,” Lillia said with a smile before reaching into her space and handing a roll of toilet paper to Tina. “Use as much as you need. We got plenty.”

Tina blushed and nodded her head. “Thank you.”

“No probl….” Lillia’s ears suddenly perked up as her brow began to furrow. “Hurry up and wipe. We got company.”

“Huh!?” Tina quickly wiped and stood up. She pulled out her gun, ready for anything.

“Oh?” A male voice came from further in. “Two beauties.”

A young man with blonde hair came walking out from the tree line along with two others. One girl and another man. “Chuck, this is why you are still single even during the apocalypse.” The girl behind him teased.

“Stacy, you talk a lot for someone who gave her first time to some old man for money,” Chuck replied with a sneer.

“Bullshit! Chunk, just because you are my brother doesn’t mean I won’t kill you!” Stacy yelled out.

Lillia, who was watching all of this, stayed on guard. While Lillia was not scared, she still did not want Tina to get hurt by accident. She was to be her slav-maid when things settled down after all. She grabbed Tina’s hand and said: “Let’s go.”

“Hey, wait!” Stacy yelled out. “Do you have any extra water!?”

“Using such a word as ‘extra’ is not something one should use during an apocalypse. If it is water you want, then I suggest drinking from the river up ahead.” Blake stepped out of the treeline as he walked over, pulling the two girls behind him. His eyes coldly scanned the three people. Two males and one female. While they looked friendly enough, he was never one to take chances. “Let me make this clear. You mind your business, and we mind our own.”

“Are you really going to act like that? We are all human beings. We should be helping each other out!” Chuck yelled out. He did not care if they had weapons or not.

“Human beings turn into devils when they see something they want. Do you really think this is the same world we used to live in? I suggest you and your group continue on and mind your own. We have nothing for you.” Blake was trying to be as nice as possible since they did not seem to be too hostile towards him. But that did not mean he would not use force if he needed to.

“You!” Chuck went to step forward, but the young man behind him pulled him back.

“You are Blake Harris, are you not?” The young asked as he pulled Chuck behind him. The young man had brown hair and hazel eyes. He was staring at Blake with great interest. He had finally gotten to meet the young man that was giving Dylan such a hard time before the dragons appeared.

“Do I know you?” Blake asked as he played with the pistol in his hand when a thought came to mind. “Let me guess. You are one of Dylan’s lackeys. Perfect, I had been wanting to release some of my stress.”

“Wait! I am not your enemy.” The young man held up his hands. “I do not even have a weapon. Dylan was not really a friend but more of an acquaintance. I will admit that it was me who had the police station send people out to hunt you down, but I did not plan to let Dylan get ahold of you. He would have had to go to the police station to see you.”

“You talk a lot of shit, you know that, right?”


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