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“I kind of wish you could have been someone who was bloodthirsty then maybe I could have gone all out and our epic battle would have gone down in history.” Blake joked as he sat down next to the orc general and pulled out two mugs of ale. “Today, we drink as brothers. But you must know you and your men will be under a contract to make sure you never betray me. We are not like the orc clan. You can not rise up and think of overthrowing the top. My ideals are for peaceful relations between races. I will not fight unless provoked. I think out of all the orcs in the orc clan, you are different from the rest. I got that feeling when I first met you, which was why I gave you the ultimatum. Otherwise, I would have fought a bloody battle to the death with you for trying to harm my people and my wife’s family.”

“You are honest. I am now under you as your subordinate. The same goes for my men. As for what happened on this day, I will personally apologize. Luckily there was no loss of life on the dwarven side or your people’s side.” The orc general looked out over the bloody battlefield that was filled with dead orcs and sighed.

“You are not angry that we killed so many of your kind?” Blake asked.

“I can’t say I am not, but this is life. The weak submit to the strong. It is how it has been done since the dawn of time. We orcs have always been a warring clan and have killed many. Myself included…. So if I were to hold this against you, then I would be a hypocrite. You can just say that this is karma.” The orc general took a swig of his ale and smiled. “Good stuff.”

“Glad you like it. You do realize that in the future, you will most likely be fighting your own kind, right?” Blake asked.

“Then so be it. This is fate.” The orc general smiled as he held out his hand. “The names, Onz.”

Blake smiled and took Onz’s hand, and shook it. “Blake.”

The battle between the two had come to an end after almost four hours of fighting. Clance put a temporary contract on the orcs with a special rule included that stated that they could not touch any women unless the women okayed it.

Currently inside the dwarven base, Blake, his wives, Josline’s grandfather, the current king, and the three elders who had tried to help protect everyone sat around a large table. “So they are now part of your Destiny City, was it?”

“Yes. Onz here wanted to speak with you.” Blake answered before sitting back to let Onz take the floor.

“I am General Onz, previously of the Fritong Orc clan. As you know, the orcs split from the original clan to make new clans. My previous king, King Hargwort, had passed down a mission to all his generals, and that was to find small groups of the other races, kill the men and then take their wives as sex slav… Ouch!”

Onz felt something hard hit his head. He held his head and looked down to see a ball of ice rolling across the ground. He then looked up at Blake, who was looking at him with eyes filled with killing intent. Onz felt a little aggrieved. This was before he submitted! He decided to ignore Blake and continued: “We actually found out about this place from another dwarf. Me and my men were actually planning on heading further south, but a dwarf came to our camp waving a white flag and asked to speak with me. He was an older dwarf man. But I can say that if I see him, I can easily point him out. But from what I understand, he asked for a few benefits and protection in exchange for the information. I, of course, never planned to give him shit since I would just kill him and move on after we collected the women here. But from the looks of it, there are only one or two that were originally here…..”

“Hmmm….” Josline’s grandfather’s beard fluttered as he let out a long, drawn out breath. One could easily feel the air growing heavy. Josline’s grandfather turned and looked at the elder next to him and said: “Drag those three bastards here.”

“Right away!” The elder trembled. He may be an elder, but it was the man in front of him who was the most powerful dwarf here.

Blake looked at Onz and nodded his head. This was a good thing because he did not want to bring back anyone who had wanted to kill his own people. “So you were planning to go south? What is further south?”

“There is was word of a new age human refuge as well as an elven encampment. It seems like deserters from the main elven clan.” Onz replied honestly.

“I see…. Do you have the exact location of these places?” Blake asked.

“Yes, it’s all here.” Onz took out a map from his space pouch and placed it on the table. “Currently, we are here. If you were to go straight south of this location, there is a massive new age human encampment. From what our scouts told us, there are at least over five hundred new age humans here. Then if you head southwest from there, there is another elven camp that has around one hundred elves. Whether they are still there or not is another story. This information came to us a year back.”

“Hmmm…” Blake rubbed his chin and then looked at his wives. “What do you girls think? Should we keep going south and investigate?”

“I am all for it.” Tina nodded. She had finally come out of the city. She did not want to go back just yet!

“I think this is a dumb question, Blake. You know you want to check it out, so we might as well just go.” Noa poked Blake’s side as she said this. Blake nodded and looked at Onz. “You and your men will march south with us. We will form a camp near these locations to scout them out. If we can make contact, we will. I want to see if they are also willing to follow me.”

“Lord, are you planning to dominate this world?” Onz asked.

“Dominate, I am not sure. But I will continue to expand as much as possible to live in a world where everyone can live peacefully.”


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